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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Dropfiles, the easiest and powerful files manager for Joomla. The AJAX interface save you a lot of time and allows you to manage a massive amount of files. Now it comes with a Google Drive integration.

No more need to go in a component and go back in a menu or in an article to manage files. You just need to create a category of file, drag and drop files, then insert your file or category in your editor. Upload and display as many files as you want in only 3 clicks.
You can also apply advanced file restriction access for file administrator and for end users. Native Joomla access level can be applied in one click on each file category and you can set authorized action for file administrator. Dropfiles works the same for backend and frontend. Perfect to work fast to all type of user.

Dropfiles video & Google Drive:

The Google Drive integration brings a two way sync system, you can add and sync files from Dropfiles or from Google Drive. An import file tool is also available to take back files from other component or server folder.

** Administration main features **

- Upload and display files in 3 click
- Manage files, categories, file options, themes from the text editor (no need to go in the component)
- File and categories are automatically opened on editor button click
- Apply one of the 4 theme per category
- Set category level and ordering using drag’n drop
- Category accordion and compact interface to manage numerous files
- File import from any other component or server folder
- Order files with drag'n drop
- Advanced ordering tool: order file by type, title, description, file size, date, version, hits
- Advanced ACL for file administrators by action (create, update files, manage own files,...)
- Column AJAX filtering in file listing
- Define the display information in theme
- K2 dedicated integration
- HTML5 fast uploader
- Create a theme easily, just duplicate a folder
- jQuery compatibility parameters
- Download and upload files from mobile devices
- Mobile interface support

** Frontend main features **

- Manage all files in the same way as in the backend
- 4 responsive theme with icons set
- Native Joomla ACL on files categories in one click
- Google previewer tool integrated
- SEO optimization with file rename and prefix option
- Visual customization of each theme

** Google Drive integration **

- Connect with your Google Drive account
- Insert and manage Google Drive category of files
- Files are uploaded in a dedicated folder and sub folder on your Drive
- Upload files on Google Drive website folder and push the files on your Joomla website!
- Title, version, description are also sync
- HTTPS support for the Google viewer

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Reviews: 7
You can't find any better extensions if you're looking for an prefessional looking tool. But what's outstanding, is the handling of integrating files.

The support is incredible! Very fast and extremly helpful.

Joomunited - highest rating!
Reviews: 14
The extension is superb, user friendly and easy to use for an administrator.

And most important is that it looks great when it is displayed on the website for the visitors.

Even better, is the support. They helped me out to code some extra on the extension that was important for the webpage it is beeing used.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for this feedback!

On all Joomla extensions we focus on the ease of use and on the frontend design. Dropfiles is the only file manager that offers additional responsive theme package. We have planned to add new one shortly.

Themes are not just CSS it's a new way to present and navigate through files on joomla frontend.

Hope you'll enjoy our Dropfiles, file manager upcoming versions!


Reviews: 1
This is definitely the best option for allowing access to a GoogleDrive directory however I am disappointed that you can't access any subfolders on the shared GoogleDrive directory. I don't know that I would have purchased had that limitation been made more apparent. Lack of thumbnails on image files also holds this back. Otherwise, as stated above, as of right now this is the best option for Joomla Google Drive integration.
Owner's reply

Hey, thanks for pointing in that direction about Google Drive integration.

Indeed Google Drive API is giving limits to Dropfiles files manager integration. We've tried to write it down on a dedicated page, I'm sorry to hear that.

The most important for us is that Google Drive offers a 2 way sync for files. Means that you can push files from Google Drive to Joomla/Dropfiles and from Joomla/Dropfiles to Google Drive. The result is that final user can manage files from his desktop uploading files in Windows/Mac OS folders.

All the files and categories of files created in Dropfiles will appear in a separated folder/subfolder on Google Drive.

By the way this is the only Joomla/Google Drive 2 way sync integration.


Reviews: 1
I'am using this extension for over a year now. The latest version shows that the development team has added valuable features. Dropfiles is easy to use and the support is flawless. If you are looking for a well developed file management and download extension Dropfiles gives you value for money.
Owner's reply

Thanks for having followed us since the first file manager version! The latest version now include a Google drive integration.

All the updates of the file manager are compatible with the previous versions and doesn't require particular skill to be done.

Reviews: 2
Great component, easy to use, and stylish user interface. Very responsive and helpful support as well.
Owner's reply

Thanks for this review.

Dropfiles is an advanced file manager, with a lot of features inside. So if you require support for example with 3rd party integration we're always there for you, just post a ticket :)


Reviews: 1
I tried this extension because I was looking for an easy to use download manager and I can say that Dropfiles is really easy and nice looking one. Especially the support is splendid and very fast.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for this feedback on our file manager. Since the first version we are trying to keep the things as simple as possible regarding file common use.

Then version after version we constantly improve stability and we're adding powerful features asked by our users. Hope we'll keep the powerful and simple file manager in Joomla ever ;)

Note the latest version include now a Google Drive support.

Reviews: 1
Potentially a great drag and drop including front end function. However, it knocked off the (also paid for) advanced template modules for menus, login etc (Shape5). I worked out it was drop files/ drop pics by uninstalling the component (disable made no difference). On reinstall however it would then only partially install leaving me $45 down and no better for file management. Frustrating.
Owner's reply

Hi pjchamberlain,

Thanks for posting your feedback about our file manager.

We have tested our component with the most famous Joomla template providers, for each new version. If something happens due to a conflict the developer of the extension can fix that of course. Dropfiles allows you to manage files both from backend and frontend with Drag'n drop features for ordering files and categories.

We got a 2 level support witch sent you a reply 5 hour after your ticket was posted. Stay in touch with us.


Reviews: 6
I have used many file managers, but none is as easy to use as Dropfiles. Also my clients are extremely satisfied with it. Support is very helpful and fast.

Many thanks for this great component!
Owner's reply


Thanks for your feedback regarding our file manager. We always build Joomla extension thinking about final user.

A next major version (2.0) will be available soon adding some amazing features (preview) and integration (online cloud storage) to manage files in a powerful way.

Reviews: 3
I like this component since version 1.2. I'm on the last one and still very satisfied.

There support is also very quick and helpful. Keep on the great job.
Owner's reply

Hi Carolyn,

We are always improving our file manager extension by getting a new version each month. A brand new version is coming adding more and more features but always keep the component easy to use.

Manage files with Joomla will become a piece of cake!

Reviews: 13
Worth the money. Does exactly what it said it would. I had one question and it was answered in about 10 minutes. Thank you.
Reviews: 71
After being impressed with Droppics, I gave Dropfiles a try and was similarly pleased. The interface is incredibly easy to use... I ran into a few minor issues and JoomUnited fixed them in less than one business day. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
Dropfiles is really easy to use and works with no problem at all. I am not a programmer and had some minor issues, didn´t know how to use the tool very good, the support is wonderful! You are doing a great job guys.
Reviews: 3
Third download extension on test bench and wow! Works perfectly, fast, ask support for a new feature, reply in an hour.

Now there's theme too, don't hesitate!
Reviews: 2
DropFiles (and sister product DropPics) is a great product for making adding documents to Joomla articles a breeze for developers and clients.

What was also very pleasing is the great support from the team.

Full marks all around!
Reviews: 2
Probably it is the price for being simple.
This extension is really nice but it is just a simple file listing tool. If you're happy with that it is the right choice. If you need more features I suggest using an established download extension.
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Dropfiles is clearly not a simple listing file tool as it have a lot of inbuilt features to manage files, more than a lot of download manager.

The other point is that we want Dropfiles to be easy to use for the final user. Every time we add a feature, parameters are designed to be simple and accessible. For example, you can apply themes on categories and files to fit your design in one click.

Please check again the video demo or tutorial, maybe you've missed some configuration ;)

Reviews: 2
I've bought the extension for my company to distribute TV shows to our customers. It's truly a great and simple extension!
Had some start up issues but these were resolved within the hour through support!
Now it's working like a charm!

Well worth the money.
Reviews: 7
I am using Dropfiles for a customer site to use for my client to offer downloads for files. They can easily add whole file galleries or single files to a Joomla content article without leaving the article. Just great!

I had some installation problems. Support tickets were answered fast and fery detailed. I got even two fixed version to solve my problem!

And now it works just great!
I made some change request and they promised to solve it in future releases.
Reviews: 2
i think it's the best component to upload file on joomla ...
intelligent, easy to use, very friendly user .... like droppics
please joomla core inspire you for joomla administration ...
Reviews: 4
This extension gives you the most power without any doubt for managing files.

Easy to install, few configuration, support is perfect and really reactive. I radically base my review on user experience, simply amazing so far.