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"ARI Smart Book" is a mighty Joomla! extension which creates digital publications like books, magazines, booklets, portfolios, brochures and etc. Content is shown in flipping book. It is possible to use any media content like images, videos, sound and other elements which can do content more user-friendly and attractive.

Main features:

* Possible to use rich content with audio, video, navigation between pages and etc.
* Allows save PDF files as images which will be shown as HTML5 flipping book
* Can rotate pages automatically in slideshow mode
* Supports zoom feature
* Can show books in fullscreen
* Books can be created based on Joomla! articles, K2 items or images from the selected folder(s)
* Provides a lot of options to customize books styles
* Possible to grant permissions who can see and preview publications
* Supports left-to-right and right-to-left content
* Possible to use Google and your own fonts
* Easy navigation between pages. Possible to use next/prev buttons, navigation slider with pages preview or page numbers
* Allows to group publications via categories (supports unlimited number of sub-categories)
* Possible to open book print version
* Books can be opened in a lightbox. Supports integration with several popular lightbox extensions inlcuding lightbox plugins from "ARI Smart Content" extension
* No flash. The extension uses only javascript, HTML and CSS
* SEO friendly. Possible to define metadata tags
* Integration with popular social networks
* Works on PC and mobile devices
* Responsive layout

*** Changelog ***

v. 1.6.0 [23 September 2014]

+ Supports integration with K2 items

v. 1.5.1 [09 September 2014]

+ Supports integration with lightbox plugins from "ARI Smart Content" extension

v. 1.5.0 [08 September 2014]

+ Added slideshow support
+ Added page number search control
+ Added "Print" button (beta)

v. 1.4.0 [14 July 2014]

+ Added "Optimum page width" and "Optimum page height" parameter to template settings

v. 1.3.5 [10 July 2014]

# Fixed navigation arrows for right-to-left content

v. 1.3.4 [09 July 2014]

# Safari browser showed cover image fuzzy

v. 1.3.3 [28 June 2014]

+ Possible to disable/enable share button(s)

v. 1.3.2 [23 June 2014]

+ Possible to enter a path to PDF file on "Import data" page

v. 1.3.1 [20 June 2014]

+ Added "Module Class Suffix" parameter to "ARI Smart Book" module
+ Improved file upload page

v. 1.3.0 [06 June 2014]

+ Possible add a PDF file which will be used as PDF version of a publication

v. 1.2.0 [10 May 2014]

+ Possible to use lazy load for images which are used as pages

v. 1.1.5 [07 May 2014]

+ Possible to sort publications on frontend by name or creation date
+ Possible to hide publication title
+ Possible to remove shadow between pages and around publications

v. 1.1.2 [06 May 2014]

+ Possible create books without cover

v. 1.1

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Reviews: 2
I love the extension! The only problem.... Is not responsive, but it's ok with the result on desktop versions.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. The extension is fully responsive, it works fine on PC and mobile devices. You can see it in action on the demo site.

Reviews: 5
I've purchased the Smart Book extension after a good experience with the previous Flip Book module. Had some small issues with the RTL support which was solved in less then an hour. This guys are FAST. The component is easy to setup and does what it suppose to do, clean and smart. JED should add a 5+ rating option for this guys.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 14
The extension is good, only one improvement that for me complete de work its give the possibility tu take pdf file directly from folder hosting. Becouse so shoulde have a uploadind problem (upload_max_filesize for ex).

The staff told me the this improvement will be done in the next version.

The support is really really fast and good!

Reviews: 4
Ari Smart Book is the only responsive flipbook for Joomla, as far as know. It works perfectly with many parameters.
I had a JS conflict between this component and my template, it has been solved in 1 hour by Ari support. Really fantastic support. Many thanks.
Reviews: 8
I needed a flip book extentions suitable for every media.

This component works very nice and easy to set up. We had some set up issues, but with the great support of Ari Soft these issues were solved within some hours.

Keep up te good work
Reviews: 2
This component has many options and does exactly what it promises to do.

Support is Great. I had few issues and received solution within hours.

Thank you everyone from development team.
Reviews: 12
I have used Ari products in the past and this new component is excellent. While our team was happy with the Ari Flip Book component, this new component allows our company to show our catalogs on one single page without having to creating the layout as the component allows you to have categories of books that can be displayed with their thumbnails on one page.

The greatest feature for us though is that the extension allows for granular zooming in and out of the high-res books and has a full screen mode. No other Joomla component without using flash does any of this.

Easy to use and only just released, but an excellent extension that the Joomla community needed as this functionality existed in some other CMS, but nothing for Joomla like this.

Great support with Ari when I had presale questions. I then asked about the PDF source request that is now already been added in the latest version of the component, very fast!