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Minitek FAQ Book Component

Minitek FAQ Book is an Ajax driven content and FAQ creation component for Joomla. It features an innovative category taxonomy which can be used to effortlessly add FAQ sections to your website.

Minitek FAQ Book is built according to the latest MVC standards, is lightweight and easy to configure.

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Reviews: 6
loving extension!
Using it as WIKI / Knowledge Base , not as FAQ.

Used on 2.5 .
Now installing the 3.2 compatible version on my 3.3 Joomla .
Hope it works! Please update.

Hey guys, better also add the 3.x logo in the JED .. that'll bring you more customers
Reviews: 6
I very rarely write reviews. Only when I see excellence in action am I prompted out of my review writing apathy but this extension is worth it. I looked at all of its competitors and it looks the best and is easy to configure. It looks the best which is good when trying to impress clients. The support is also superb. Well done guys.
Reviews: 1
Excellent Extension .. easy to use and practical. Recommend to everyone. And it's free. Perfect.
Reviews: 3
A great component but lacks 3.x Support! :)

Extremely easy and simple to integrate, with a great control! :)
Reviews: 2
Very helpful extension. Interface, easy settings and nice looking. Perfect!
Reviews: 11
just downloaded it and it works the way I want it. thanks to the developers keep the good work guys
Reviews: 5
Works perfectly, no faults. Very good job. I've tried almost all and this is undoubtedly the best.
Thanks for sharing your work with the community.
Reviews: 1
I have a massive site with several sub-domains and people are always asking questions. This component is super easy to install, set up and use. It seamlessly blends into my template (which I've had a problem with similar products) and it's easy to read and follow. The user isn't clicking four deep to find something.

My only wish is that it had a place under the "Welcome to..." that allowed me to post some info. I already know what the #1 question is and can answer it for them right there.

Thanks for making such an incredible component!
Reviews: 2
I've been using and testing out Joomla extensions for the last few years now. And finding there are extensions that is OUTSTANDING! and Minitek FAQ Book is THE ONE for FAQ. Very much appreciated for all your hard works putting this together. I recommended this faq extension any day. Just ignore those negative comments. Cheers!
Reviews: 2
I'm using it.
It's a simple, but very functional FAQ manager.
Flexible and with a very nice layout.
Reviews: 2
I have used this extension before and it was one of my favorites, but when i tried to create a new category there was no "new" option, only checkin and help. I hope that the developer will fix this problem.

Owner's reply


This issue is already fixed.

However, this is not the place to ask for support nor is it fair to judge an extension from a - already fixed - bug.

Reviews: 3
I just wanted to pop my head around the corner to say what an amazing, out of the box component this is. Minitek FAQ Book is one of the easiest, straight forward components to configure. I just spent the morning, fiddling with other FAQ extensions, getting more and more frustrated. So I did a search in Google and up popped Minitek FAQ Book. WOW! Don't bother with all the others, this is the one. It has a clever section on asking a question too, which is great! I appreciate straight forward components that don't require a MENSA membership.
Reviews: 3
Really attractive, well featured extension for free. I try lots of extensions across lots of different sites and I this is a keeper. High 5 Minitek.
Reviews: 2
This is awesome. Works out of the box. I install many commercial and non commercial extensions and many look promising but after install show bugs and have complex configuration requirements. I was up and running with this in 5 minutes. The only thing that was even remotely 'non intuitive' was the need to create a 'sub category' by creating a category and assigning it to a parent category before the FAQ would show. But this required step was made very clear on the front end. Congratulations and thank you for making a very user friendly, low-config, aesthetically pleasing extension! PS Oh and i had a jquery conflict with this component and another plugin and turning off jquery in the components settings sorted this out straight away and with no fuss!
Reviews: 10
Lightweight, pleasant-looking on the front-end and very well-organized on the back-end! Thanks! I second the captcha recommendation as I have to turn off voting and asking questions by guests. For example, even the search engine crawlers are voting up and voting down the FAQs... Also I ran into some back-end administration rendering glitch when some of my FAQs contain tables in them. (The administration page would render awfully when some of the FAQs contain tables. I guess it could strip all HTML formatting on the admin page.) All in all, great component with no serious flaws, just a couple of small things I wish could be further improved upon.
Reviews: 37
After installing it and creating an FAQ and several categories, I was about ready to s-can this app because nothing was showing up. How weird that the "first" category, or better said the name of your FAQ book, has to have no topics (e.g. empty). That is not intuitive, nor is not having Captcha on a user submission page.

I like the look of the Category page and left side navigation. It's about the only way to have this app but I would really, really like to see Captcha for the submission.

Gave a 4 star for great effort. Better documentation and backend documentation...and Captcha would have earned a solid 5.
Reviews: 12
Very good, many thanks. I would have given five stars if it was xhtml compliant: it insert a useless head-tag in the body and a javascript inside the ul-list of answers. Owner, if you like, contact me and I'll tell you how I solved it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
New version of FAQ Book has valid HTML.

Reviews: 17
Thank you for this excellent extension! Please, put the search title in frontened.
Everything work perfect!
Reviews: 4
What can I say! It's just excellent. Keep up the good works.
Reviews: 13
Just needs a few improvements.. such as decent joomla core SEF support.. URLs are ugly. A search plugin is a necessity, why have a FAQ if the results don't show in a joomla search. And the ability to turn off the developer's backlink. With such features it could easily be a commercial extension.
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