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RSFiles! ComponentPlugin

RSFiles! is the perfect Joomla! files & downloads manager that can also be used in internal networks.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x!

» Easily add files by uploading multiple files at once!
» Group restrictions - choose which Joomla! groups have access, what they are permitted to do and where.
» Briefcase - allow individual users to upload & download their own documents.
» Responsive layouts, powered by Bootstrap!
» Front-end maintenance - no need to give your managers back-end access. They will be able to add, delete and edit files straight from the front-end.
» License agreements
» Set download limits per files.
» Download by email - force your visitors to supply an email address in order to download the file.
» Mirrors - for each file you can define a set of mirros.
» Statistics
» Set your own custom download folder.
» Secure the download folder with a .htaccess that prevents people from linking directly to your documents!
» CAPTCHA and ReCAPTCHA spam prevention methods are supported!
» RSS feeds
» Bookmarks
» Emails can be sent when a file is downloaded, uploaded, reported (eg. broken links).

» RSMail! - automatically subscribe to a mailing list when the user inputs his email address to download a file.

» Joomla! Search Plugin - allows a visitor to find files when using the Joomla! search.

» Latest files - display a list of the latest files.
» Folder content viewer - display files or folders from a pre-configured path.

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Reviews: 2
I bought this extension for my multimedia online archive. The component design is excellent and it only required few steps in order to be fully functional. Among the many functions the component offers, there is a very good search engine and file preview: all perfectly working. Support is also excellent and keen to help also with incompatibilities with other joomla components. It only misses webdav to be one of the best files and documents handling softwares.
Reviews: 9
Install, configure and you are done! Very easy to use out of the box!

For problems there is support and RSJoomla! is answering all requests in less than 24 hours. So you get your problem fixed very quickly.
Reviews: 4
I compared several file sharing extensions before selecting RSFiles! for my needs. It has come a long way since reviews from last year and I would absolutely recommend it. I almost went with another component because the demo is still using a much older version, so I had many of the concerns other reviewers had here. Then I found some newer video guides showing off the new front-end interface and started to dig deeper. The folder security is fabulous and it's no longer an issue displaying all folders in the root when clicking the Home button. If you don't have permission to view a folder on the root, you won't see it, won't even know it's there. I'm really glad I decided on RSFiles! ad I believe it's the only component that can give me everything I needed. My only wish is that RSJoomla! would update documentation and their demo site. While you can figure out how everything work on the back-end through experimentation and testing, I could have made a decision much faster and would have been able to implement much quicker, as well. As for final results, though, I don't think it gets any better. And support was very responsive, even going beyond what the had to do to identify and issue in my template that caused a problem with button icons. Thanks Guys!
Reviews: 6
This is a very well thought out extension and opens up a myriad of possibilities for the sharing of files. I have found this much easier for file sharing than FTP since some of our customers are not tech savvy. This save me time setting up FTP connections for them. I just create a username/password and they have a nice GUI for sharing files right away. Recommended.
Reviews: 3
Rs files works ,looks cool / modern and is cheap! Same as with other products of them as RS Form Pro, RS Mail, RS SEO. Have all above software running without problems on some commercial websites for years. As I’m not good and interested in codeing and more a kind of designer I never have time and much knowledge for fiddling around with extensions. I have to rely on professional support. Not every joomla template is easily compatible with all extension. And never mind, I’m also making lots of little mistakes. RS joomla is possibly not the best extension company, who knows, but I can rely on them and they safe me lots of time. Thx for you always quick and kind and professional support . Thanks for fixing my mistakes all the time without moaning and Xmas greetings to RS Joomla as Andrei Cristea, Adrian Paciu, and Bogdan Catana. Kind regards Henry Marquardt
Reviews: 1
I tried really hard to like this product, but after having to re-build my documents database about 4 times, I'm giving up. The component itself is moving in the right direction and if you're just using the plain vanilla styling that it comes with, you should be fine. Any time you want to modify the style though, it becomes a lot more difficult. In addition, and I'm not an expert here, but from what I can tell the product is not coded using Joomla best practices so things like layouts are not smooth and clean like they are with other products.
Reviews: 6
Good looking component with some interesting features, but one essential option is missing:
Files and folders cannot be sorted manually!!!
I think a commercial extension should be capable of such an essential function. So I installed JDownloads instead which is donation ware and works perfect even when you have to sort the files manually....
Reviews: 1
The component work very well but is the support that was excellent for me.
Good job guys!!
Reviews: 2
Great extensions, simple in use and does the job well. Ran into some issues at first use but I must say the support is excellent. Reply on ticket within several hours on working days. The give a clear explanation of the cause of the issue and a solutions that works.
Reviews: 3
Great support. Very quick to answer. Solve in the perfection that we needed.
Reviews: 5
Not as good as their other components.

Seems a little inflexible – the categories are managed as folders, there are no download links in the category list which means extra clicks for you customers. The styling isn’t great and you WILL need to template override the output to get something useable.

I found EDocman to be a much better component.
Reviews: 4
I like RSJoomla extensions. I bought few, including few copies of their RSForm Pro. Since I was very happy with the quality of their extension and support I bought RSFiles. I like it, but one feature that stopped me from using it and look for alternative is the fact there is no way to turn off the Home icon from the GUI. This Home icon takes you the Home folder, which shows all the sub-folders, regardless whether you want to show some of these sub-folders. That for me was a show stopper. Admittedly, when I raised this issue with them, i got an reply from them within few hours that I would be able to modify this option by poking and modifying the code. Something that I cannot do, or have the time to do it.
Other than that, is is not a bad effort.
Reviews: 3
I am a longtime user of DocMan. I have been trying to resolve a SQL JQuery bug in their application for some time so I decided to investigate other document publishing options. Thankfully I tried RSFiles! First off, publishing documents is as simple as adding them to a published folder. You can set attributes before publishing, but if you are posting the same document on a regular basis (ie newsletters) and don't want to dictate attributes every time you publish a document, RSFiles is for you. Next, customizing the layout and design of the application is as simple as a single-file edit (as opposed to multiple files in multiple locations). You can even create your own template to override the default layout. Lastly, RSJoomla technical support is responsive--enough said. You ask, they respond. What more can you ask for?
Reviews: 3
This is a Great Component ! Easy to install and maintain. This is my second extension from this developer so i'm very happy.

The support is great. This is very important for me! Keep it the good work guys :)
Reviews: 6
I've been using RSFiles for some time now and on a number of sites from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7. The component works exceptionally well. It has comprehensive documentation and if you still have difficulties, the support from the site is second to none. Very prompt very professional.
There are free extensions out there that do similar, but none as complete and well polished.
Yes it is commercial, and the only downside I see is that it is a yearly subscription for the support and free updates. But for the hassle free useage, it is a small price to pay. Well done guys you rock!
Reviews: 2
I installed RSFiles! and had it running in just a couple of minutes. The service was awesome. I ran into two problems, one a misunderstanding of how a feature worked on my part, and another problem with a feature that didn't work how it should. The service guys tackled them both as if they were working on their own problems and resolved them quickly.

The product is excellent and provides us with a secure solution to controlling files for download/upload with our membership. Setting up groups and corresponding folders and files that groups have access to is quick and secure.

This is the third product I have bought for RSJoomla and all of them perform as expected.
Reviews: 1
Great extension that really streamlines site file management (engineering drawing & document repository) and will allow document exchange and tracking with customers. Will now set up an intranet and rsfiles for internal document access, control and release management.
Like the way it uses real directories and files, so you can manage those easily via filezilla et al
Support has been very helpful, prompt and useful. Could not ask for more, thanks guys!
Wish List to ease bulk file naming work:
1. File thumbnail defaults to last used thumbnail
2. File title (name) and description defaults to last saved text
3. Facility to export filenames to csv or similar, add names, descriptions & thumbnail paths in excel, and import list. This would save heaps of time!
Reviews: 1
I have used RSFiles! on our main web for providing secure access to specific files. It is very flexible, and allows me to define the template I want. Run stable as a rock, and is easy to configure. Only little minus is, that Danish language for front-end requires Danish language for the back-end.
Reviews: 7
RSFiles is an excellent extension, and the support team is efficient and works fast to help you cutomize the extension to your needs.

Strongly recommended.
Reviews: 3
Very good indeed!
The product (in Joomla 1.5 AND 1.6) as well the support.
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