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This is most sought after and a powerful crowdfunding extension that enables your members to create fund-raising projects; accept donations or Investments; and keep donors updated on the project’s progress. Whether your members need to raise money for personal projects, causes, charities, business ventures, medical bills, musical endeavors, school events or non-profit fundraisers, our JGive extension makes it possible to do it with ease.

It doesnt matter what kind of community or site you host, jGive is what you need to raise funds.
jGive gives that love to the members and making donations is easy and in a secure way. Nice bootstrap, awesome text editors, scheduling and more advance options. jGive has it all what a perfect crowdfunding extension needs.

JGive is built using the Joomla MVC Framework which means you can easily extend and override what you want. Plus we have a very strong plugin API with lots of triggers allowing you to easily extend and integrate JGive as per your needs. For more Extenstions from Techjoomla visit

Some awesome features of Jgive include:
1. Campaign: Single user can create multiple fund raising campaigns and much more!
2. Rich Text Editor For Campaigns
3. Scheduling and Advanced Options
4. Campaign Photo Gallery
5. Campaign Primary Image or Video
6. Give Backs and Rewards
7. Awesome Pin Layout For Campaigns With Lots Of Sort, Filter and Quick Search Options
8. Streamlined Checkout Process With Guest Donations, Silent Registration and More
9. Paypal Adaptive Payments
10. Recurring Donations
11. Quick Donor Data Capture in checkout
12. Show Your Donors Some Love
13. My Donations For Donors
14. My Campaigns For Campaign Owners
15. My Payouts For Campaign Owners
16. Campaign-wise Reports For Admins
17. Donations Report For Admins
18. Campaign Approval Workflow
19. Payouts Reports and Paypal Mass Payments
20. Super Flexible Site Commissions
21. EasySocial Integration and Application
22. Social Integrations
23. JomSocial Plugin
24. Group Donations Support For JomSocial
25. Campaigns Module
26. Donors and Donations Display Module
27. Sharing Is Caring
28. CSV Exports
29. Beautiful and Responsive With Bootstrap
30. Back Office Functions for Donation Management
31. Country/ Regions/ Cities manager with Multi-Lingual support
31. Multiple Payment Gateways: Jgive supports
-Paypal Adaptive Payment
-Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)
-Alpha User Points
-JomSocial Points
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order

To view all the features in detail and see more awesome extensions visit

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Reviews: 1
Excellent top level support from these guys, needed some custom modifications and was done without a hitch and very swiftly too

Highly recommend this module
Reviews: 13
We were looking for a way to allow students to see their tuition balance and pay on it, and to be able to share it with others. This extension was perfect for that. We actually paid for some extra features that ended up in the public release (fine by us).

More recently we needed a small adjustment made to the module and they made the change for no charge. Support has been really good.
Reviews: 3
I run an equal parenting non-profit organization and this addon is perfect for our multiple campaigns.

The backend is incredibly intuitive, nicely layed out, great amount of configurations however it is all very simple to use and not overly complex. You will have it all mastered in under 10 minutes.

Nice...clean..professional and works!

Very satisfied and I high suggest this component.

~ Flook
Reviews: 1
Great extension, i like this extension. Great job, congratulations !! The support is exellent too !!
Reviews: 5
This JGive is a perfect helper in crowd funding. It offers not only that what one expect from funding-solution in Joomla, it introduce new creativity to expand professional presentation for all kind of collecting donations. Srvice ist prompt and client-orientated
Reviews: 5
Let me put it like this there are 2 great extensions out there for crowdfunding. There's jGive by Techjoomla, and there's CrowdFunding by ITPrism. I actually subscribed to both of them to see exactly what were the major differences between the 2. Honestly they're both very good at what they do but what won me over was how fast Techjoomla was able to take care of my issue. They also have a nice little tutorial you can watch on youtube that they had with

I am still somewhat new to the Joomla platform and at times when you hit a road block and scouring through forums to try and troubleshoot an isolated issue can become downright tedious and you don't know what to reference for help anymore. At times you just want to ask the developer possible guidance on how to solve your issue. And you want to be sure that you're not just investing in a quality product but the service also matches exemplary product that you're purchasing. This is why Techjoomla now has won me as a happy subscriber.

I had one of the hardest times integrating this extension with a template I purchased from JoomlArt and Amol did not stop until the issue was completely fixed. Granted it took 24 hours to fix between the emails and actually getting it solved, but thats completely understandable since there is a large time gap between my time zone and India lol.

If you are looking for a flexible CrowdFunding extension that looks great, is simple, straightforward, flexible with payments and rewards toppled with outstanding customer service (which is most important to me because Joomla is still in its short term phase), then jGive by Techjoomla is the extension for you. You won't regret investing your money with these guys.

Here are some small caveats for me though. Their website definitely could use some sprucing up and I wish they had a commenting system like StackIdeas Komento, however Amol said that they do plan on integrating it in the very near future so that's a plus.
Owner's reply

Hello @B.Daley

jGive now supports Commenting via our jLike extension ! Integration for even more commenting systems will be added in the coming versions. Also i hope you like our new Website ! We have spruced it up !

Reviews: 8
As a non-profit community that blogs about new / servant leadership we also organize IRL events. With Jgive we have found a component with which we can both handle our donations and we use it for subscriptions to events (where the subscriber decides what the event is worth for him / her). Been working with their support team on some issues and they where very responsive and open for new features / improvements.
If you are looking for a donation / crowdfunding component: (j)give it a try! you won't be disappointed.
Reviews: 2
Support is excellent even the options are limited. Whenever an issue came up support is always there to help. They really understands the concept of great support.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, works well! Support is excellent.
The only thing is that "Settings/Options" are limited, but Support can help you achieve what you want in most cases. More and more Settings and Options are added with the new versions.
Totally worth it, give it a try.
Reviews: 9
We decided to go with the JGive component a few days ago to start our fund raising campaigns. Had a little glitch getting it to work due to the joomla 2.5 template we chose, which was professionally analyzed by the techjoomla support team, and they brought forward a solution to the problem.

Small questions regarding options/layout were directly answered with a solution and promise to add this functionality in the upcoming version. Looking forward to work with the JGive component the coming years, having faith in the support team backing this component.
Reviews: 9
We have been working and developing adaptation of this component with its new owner : Techjoomla.
I have to say that they are very professional, reasonably priced and have very efficient technical and commercial departments.
We envisage long term relationships with them and can only recommend working with them and buying their product.
The code is clean, well documented, their suggestions are clever and to the point.
Go on !
Reviews: 3
Nice little plugin and works just as it says. The only thing that hold me back from giving it max stars is Tech support, and a lack of documentation. I submitted a couple questions and oped a ticket 4 days later - still no answer to my simple questions.
Owner's reply

Hello mstudio,
where have you logged your support request ? Note that Techjoomla has taken over these extensions now & you are expected to log tickets at the Techjoomla site. If you have logged an issue at the old owners, CorePHP then you will not get a response..

Reviews: 1
Hello Everyone,

So I purchased JomGive the day it came out and it has been a pleasure working with Steven Pignataro and his group at CorePHP. The support is amazing and they are fast to get problems resolved. We would highly recommend CorePHP products to everyone.

Steven, you are an amazing CEO and your staff is exceptional. Thank you for working diligently with our company to get JomGive working on our site.

Joshua Ludwig
Chief Information Officer