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jCart for OpenCart ComponentModulePlugin

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jCart is a standalone Joomla ecommerce component which includes OpenCart features.It has same functionality as JooCart.
Reviews and Live Sites:
Download free trial version =>
jCart allows for displaying ecommerce content(including OpenCart features) within the Joomla! component-area but also ships with Joomla! modules and Joomla plugins.It is a fully standalone Joomla ecommerce extension.
Full Feature List =>

Special Features:
Unlimited Installation
Unlimited Domain
GNU/GPL license
Multi Stored
Joomla Admin Panel
Combined with Joomla template's CSS
Integrated with Joomla Search(Search Plugin)
User Login Plugin
Frequent Upgrades and Good Support.
Joomla Title,Meta Keywords,Description(SEO)
Integrated with Joomla Multi Language
No encoding loader needed(ioncube,zend optimizer etc not needed)
Works with existing and new extensions(shipping,payments,modules,order total,product feeds) of opencart.
No iframe used.
New extensions from OpenCart can be used as Joomla Modules(Left or Right Positions)

General Features:
Easy installer using joomla Extensions menu(No need ftp to upload files for fresh installation)
Works with Jquery,Mootools,Prototype(No conflict mode)
Works with most of the joomla templates.
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Manufacturers
Automatic Image Resize
Multi Language
Product Reviews
20+ Payment Gateways
8+ Shipping Methods
Product Ratings
Reward Point System
RMA System
Grid List Product Listing
Gift Voucher System
Credit System
Reorder System
Wishlist System
Affiliate System
Options Text Fields
Banner Manager
One Page Checkout

Minimum requirements:
Joomla! 1.5.x (compatible with Joomla! 1.6.x ,1.7.x ,2.5.x, 3.x also)
PHP version 5.2 or newer
MySQL 5 or newer
PHP-module CURL active
PHP-module SimpleXML active
PHP-module JSON active

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Reviews: 1
This plug-in saved my life.

The business needed to keep the existing 1.4.9 Opencart shop details and needed a shiny new upgrade.

With easy editing so we chose good old Joomla and this Plugin. The tech support team know their stuff too.

They were very helpful resolving any and all outstanding issues.

With them it is like walking on the shoulders of Giants.

Long may they continue to be the best at what they do.
Reviews: 2
I need Support for a Third-Part Module, and they help me fast and good!

Thanks for all :-)
Reviews: 1
We replaced another shopping cart with jCart because of the way it works with OpenCart. So simple. Adding OpenCart extensions worked great. Works with vQmod, which was built-in. The support was very good, so we're happy!!! You can see our implementation at
Reviews: 1
If you are having a website in Joomla and if want to integrate it with Opencart, then there is no better option that this. This is a highly recommended software. Just go for it. Even the support for the team is very good (in a rare case if you need it).
Reviews: 3
I have been using OpenCart for about 2 years and decided recently to make the switch to Joomla and Jcart.

Jcart has made it very easy to get the power of Opencart working with my favourite CMS. It was easy to install and setup, my favourite modules from OpenCart all work fine and in general, if you know your way around OpenCart (setting up your categories and products etc.), then you will have no problems with Jcart.

I did have a small issue installing one of the modules the other day, I'm not a programmer, so when something's 'broke', I call for help. I'm not sure what the problem was, probably something I had or hadn't done right, but regardless, tech support was at hand and within 24 hours the 'problem' was fixed.

Very good support, good product and if you're looking for a comprehensive e-commerce solution to work with Joomla, then Jcart could be just what you need.
Reviews: 14
One of my best purchases. With all the functionality that this extension can offer, worth every penny. And the support team, super. Thanks.
Reviews: 7
Recommended and great extension for connecting opencart and joomla. Quick upgrades, when new version opencart is out. Developers, thanks for great support. Keep it that way.
Reviews: 1
JCart has been a great extension for our busy online store. Easy to add products, keep track of orders, process payments and inventory. Speedy support for any questions we have.
Reviews: 5
Unfortunately this purchase has left me wanting. I generally enjoy the value I derive from Joomla commercial extensions but this one was a high price and I am simply underwhelmed. I have reverted to OpenCart in a wrapper to preserve the finishing touches I did not locate within this extension.
Reviews: 1
Definitely this is my best choice i've ever made with my e-commerce site, opencart and joomla are great, now i have them together and the support is the best, they really want to help you, not just take your money.....
Reviews: 1
Joocart was great in integrating opencart to my joomla webpage. The support team was a big help as well. After letting them know what my problems were, they were quick to respond with a solution that worked. thank you!!
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a good solution for e-commerce on Joomla, and noticed that the only good option is the combination of Joomla with OpenCart. jCart (JooCart) provides an excellent solution: The power of OpenCart inside Joomla.
OC Template compatibility: So far all OpenCart templates work great. None of the other extensions work with OpenCart templates.
OC Extensions compatibility: I didn't have a chance to test it yet. I do hope they all work (or requires quick modification).
The developer answered all of my questions very quick. I strongly recommend.
Reviews: 3
After using VM and mijocart its great to find a product that works, and when you ask a support question, however stupid or complex, support answer it in a short time.
Great developer
Reviews: 2
I was using OpenCart, then decided to migrate it to Joomla. This component was just what I needed! Installed, setup, and configured easily. I ran in to an issue, requested support, and within just a couple of hours, they not only fixed that issue, but resolved another one I wasn't even aware of! Great work!!!
Reviews: 2
a great extension if you need opencart in joomla. In particular, the support, before and after sales, was excellent. They helped with recoding a third part plugin quickly and efficiently. Thanks :)
Reviews: 1
It is an excelent product, and they have a very good support.
Congratulations ! ! ! !
Reviews: 2
I have installed on two websites. Both work exactly as advertised. Your Joomla "look & feel" is preserved when you install JCart, and you treat it like any other Joomla component. I didn't need to learn anything new. The JCart component is a bridge to a full installation of OpenCart, with all the extensions they have now available to you. Want price variants for an apparel store? Its in there with an OpenCart exension. This cart gives you the best of both Joomla's and OpenCart's vibrant open source communities and great support, too. Three thumbs up.
Reviews: 1
Excellent!! support and extensions.
Assistance was super fast, and our problem (not theirs) was taken care of quickly.

Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 2
I was a formal Opencart user until I saw this extension advertised in Opencart forums. And I immediately jumped in as I love Joomla too. That was the start of my days in hell. A lot of conflicts with Joomla templates, Opencart extensions don't work as advertised etc. I contacted the devs for support but their support level is so preppy and unprofessional so couldn't even understand my problems...

A hopeful journey ended with massive disappointment.
Reviews: 5
Soft PHP has created a really great product, with JCart. I have used VirtueMart for years and have grown tired of its lacking in some areas. I looked into JooCart and I am glad that I did!

The user interface is much cleaner and the features that Jcart offers are much better than Virtuemart. JooCart has more reporting tools, and the one page checkout with the sliders is very slick! I will be using JCart from now on, on all of my E-Commerce websites!

Great product and great support. They always give an answer to questions in the support ticket system, and never leave you hanging.
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