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Get the most advanced glossary to define terms, generate nice and automatic tooltips, showing definition in your Joomla content. With SEO Glossary it's easy to define one or billions terms in your website. Now compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.

With SEO glossary you can create multilingual dictionary, glossary, glossary of abbreviations, and much more.

Video demo available here:

** Main features **

- Display definition in jQuery tooltip, in dedicated page or in component view
- Create some inner links with semantic content automatically
- Glossary term is inserted in URL to enhance your website SEO (using joomla native URL optimization)
- 2 additional responsive themes available in the package
- Dedicated search engine and Joomla search plugin
- K2, Zoo (pages & blog), Redshop, Hikashop, Flexicontent and all extension calling content plugin compatible
- Ability to disable SEO Glossary in specific Joomla articles
- Ability to choose how many times your term will be linked to his definition per article
- Ability to use only tooltip for definitions, without any links to glossary
- Ability to globally disable tooltips
- Add synonyms in tooltips
- A definition can be linked with others definitions
- Menu option to show one or all glossaries
- Search module with filter
- Create unlimited glossaries
- Add custom alphabets for each glossary (ie categories of definition)
- Visually customization available for tooltips (not necessary to change css style)
- The tooltip can be manage with a pickup color (no css used)
- HTML output in tooltips
- Cut your definition in tooltips with a "Read more..."
- Share on social networks buttons
- Disqus integration
- Support video in tooltips
- All element in the glossary view can be shown/hide with parameters (search display, number of terms, glossary list, pagination...)
- The component is translated in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Sweden, German
- Everything is managed from the component (easy to use)
- Use the native Joomla multilingual system
- Use the Joomla ACL to submit terms definitions from the frontend
- Advanced features to use the non latin characters
- SEO Joomla extension compatible
- Tested and compatible with Yootheme, Joomlart and rockettheme products

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Reviews: 1
Despite the really charming motto, I've actually been left alone with this extension for a month now.
I paid the membership and I was expecting to have at least some kind of support, but the only answer I got is "Hi, I'm very sorry that our developer was very busy in last days. We will try to check/fix this issue very soon (1-2 days).". This message was sent at the beginning of this month.
That's a shame.
Reviews: 1
This extension works great. I couldn't find any issues with it.
I have others products from JoomUnited and all of them are excellent.
The support is one of the best in the industry.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for this review! Really appreciated.
We are trying to keep this Joomla Glossary as a reference in his category. We frequently adding new features in it and in the same time keep the product as simple as possible.

Reviews: 4
I highly recommend this glossary component. It works very well and when I reported a bug a new version with a was fix was released within 24 hours.

One possible improvement would be to make it so that the glossary entires don't add tooltips/links to themselves within their description.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your Glossary review. This is a quite interesting parameter for tooltips idea for a next version. Will add it into our todo list for sure.


Reviews: 7
Had a couple of issues after installing the component (with sh404sef) and got my first answer after 45 minutes!

Support is next to none. I recommend this extension.

Cheers to the developpers!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback

SH404 developer is one of our friend and of course as it’s a great SEO tool and we want to keep our component working with it. SEO Glossary component with internal links and SH404 should be efficient in SEO.

Our support got 2 levels to reply as fast (1st level) and as precise as possible regarding technical stuff (2nd level).


Reviews: 4
Happy with the component and support. Easy to install and setup. Had a display issue and they sent me the fix pretty quickly.
Reviews: 1
installed. imported over 60k terms via phpmyadmin. replaced only one article to check it out. site is not opening, still waiting for load. localhost.
Owner's reply

Hi chaymaker,

Should you have contacted us on our support service, we would have been able to provide you with some assistance and above all not using our extension without any subscription or a pirated version (averred).

BTW, creating a glossary containing 60,000 definitions is possible with SEO Glossary but involves some configuration. You would probably need to forget about the Tooltip feature, unless you have a very powerful web server: for each article, SEO Glossary proceeds to look if any of the words of the glossary is or is not in the article. In your case it has to review 60,000 words for each article. As you can imagine that takes time; which means for the task to complete before the server gives up you need some really fast computing to happen that only an amazingly powerful (and expensive) server could do. Have you ever tied to load 60000 articles on the same Joomla page?

Should you have contacted us, we could have refunded you your purchase if you found it did not fit your needs.

Kind regards,
The JoomUnited Team.

Reviews: 4
This extension suited our needs - a small problem was fixed within a few hours of opening a ticket.
Thank you and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 10
For a long time I've been looking for a glossary, which automatically provides terms in the articles on my website with a tooltip.

SEO Glossary does that and much more. I can edit the tooltip exactly as a normal post (ie insert images and hyperlinks).

This means that I can insert a "read more" link into the tooltip to the original article of my website.

And this is so easy:
1. Create a Glossary
2. Select Glossary
3. Enter term
4. In the HTML editor you can edit your text (image, hyperlink, etc.)
5. Save

SEO Glossary is now marking every article in which the term occurs, as a tooltip with a link to the original post.

It is very good, that always only the first term in an article is marked as a tooltip.

So everything looks still pretty clear.

Furthermore, I can take any glossary in a menu. That feature saves me a "cookbook".

SEO Glossary has a very good documentation in PDF format. Apart from that, SEO Glossary is very intuitive and easy to use, so you might not need the documentation ;-).

All in all I'm very excited about SEO Glossary. Nevertheless, I have a feature request:

The tooltips I,ve created appearing in all articles, even on the original article. Would be nice if I could select the articles in which the tooltip should appear. Because I don’t need a tooltip in the original article.
Reviews: 2
great extention but causing duplicate title/description tags if using "alphabet display above the list" option.
Owner's reply

Hi, Thanks for your feedback but the alphabet doesn't make any duplicate URL, content or meta of course. It's like if you're using different menu pointing on the same content.

Plus you can force meta using menu parameter.

Reviews: 3
I was looking for a component that would provide tooltips with definitions of industry jargon in my articles but I only wanted to write the definition once - not in every article I needed it in. SEO Glossary does the job perfectly.

You enter your term into a glossary and provide a description (that's shown in the tooltip) and optionally an extended description (only shown on the glossary page). You can use html in your entries. A content plugin takes care of automatically highlighting those terms in your article.

What I found useful is that you can specify tags, (e.g, h1, h2) where you don't want a definition highlighting. It matches glossary entries very well. If your glossary entry is singular but in your article you add an 's' to make it plural, you'll still get a match. You can also use a plugin tag to disable the feature on certain articles or intro texts.

If you're buying the component - pay for the support, it's worth it. I had a couple of issues (that required bug fixes) and the developer was great in responding to and resolving my problems. Couldn't ask for more.
Reviews: 1
The component is very useful. I like it. Unfortunately, it does not work with most of JA templates. On JA templates, glossary items only show on the glossary page, not on articles.
Owner's reply

Hi Xuannghi,

Thanks for your feedback. The extension is tested with the most famous template provider including Joomlart and it works of course.
In some rare cases, when javascript compression is enabled in the template and several extension use jQuery you can have a conflict. This is not a SEO Glossary specific problem but general to Joomla.

Just disable compression and everything will be back to normal! or just drop us a ticket ;)

Reviews: 9
I only have a handful of reviews. I have been really pleased with this team of developers. I recently upgraded with 6 months of support. I had no problem on 8 of 9 domains. My ticket was closed in less than 2 hours. I have had the same great experience on several products from them.
Reviews: 3
I find this component really helpful. I didn't have any problems with configurations. Once i asked support team to clarify few features and they replied me really fast. Support is really professional and helpful. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 3
I have searched for a glossary which is easy to handle and which is W3C valid.
This glossary was the perfect choise, you have only to define a category and define some words with a description and the plugin will mark every defined word in the whole joomla content automatically.
Sadly i had some problems, the reason may be the server version or other installed plugins which produced a conflict.
But the support was awesome they programmed in less a week a new version specially for my settings now everything is fine.
Reviews: 5
This component and it's plugin has got many options to configure and once it is configured it is very easy to use. Exactly what we needed to wrap more seo related conent into the maincontent.

The Plugin doesn't work at the beginning on our site but the support helped within a few hours with an update. Stunning!

Great work guys!
Reviews: 7
Great multi-language glossary with a lot display options, but still very easy to use. Also, support is highly responsive. Clearly 5 stars!
Reviews: 35
I just purchased this extension and installed it in my Joomla installtion.

I created two glossaries (one for German and one for English) and created in both the same term (Joomla) to test things.

I added an English description to the term Joomla for the English glossary and a German descriotpn for th term to the German glossary.

Saved my stuff and when to the front-end to chek if it works.

It really does and looks good.

But in both versions of the article (English and German) the English description of the Term "Joomla" will appear.
Owner's reply

Thanks for having reported.
The multilingual bug was fixed 1 day after it was flagged ;)

Reviews: 1
I've used this on a number of sites over the past year, all J!2.5. They update/improve on a regular basis.

I just installed in on a J!3.0 and had some problems, their customer service answered the ticket within an hour and fixed the problem within two.
Reviews: 1
Was looking for site wide tooltips for a Joomla 3.0 site I am working on. But the individual tooltip options where not an easy solution as they had to be attached (inline) to each text i wanted a tool tip for. SEO Glossary allowed me to set up how i wanted the tool tips displayed and all i have to type in the term and it finds in on the front end and links it with the description. Keep us the great work!
Reviews: 5
On my 1.5 site, I used a glossary component for several years and was mostly satisfied. When I began developing a replacement 2.5 site, the previous component was not available for 2.5 for a very long time, and then when it finally arrived, it was a disaster when I installed it. I searched for a replacement and found SEO Glossary.

The extension does exactly what I need for my site with thousands of definitions. When I had a problem and asked for support, they sent in the army! Their support is fast and result-oriented! A second small problem, needing a little CSS help, was taken just as seriously and fixed right away. I could not recommend this extension and developer more highly. I know that if I need support, it will be there faster than I can respond, and the extension is superior. Thanks to for SEO Glossary.
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