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Skyline Simple Download ComponentPlugin

Skyline Simple Download is a set of component and plugin which can force the end users' browser to download files that would normally be viewed or played using a browser plugin (eg. MP3s, PDFs, etc).


- New version add feature to list files in folder.
- Syntax is: {sl_simpledownload folder='path/to/folder' class='classname' type='download' template='id or title of a folder template' filter_order='date or name' filter_order_dir='desc or asc' limit='number' filter='extension types'}Text to display for the link{/sl_simpledownload}.
For example:
{sl_simpledownload folder='simpledownload' class='folder' type='download' template='skyline theme' filter_order='name' filter_order_dir='desc' limit='5' filter='jpg, zip, png, gif'}Text to display for the link{/sl_simpledownload}
- Template for displaying files can be configured in component configuration.
- Force the end user's web browser to download file types that it normally has the ability to preview or play.
- Encrypt the path to the file so the user cannot download unintended items.
- Use the builtin encryption scheme or create/specify your own to be used.
- Set a "base path" that all files must be located in to be downloaded.
- Configure the error message to display when a file cannot be found.
- Component has the ability to log every download to the database.
- Plugin that generates the appropriate links.
- Can hide links from Search Engine.
- Syntax to used for file is: {sl_simpledownload href='path/to/file.ext' class='classname' type='download'}Text to display for the link{/sl_simpledownload}.
For example:
{sl_simpledownload href='image1.png' class='file' type='download'}Text to display for the link{/sl_simpledownload}


Release Date: Apr 8, 2013
Version 2.5.0:
- Compatible with Joomla 3.0

Release Date: Jan 22, 2013
Version 2.0.0:
- New. Add Checkin,Publish,Unpublish,Archive,Trash button in back end.

Release Date: Jun 15, 2012
Version 1.2.0:
- Add more parameters: order, limit, filter
- Add pagination.

Release Date: May 4, 2012
Version 1.0.1:
- Add. Feature to list files in folder.

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Reviews: 1
I had two different problems and they sent me a new version within hours to fix the first problem and explained to me how to change the configuration to solve the second.
Reviews: 2
Extension works fine and especially useful for placing in article links on hi-res images and huge documents. Support is also good - the bug was fixed rapidly.
Reviews: 3
There was a little bug which has been fixed in very short tome. Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 3
Sometimes You Need just a simple list of files to be downloaded on Your Site.. Usually a preview of some Image or PDF files is opened which is not wanted with files of big size.
This is where Simple Download can be used perfectly to start the download dialog directly.

And they offer a quick support!