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OSDownloads Component

OSDownloads is an extension to help you manage your downloads. It's simple to use and allows you to easily provide downloads in exchange for emails, which can in turn be automatically imported in MailChimp upon download.

*Price*: Free

At the time of this writing, it's the only downloads extension on the JED that allows the administrator to collect emails in exchange for the download (of course it's optional). This is useful if, for example, you want to collect emails for your newsletter or if you want to collect emails so that the users who download can be notified later via email. This method gets rid of "Registration require to download" if you simply want to collect emails.

At the time of this writing, it's the only downloads extension on the JED that collects emails and imports them into MailChimp (of course it's optional).

-Provide Downloads
-Collect Emails (optional)
-MailChimp integration (optional)
-Nested Categories
-Add a before and after description (both optional and both use the WYSIWYG editor that you have installed on your site which makes it very nice for your clients to use)
-Add an Agreement or Terms of Service (optional)
-Add a documentation link (optional)
-Add a demo link (optional)
-Add a support link (optional)
-A lightbox is used for the download.
-Search Engine Friendly
-Basic stats...more will be added in the future
-Translatable in the component (so no need to use language files)

We are planning on adding a lot of new features if there is interest in the extension. If you have any requests, be sure to let us know. Also, we would love to build a custom solution for your business or your clients if you need it and are willing to sponsor us.

OSDownloads is licensed under GPL v.3

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Reviews: 1
One of the most important things for those who work with joomla or other cms, is to solve the problems as soon as possible so customers want. Ostraining, since I know them, have an excellent policy in support customers, I checked again, its great efficiency and effectiveness, I can only give the best score, congratulate them and recommend them for their excellent work.
I have no doubt that any extension that they make will be a helpful tool for us, and if there is any problem with this extension, I'm sure I will get the help needed to fix it.
Congratulations to Nick for his warmth and interest in helping me.

Keep well !!
Reviews: 8
If you note the latest update to this extension is 10/7/2014. That's because of me. I had an issue getting it to work on my site. Nick checked into it, found the problem and fixed it. He kept in constant contact with me during the interim and sent the latest version to me via email. I tried it and it worked. I am only now able to truly brag about it as I ran a quick test. It is now fully functional on my site and I am getting what I wanted - email addresses for complimentary downloads. I remind anyone reading this review, this extension is FREE! Thank you OSDownloads. I didn't mention I caught him via phone about 5 minutes before their closing time and was encouraged to send an email to support. I am a satisfied customer who received excellent service for an excellent product.
Reviews: 6
I can only recommend this component as well as Nick and his team ! I had some minor issue and it was solved professionally and friendly. Not a "standard" in many support teams today - here you find it.
Reviews: 1
OSDownload has worked as advertised since installing it. Nick provides excellent customer service. If you are looking for a good download program, then I highly recommend this one.
Reviews: 2
OSDownloads is quick, clean, and easy to use. The recent Joomla 3.3 update caused a little bit of funky behavior, but Nick was back to my Email request for help within 10 minutes. A few Emails later and he had a hot fix in place. This is all for a free component, mind you. Great all-around experience. Try it out!
Reviews: 4
After mucking around with forms and extensions that conflicted with the site, this extension worked perfectly. Any issues I had on installation were answered immediately with unbelievably fast and friendly support. Their communication is absolutely fantastic. With so many clients wanting 'opt-in' features on their sites this is a perfect solution.
Reviews: 9
The extension worked out of the box for us. OSDownload did provide us with help and tips (appreciated). The extension is free, and was not able to find 1 alternative, glad it's around.
Reviews: 1
Component TOP ! Support TOP !
Bravo for this single component, convenient and effective!

This is the first time I post a notice here. These developers deserve this post.

The component is easy to use

During installation, some warning and excellent contact with the help forum.

The support is perfect and fast!


Samuel, France
Reviews: 1
I run a software marketing and sales website. We offer a free 30 day trial with the option to buy. It's very important for me to collect the email addresses of people who download the software so that I could send followup marketing messages to those users.

So I originally setup a form using one of the form builders that would redirect to the download page. This was always a huge pain in the rear and was subject to breaking if I screwed something up.

The OSDownloads component made it EASY. OSDownloads allows you to create categories which contain files. Each file has it's own settings which creates a new page for each "file download page". The page is customizable with CSS... The settings can be adjusted for the following (version 1.0.3).

- Name
- Alias
- File (select a file to upload)
- Category
- Description 1 (intro, with site-enabled WYSIWYG editor)
- Description 2 (test before the download link, with site-enabled WYSIWYG editor)
- Description 3 (text after after the download link, with site-enabled WYSIWYG editor)
- Show email (checkbox)
- Email required (checkbox)
- Agreement Required (checkbox)
- Documentation link (for the links you can specify another page on the site and it makes a nice clean menu on the top of the download page)
- Demo Link
- Support Link
- Other Link
- Direct Page
- Published

The way it works is the following. The user will see the categories, then choose a file page, the file page displays the details as defined on the file settings. Depending on how you have the file setup, the user will see an email box, an I agree box, and a download box. Then there will be a popup that will automatically start the download in 1 second or will show the user a link to download the file.

I am very happy with the component. The developers have been amazingly helpful as I was one of the first to download the component and had found some bugs. But at this point the software is working for me wonderfully.

If you are looking for an easy way to create a directory of downloadable files, and you want to collect email addresses (optionally), this is the component for you.
Owner's reply

Wow! Thanks for the thorough review! Also, thanks for reporting the bugs and we're glad that we were able to get them fixed for you and future users!


Reviews: 13
- Easy to use and fantastic documentation!
- Looks like part of my site
- Had my menu page up & running in 20 minutes!
- Loads of options
- Download count
- SEO options
- Superb customer service!
- Can have download categories
- Mailchimp integration

The list goes on :)



Thanks guys! :)
Owner's reply

Cheers! You're welcome and thanks for the feedback! :)