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EDocman is an Electronic document managment sysem /download manager extension for Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 ,Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0. Building on top of access controll system (ACL) of Joomla, It give you a very powerful, flexible permission system which you can use to control who can view, download, manage (edit, delete, publish, unpublish) your documents from both front-end and back-end of your site.
Main Features:
- Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout.
- Nested categories
- Herachical folder structure : Unlike other files download extension using just one folder to store all files, EDocman allows you to put your files in a herachical folder structure (the folder structure is based on the categories structure which you setup - each category will have it's own folder to store files as state above).
- Multilingual support: If your site is multilingual, when you create categories, documents, you can assign them to a language. And when users browse categories, documents from front-end, only categories and documents assigned to that language (or all languages) will be displayed.
- Documents management : EDocman allows you to create documents and then your site users (public or registered users) can browse and download these documents from front-end.
- Front-end documents uploading / management .
- Local / remote files support : Your documents can be stored on your local server or on a remove server. In case your documents are stored on a remote server, you will just need to enter url of the document when creating new document.
- Powerful and Flexible permission system:
+ Using Powerful Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 ACL feature.
+ Permission can be setup in Component Level , Category Level or Document Level.
+ Permission can be inherited in the following structure Component Level >> Category Level >> Sub Categories >> Documents.
+ You can even only give one or several users to access to a category or document by entering ID of these users into User IDs field when creating category/document.
- Indexer plugin allows indexing PDF and Word documents and make it searchable based on content of these documents.
- RSS integration
- Tags support
- Security : All your documents are protected and users cannot download them even they know the direct link to the document.
- Search module allows searching documents based on keyword and category.

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Reviews: 1
I have been using EDocman on a new Joomla site and have found it to be the best document management component in the market.
Great backup service and when we required some customization, it was done promptly and professionally.
Reviews: 1
I have been using EDOCMAN for about 1 year now. We installed it on our Intranet looking for a document solution that had a good set of features.

This extension has a great front end presence. It's easy to upload documents and there are helpful modules to show you popular documents, whats trending and different views to display files. The back end allows a solid configuration and allows you to select files from your local joomla directory. That way you can FTP files and save yourself time.

I ran into an issue with one of my installs and the developer got back to me same day. The solution he provided worked and I couldn't be happier.
Reviews: 1
We want to use edocman and OS PDF Indexer to replace and old no longer developed or supported KnowledgeTree document management system.

As I learned after contacting the developer, the two extensions can be, and are, complementary. He also helped with the peculiarities of my particular BSD server...

I have only been testing and the results are very promising.

Finally, and most importantly, the developer is accessible, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. As of now, I give these two extensions 5 star ratings!
Reviews: 1
I've been using eDocman now for about two years. It's generally worked flawlessly. The few times that I've encountered an issue with it, I've received very timely and high quality support.
Reviews: 2
After the Joomla update 3.3.0 the extension had a problem with uploading files. A short E-Mail to the support, an answer half an hour later with the latest update and everything works fine now. Great support!
Reviews: 2
Great product. Very customizable. Great support as well. Very reactive to support tickets and often will volunteer to hook up on Skype immediately to discuss larger issues if need be. Product works great.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension. We modified it based on our requirements and Tuan deliver it beyond our needs with a high level of assistance. and quick respond time. Great product and service. Highly recommendable!
Reviews: 5
This extension (unlike SO many others) gives site developers the ability to customize functionality specifics through the admin panel, without having to hack the original code to pieces. As a web developer, I really appreciate the thought put into this component, as they include what the average user would need from an extension like this, as opposed to disguising major flaws with flashy useless functionality.

Well done!
Reviews: 11
I have used several Joomdonation extensions, so I have a basis for comparison. First, Edocman is a perfect solution for handling downloadable materials. I used DocMan for years with my joomla 1.5 site and automatically bought the new docman 2.0 when I needed to set up a joomla 3.2 site, I thought that would do. Actually, it did. That extension is all right but I must say Edocman is better. Why?
First, it looks better. For my taste Edocman css looks better.
Second, it is much faster. For example, bulk import 100 documents into both would result 5 seconds for Edocman, 20-30 seconds for DocMan. Both does the job without any problems, both stable but the joomdonation extension is faster.
Third, it offers more options, Edocman is more refined, let's say more accomplished and offers better modules. At the moment DocMan doesn't have a module for the "Most popular document" or "Most downloaded document" but Edocman does. I don't really understand why these modules were not available for Docman, but they informed me that these are on the way. Pity, they aren't available now.
All in all, both extensions are good very good, most importantly they are all rock-solid, runs without problems but for me Edocman suits better.
And one more thing: Tuan is really helpful, gave me a hand when I needed support and fixed the issue which was not an issue but I didn't know how to setup the component well. Thank you Tuan.
Reviews: 1
I needed an easy and functional tool to list downloadable files within an article, setup a download archive and enhance users to upload files.
There was one support question which was answered within less than 3 hours. chapeau bas!
Reviews: 7
EDocman is a very straight forward and easy to use extension. Does what it is supposed to, and does it well. Also support is top notch. Had a small bug with the display of documents due to SEF and they helped solve the problem right away. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I needed some modifications with the component on our website and was really pleased with the speed and quality of support provided by Tuan. I wish more extensions had support like this!
Reviews: 21
I needed a modern doc manager that had a logical and flexible directory structure, good user features and a developer who understands users need help, is quick to solve the issue you have and willing to listen to your suggestions.
Ecocman is that extension.
It has brought order and simplicity to the end users and made my life simple as well.
Tuan has done a good job on documenting the product and where my feeble mind didn't wrap all the way around how to get something to work, he immediately jumped in and fixed the problem. Best of all, user suggestions are not brushed off since he realizes that end user requests point the way to developing killer capabilities.
Recommend it highly.
Reviews: 1
Edocman takes care of everything you need! This is a powerful, versatile, and user friendly extension. The support staff has been available and extremely helpful throughout the Edocman learning process. I have been able to use the forums, email, and one on one chat to take care of any confusion. My experience with this product and this company has been excellent. I definitely recommend.
Reviews: 1
It's so nice to actually find a company that stands behind their products.

I had a few "tweets" needed to get edocman the way the users wanted it. I asked for instructions to make the changes, but they did it for me!

Great work guys. Keep up the good job.
Reviews: 1
I had some features to improve and I had a wonderful support for this!

Thanks so much!
Reviews: 3
The exention works as advertised. Highly customisable. Tuan is always very helpful and answers any support ticket within 1-2 days. A good product for a reasonable price.
Reviews: 1
Edocman was the first extension I tried to help me with the need to be able to offer the download of files specific to a logged in user and without worrying that those files might be accessible to others, either through the website front-end or by some other means (http or ftp). I needed it to be professional in both appearance and functionality, and Edocman fit the bill. When I first installed it and tested it out, I thought it worked perfectly. Then I noticed that after uploading more files for display for a test user, the navigation buttons to move from one page to another of the displayed files were not functioning correctly. Turns out the css of the component conflicted with the css of the template I'm using (but not with other templates). I submitted a support ticket, and Tuan fixed the problem overnight. If I wasn't already convinced of the philosophy of paying a few bucks in order to not have to reinvent the wheel, I'd be convinced of it now. With Edocman, the price of the extension was well worth it. Good job, Tuan!
Reviews: 1
It is the perfect indexer for everyone looking for a versatile software. The most powerful thing are the ACL, fully customizable. You can choose users or groups that can see or keep secret categories and documents. With a custom search engine and a fast and correct assistance!
Reviews: 2
We have used other components from Joomdonation and we are very happy about it.

Tuan, the guy in charge, is very helpful and will answer any support ticket in 24-48 hrs.

Even with basic understanding of Joomla this component is very simple to use. For us, as "old" docman users, this component can surely be compared with it !

Keep up the good work Joomdonation !
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