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Donation Thermometer Module

***VERSION 1.7 for Joomla 2.5.x & Joomla 3.2.x Now Released***

Donation Thermometer is a module with an editable image of a thermometer similar to what you would have seen at Church fund raising drives. The original module was based on an open source script creation of Arkie.Net but has now been completely remodelled from the ground up eliminating the need for GD Library. The width, height, funding goal, current amount raised, date last updated and currency can all be adjusted in the module's parameters. As well as a few other options including caching, module suffix, html pre-text and post-text. This is my first attempt at a joomla extension so go easy on me :) If you know how to improve this module (like implementing IPN integration with paypal, so that the thermometer auto updates with each donation) please let me know.

If anyone would like to contribute to the development of this module, please contact me and I'll add you as a project developer on joomlacode.

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Reviews: 5
Really good and simple extension. No need to translate anything. Really easy to adjust to any kind of collections. Thank you.
Reviews: 21
This is a great module, easy to use and for the non-profit sites I've set up adds a visual element that people love.
I'm hoping it will be upgraded to 3.0 soon so I can carry on using it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. The module has been updated to reflect its J3.2.x compatibility. I'm glad that you've found it useful and hope that you continue to use it to help support the non-profit sites you've been so good in setting up. Keep up the great work :)

Reviews: 2
This module is a simple and effective tool. The css can be easily changed either in admin or in the php files.
Reviews: 2
Our XBOX 360 Community needed a way to keep track of our donations so that they felt comfortable with their donations. This Module has done just that.

Easy to install and configure, we have it pointing directly to our paypal account no problems installing and configuring it at all!

Even the styling was simple to configure to match my site. I can't thank you enough Jodee! I will be sending you a donation for sure! Thanks a lot!

By the way, no Cons on this Module! Yeah Baby! Yeah!
Reviews: 2
Works great! Very easy to use. Nice to see in next version a link to user who donated or maybe a donation page. Great job!
Reviews: 2
I really like the simplicity of display and ease of use.

Question - is it possible to display the goal and amount achieved with commas? When I put commas in the back end the % of goal goes wonky.

Reviews: 3
Fast and easy to install and configure. Since it has been a year since someone reviewed this I thought I would to keep it relevant.

Great module, using it on a Cub Scout and Girl Scout web page.
Owner's reply

thanks for that :)

Reviews: 1
I just searching for donation module to show the current donation gathered for my Joomla site. And found this,
Donation Thermometer. I love it because we can show our current gathered and our goal.
The graphic is simple but understandable.. ^^

Good Job.

Maybe on the next module, we can get another graphic for the bar. Just like Battery graphic.

Thanks a lot for The Excellent Module.
Reviews: 1
Just had to leave some feedback because its a very simple but powerfull module, easy to install and setup and it does what it says.
Great job.
Reviews: 1
I have watched this module develop into a solid piece of code that delivers on it's intended purpose and improves on that delivery with every new iteration.
Reviews: 3
The module works very well for our purposes, and the update to 1.5 native is very much appreciated.

Two things keep me from marking it as excellent.
1) The code uses php shortcuts which don't work in strict php environments.
2) The code forces the use of a currency symbol. If tracking the number of volunteers, for example, this isn't necessary. Leaving symbol blank, however, brings in the $ sign as the default symbol.

Overall, great work!
Owner's reply

Thanks heaps for the encouraging words :) As you recommended, I have fixed the php shortcuts. And on your 2nd point... The currency symbol will keep on filling the form in the backend of your site as will the rest of the fields with their respective default data from the XML file. If you change these they will remain changed. Although if you want them blank, submit the form with the relevant fields blank, and this will be reflected on your sites frontend. However when you return to the backend they will be repopulated by the default values. In your case you could either edit the modules XML file and remove the $ from the currency fields default data, or you could simply blank out the $ each time you update the modules backend. Hope this helps. For further help please visit the support page listed in the modules details.

Reviews: 7
For a first effort, you "done good". Those who have problems with image appearing should eliminate write permissions on server. Just run this through an html purifier to clean up some minor &amp, open Div and parsing errors that break xhtml compliance and you've got a hit on your hands. Hats for for being first out of the box with a much needed 1.5 contribution.
Owner's reply

Hi Thanks for the encouraging words. I have just released version 1.5.1 for Joomla 1.5.x and also version 1.2.1 for Joomla 1.0.x which both provide a slight cleanup of the code. Although I couldn't find the open div tag you mentioned? Can you suggest a good open source html purifier?

Reviews: 9
great module. Easy to install and looks good too. Saved our free recycling site from extinction.
Owner's reply

Great news to hear! That what this module is all about! I hope that countless charities and organisations receive increased donations through the use of this module. Thanks for the encouraging feedback :)

Reviews: 1
Installs easy, does what it say. A useful little mod.

It would be good to add some graphical representation of values above the target amount...

I've set currency symbol to '%' and target to 100, and used module to display income against budget. Effectively displays "under budget" situation, but "over budget" only shows up in text. Perhaps a different color bar above the goal line?
Reviews: 1
Just perfect for what I need!
Reviews: 1
This is a great, easy to install module! Works well.

The only thing that would make it better would be a way to update it from the front end so that I don't have to give back end access to the capital campaign folks who might explode the rest of the site somehow. :)
Owner's reply

Hi Clay, thanks for your kind comments. Personally I think granular access is beyond the scope of this module. However you could try an ACL component to restrict access to a backend user so that they can only access this particular module. What I would rather see is this Donation Thermometer module being teamed up with a paypal module so that the thermometer is automatically updated with each successive donation. This could be achieved through paypal's IPN mechanism. However at this stage I lack the time and the programming skills. If anyone is interested in helping out with this - please let me know :)

Reviews: 1
Very nice and easy solution. One thing that I would like to see are form fields for color changes: bulb, text, and background. Looks great on white background, but not on any other color. Or better yet, tie it to the template's CSS! Good job, Jodee.
Owner's reply

Hi raebaca, thanks for your kind comments. Did you know that you can customise the module and tie it to your CSS using the module suffix? Your right about the background. I might work on it when I get a chance. If there is anyone else out there who'd like to contribute to developing this module, please let me know :)