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Alter Glossary ComponentPlugin

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Extremely powerful and full-featured glossary component for Joomla!


- Absolutely unique advanced performance optimization for highlighting terms in content items: average server database load and memory usage are significantly minimized.
- Frontend views 'List of Categories', 'List of Terms from Category', 'Single Term' and 'Add a Term'.
- Frontend edit and creation of terms.
- Separating of term full title and abbreviation (only abbreviation is highlighted in content).
- Highlighting of terms in Joomla articles (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories) in article page and category articles listings, categories descriptions and custom HTML modules.
- Highlighting of terms in Alter Glossary terms descriptions (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories), categories descriptions.
- Highlighting of terms in K2 items (with configurable allowed/disallowed categories) in item page and category items listings, categories descriptions.
- Count of term page views.
- Alphabet filtering of terms with ability to configure preferred letters, separate letters into lines and add spacing between letters. Missed alphabet letters can be auto-disabled.
- Search filter for tags with optional advanced search methods "Contains", "Begins with", "Exact" and "Sounds like".
- "Sounds like" search method can use combinations of Soundex, Metaphone and Daitch-Mokotoff (works with Cyrillic terms) phonetic algorithms.
- Bootstrap Tooltip or Bootstrap Popover types of tips for highlighting terms in content with configurable tip placement (top, bottom, left or right), Joomla 2.5 can use default MooTools-based tips.
- Optional wrapping of highlighted term into a link to individual term page.
- Native Joomla permissions system for creating, editing, editing state and editing own terms.
- Nested terms categories, optional frontend display of terms counts in category.
- Separating of term definition into introtext and fulltext, configurable display of introtext and/or fulltext in term category listings, individual term page and term tip.
- Featured status for terms, featured terms can be optionally displayed first in category listing.
- Intro Image and Main image selection for term category listing and individual term page.
- Up to 5 configurable links for term, list of related links is displayed in individual term page.
- Related terms feature, list of related terms is displayed in individual term page via "See also:" links. Terms are self-related: no need to setup relation of term B to term A if you already configured relation of term A to term B. Related term is easily configured via auto-suggestion list of available terms once you start typing term title.
- Next/Previous terms links in individual term page.
- Ability to configure list of HTML tags where terms won't be highlighted (essential feature for keeping your titles and links clean).
... and more - check full description in our site!

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Reviews: 1
Alter glossary is outstanding! It is a masterpiece component. I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon a powerful component as this one. All these features must say something; it is just the best glossary. And when you need the developers, they are there for you, very professional and supportive. I asked for a few more features, and yet they had them fulfilled.
Reviews: 7
...looks that all products from AlterBrains are well codded and do what they offer. This is not cheap product from them, but what you will get is exactly for what you pay... and support is ready help you even with implementation to another component!
Set-up is easy, but functionality is perfect! ...if you need, just do not await for something, for me does not exist better solution!
Reviews: 3
This is a great must-have extension. After purchasing several glossary components from other companies without satisfaction and with many issues, I decided to try Alter Glossary. It had no reviews, but I was amazed at what it had to offer.
Apart from being a well written and coded component with features described in the documentation really working, the level of support goes beyond anything I have had before. Moreover, the folks at AlterBrains took the time to configure it to work with other components, and did so quickly. Our site has over 15 components from other vendors, and AlterBrains functions and integrates easily.
Layout and configuration flexibility for a great price! I asked if they could add Komento to the glossary, and they did it! If you are looking for a glossary, don’t hesitate. A big thank you to the AlterBrains team.