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Editor's Note
PayPlans is a 100% Open-Source Membership Software. It is distributed under the GNU/GPL licence allowing you to use it for unlimited time to sell, paid membership plans!

PayPlans also allows 30 days money back guarantee.

Unique features of PayPlans
1. Plan Analytics- To know how each n every plan is performing.
2. Advanced searching in the backend.
3. Eye smoothing and responsive interface
4. Tracking of your system activities by generating logs.
5. More than 120 apps to enhance your experience with PayPlans.
6. Professional Invoice Generation in PDF.
7. App-Store, a hub of apps in backend from where single click install/uninstall/upgrade of apps is available.
8. Support for multiple accounts of one payment gateway
9. Multiple Language support ( )
10. Create Micro-Subscriptions. For example, a subscription just for 1 hour.
11. Other than general discounts, you can provide attractive discounts to your users using social networks. For example, discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.

For more Features: Refer this link (
1. Single Click Installation: PayPlans installer makes it very easy for you to install the software and start selling membership quickly.

2. Responsive over various screen sizes : PayPlans' bootstrap template for both frontend and backend allows it to achieve responsiveness.

3. Application & Registration Integration: Integrated with many known applications and processors like: Paypal, JomSocial, JSPT, Google Analytics, Mosets Tree, K2 and JUGA, Zoo, Jreview, SobiPro, EasyBlog, Easy Discuss, Helpdesk, KissMetrics etc and with various registrations like : Joomla, JomSocial and Community Builder etc.

4. Powerful Discount System: PayPlans comes to you with event based triggering of tasks (Renewal, upgrade etc) for discounting purposes. PayPlans also supports Social Discounting (discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.)

5. Professional PDF Invoice Generation: Invoices for every created order are generated and can be downloaded by the customers. Administrators are allowed to download invoices in bulk too.

6. Front-end User Account: PayPlans has inbuilt front-end account management system. Your clients have details about their subscription data and can renew their memberships.

7. Recurring Subscription: Recurring payments can easily be made through PayPal, 2checkout, Authorize.Net, Payflow, Paypal-Pro etc. PayPlans is integrated with 25+ payment gateways.

8. Interactive backend dashboard: It displays useful information with graphs like sales, revenue according to dates.

9. Exporting Database in CSV format: Subscription details, Payment details, paid/unpaid invoices etc will be easily exportable in the .CSV format.

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Reviews: 6
This product is truly amazing. I was looking for a membership component that would be compatible with other Joomla extensions, so Payplans was the right component: with their appstore almost every component has been covered.

Beside that, their support is amazing. I made a lot of custom modifications to the website and some of the issues we're occured by me. They we're able to help me nicely. Overall a great component!
Owner's reply

Hello Martin,

Thank You very much for your support towards PayPlans.

It was very interesting for us to workout on the scenarios that you provided us.

We really appreciate you, taking some time out for writing a precious review for us.

Thank You very much.
Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 2
PayPlans is amazing; it does what it says and it works like a charm. But the ReadyBytes support team is what makes this product truly special. I'm not an experienced programmer but they have helped me very step of the way. So patient and positive. Highly recommended.
Owner's reply

Hello James,

We love your high appraisal review for us. It's really a moral booster for our team.

We wish to thank you very much for joining us and allowing us to help you.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 2
We found the tool did exactly what the marketing documentation said.

When it came to adding custom features the plugin apps made it so easy.

We did find something the developers had not considered, however 24hr later their support team came up with a work around. Amazing!!

All in all, great product with a fantastic support team.
Owner's reply

Hello dear,

Thank You very much for allowing a wonderful review, based on your personal experience.

It is an honour that we were able to help you out in finding a fruitful solution.

Thank You very much for allowing us to serve you.
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 4
PayPlans and Team! YOU are amazing! Thank you so much for your personal care. I’m thrilled to be using your product. It’s a masterpiece and I LOVE the possibilitys! You have raised the bar on customer care. Thank you again. I couldn’t be any more thrilled. You made my day...
Owner's reply

Hello Stefan,

☺ It is very kind of you to speak for us so highly. We are very grateful that you choose PayPlans to support your business.

Thank You,
Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 1
I have being using PayPlans for 2 years now. I have to say that it's not really easy to get many diferent components integrated as it was in my case and the developers have followed me in all my questions with quick answers and hits about what to do better. I point this integration support the best quality of these developers. I think does not matter how complex a software can be (and its a huge extension with many features and therefore complex) what matters is how much the support is available or prepared to help you. This team of people are not the simple "this problem should be in your end" but they really get to investigate your end to help you. I have being spending money with a similar extension before I could not get proper support and could not use, but thanks to these guys my business is now running. Aside that, the extension is riched of features, there are many plugins to accomplish almost any idea (a point in this that I like much) and again you can always get support for those plugins too. Highly reccomended!
Owner's reply

Hello Dear.

We highly treasure your perceptiveness. It's been a very long time anyone tried to unify with our vision. Thank You very much for understanding our values.

It is also a very high honour for us to gain a super review from our long term user who are our dearest asset, such as you.

Thank you for the kind review.
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
Apart from payplans is an outstanding piece of software, we had to get a lot of custom work done, so it would fit our needs...
After planning the special apps we needed, two superb programmers (thanks Garima and Rimjhim), went through fire to complete the task - And they did.
Even after testing the custom work, we needed a few changes, this was done ON A SUNDAY....
So what can I say other than you are in GOOD hands, when you are in the need of something EXTRA, for your payment software - PAYPLANS is the way to go.
And you dont just get the software, but a line of PRO programmers to back you up

Thank you
Steen jensen

PS. see you soon for another special app we need....
Owner's reply

Hello Jensen,

We are extremely glad to assist you in your project.

It was a challenge for us that we accepted and we appreciate your trust in us.

Thank You very very much for commending our efforts and PayPlans

Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 1
So it's 3:04am and the support staff at ReadyBytes just finished finding all the problems that really weren't their problems. We go live today and they came in on a Saturday and stayed with us all the way. BUT THE SUPPORT is only trumped by this great product. We have looked at and tried them all. Their apps, plugins, and interface is the BEST. Shop no further (and use Stripe!)
Owner's reply

Hello Doug,

Thank You so much for the wonderful review.

It has really brightened our day and cheered our team's spirit to the greatest extent.

We extend our warmest gratitude to you, for appreciating as well as allowing some time for writing a review for us.

Thank You
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 3
I am working with this component now for about 2 weeks. It is very flexible and after getting into the flow of the design it is quite easy to work with. The very best thing about this component is the real high speeds response from the helpers and developers at easybytes. Great support. My advice to them is to have a native english tongue look at their en-GB language file in order to get it really smooth.
Owner's reply

Hi Clinge,

Thanks You very much for the feedback dear.

We are a non native english speaking team which causes the trouble in the first hand. We have been trying hard to improve the language translations as well as documentations at our end.

Would you be kind enough to share your insights on the discrepancy you find in the language translations? We have no right to ask you for such help but, it's just a request to reach out and help improve the product.

Thank you very much for the review and the appreciation.
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 5
An excellent component which was easy to install but endlessly customisable. The modular system of 'Apps' means that the system can be set up exactly as you want it to be. I was very impressed at how well the system worked and how well all the apps worked together.

Best of all though was the support. We had a number of issues (caused by our customisation, not the extension itself) which the support team did a great job of solving, going to extra lengths to make sure our system worked correctly (they even contacted our payment provider directly for us when their system was causing a problem).

I know this review probably sounds a bit over the top, but this really is how a paid for Joomla extension should be operated. Many others should take note.
Owner's reply

Thank You very much for allowing some time to write the wonderful review for us dear. It was very great for us working with you.

We have always taken great amount of care to maintain the modularity in our development approaches. So, that things never become rigid.

We just loved to help you.
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 2
I wanted to thank PayPlans for creating a custom payment app in less than a week!

Their API is extensive and makes it easy to create apps for their payment system.

They have a lot of features that no other payment system for Joomla! has. Until you actually dig in you can never fully grasp how many features there really are.

Any help we needed they immediately responded within 24 hours.

This is coming from a site which subscribes hundreds of people a day and it is important for the payment system we use to meet certain standards and PayPlans does just that.

I whole heartily recommend PayPlans to any big or small company needing a payment solution on Joomla!
Owner's reply


Thank You very much for the extreme support you bestowed upon us. It is also an honor for us to be recommended by you.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 4
I have tried a few payment plans, and many of them are fine until you want to customize them and move outside a simple website subscription model.

Payplans is easy to customize heavily, both visually and in terms of function (I have adapted it to implement a completely different business model). What sets it apart is the excellent support, responding too complex queries with detailed meaningful answers within 24 hours.

The documentation and tutorial videos is a bit hit and miss, while much is covered, it can be hard to find exactly what your looking for, and some things are a little cryptic, requiring experimentation, but overall the learning curve is easy, and the support rapidly resolves any confusion.

If you need to customize your payment solution, I would recommend you give payplans serious consideration, it could save you a lot of frustration.
Owner's reply

Hello Ben,

Thank You very much for your kind review and appreciation.

Working out your business model was unique for us. We enjoyed every bit of it while helping you.

We are grateful to you for reaching out to us and considering PayPlans suitable for your needs. Your scenarios has definitely added value as well as a new dimension to PayPlans usage, we thank you for that.

As for the Documentations we are developing new efficient ways for easy understanding and searching. But, to be honest with you it will take us some time to get each and every piece of the help file updated.

Thanks for your Support
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin to use !! Flexible programming to change any thing.

Most impressive thing is the Technical support !!simply great ..

Great work Readbytes team!!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot dear Manmohan, for appreciating us. We always take great amount of care to maintain the modularity in our development approach. So, that things never become rigid.

Your feedback truly guide us and let us know that we are on the right track of improvement.

It was great communicating with you.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
I've worked with different subscription components for a long time and I should say that I have been drawn to PayPlans the first time I've tried it and after realizing how flexible it is.

It is beautifully structured and the team behind it are brilliant in putting this great system together! not to mention their support is just fantastic and they have been more than helpful & patient whenever we had any concerns & inquiries. Their patience, time and dedication is what astounds me every time they attend to customers especially those running online businesses like we do.

This component deserves more than 5 stars! thanks to the team for being true to the service they give, they are definitely worth sticking with for the long haul. I recommend this component and their great support! Thanks also to RimJhim for solving our last inquiry and attending to us during our time of need. You guys are great! Keep it up!

Best Regards,
Owner's reply

Happy New Year Kay,

It was very great for us working with you. We just loved to help you.

The main motive and idea behind our support is- each time we give support to our users we learn more and keep improving. It was the same in case of your PAP issue.

I wish to extend warm wishes and a big Thanks to you for allowing some of your precious time for PayPlans.

Thank You
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 4
I've had a great experience with PayPlans. Not only is the code clean and interface set up intuitively (for the most part) the support is very timely and helpful. We built a site with over 17,000 users and this extension was able to support it fully. The few issues/questions I had a long the way were usually answered within 24 hours. Also, Rimjhim was great to work with very patient and helpful.

Our client was ecstatic with the end result.

Thank you for your great work!
Owner's reply

Hello Kevin,

Thank You very much for appreciating PayPlans. We always try our best to deliver the best.

I am very glad that I could help you out with the issues.

Thank You for the kind review.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 5
This is the best component I have bought from the extensions directory.
The 'Apps' are what make it for me, making the process of subscription seamless in its inegrations with other services such as mailchimp and virtumart. For example automatic discounts to subscribers of specific plans from within virtuemart. brilliant!
Owner's reply


Thank you very much for your appreciation.

It's an honor for us that we could satisfy your needs with utmost precision.

Reviews: 2
Last couple of months, I have done some extensive searching, testing, with different payment packages for my site. Tried hikashop, virtuemart, osemembership and kept coming back to payplans.

The other applications are good depending on your environment but these didn't do justice for my site. Some of the applications would have this feature but not that feature. I hate to compromise!

As I started testing payplans against my site by trial I came to conclusion this would drive my e-commerce based on a subscription site.

From the installation, start-up to functional didn't take long. Straight forward and right out of the box!

I am very specific, picky about presentation of my joomla site. Everything has to be perfect visually and uniform. I do a lot of tweaking, configuring til I get the desired result.

There were specifics that I turned to the development team on customization of using their applications that accompany payplans. One particular developer took a week to help me with visual refinements in a template that was already configured. That template didn't match my site so I asked payplans to help me. I'll make the changes in photoshop and you guys can work your magic programming the php.

What striked me is that they didn't ask for additional money for these changes like most companies would at this magnitude. I have gotten to know the developers and who they are as friends not a sales agents.

Every question that I posted in the forum has been replied to and extremely friendly. They respond "If you need anything else or does this answer your question"? and consider the ticket closed when the customer closes it.

I really like the design in the backend of joomla and how simple the layout is straightforward. What is most impressive is that there is over 200 applications they develop for payplans which is free with your membership. Some of these add-on's are one page check out, pdf invoice intergration, k2 article embedding etc.

Readybytes who developed payplans really take their time and work with the customers. If you read the reviews it speaks volumes!

The price at first was a little scary when signing up. I thought that virtue-mart would be the best way to go for free. I had VM2 working and running but needed more customization. The forum for help most of the mods were negative in helping and arrogant.

Other companies I asked for info. on their product, trial, testing, took too long return email. Like in days...

Payplans might not be for everyone but for me and a subscription based environement. Paypans will definitely be driving my business because of good customer service, support, and friendship....

All the best,

David A. Warner
Owner's reply

Hello David,

Tons of Thank for you. You took the pain to write out your heart.

That was really awesome and something we always crave for.

We are very grateful to you for the details that you mentioned about us over here, that was very cool.

As developers we have always believed Joomla members to be our family and our users our friends.

Thank You very much David.
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
One of the best component I ever used, well done and easy to use...What else can you ask for, they cover everything, it's a must have!

In addition they have really friendly and efficient support...They answer quickly and are really there to help! They even help me with another component that was causing problems on my site!

Thanks for everything Payplans!
Owner's reply

Hello dear,

We are very grateful for your precious review.

We try very hard to keep up with our user's expectations and when we receive such a wonderful feedback as yours it gives a smile of satisfaction to our faces, knowing that our efforts went fruitful.

Thank You very Much for taking out some time for us.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
I wanted to share my experience with their customer support, VERY quick, VERY professional and nothing was a trouble with them to assist me with any issue I had - myself being only new to Joomla. I have to say it has to be the best customer support I have had with any program I have purchased. GREAT GREAT Support!!
Owner's reply

Howdy Mate,

It was a very great experience working with you. The honor is our's.

Team Ready Bytes is very grateful to you for your priceless review.

It was great serving you.

Thank you,
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 1
First of all: The service and support is excellent. In my opinion it is one of the most important things if you nee an extension for business issues.
The support from Payplans is awesome and extreme quick. I have received an answer for an important problem at 2 o'clock on Sunday night!!! :-)
The extension semself fulfills all needs for professional websites. With the modular systems, the plugins and the customization possibilities you can create everything you need.
Do not hesitate if you search a very good solution for member sites
Owner's reply


I would like to Thank You very much for allowing some of your precious time for writing a review for us. We as a team are very grateful towards your kindness.

As a developer we always try our best to keep our products very Modular in nature. So that they are very easy to customize and can fulfill the needs.

Thank You very much for the review.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 5
The PayPlans component is feature rich and makes setting up membership and subscription websites easy! Beautiful interface design combined with incredible support make this component really stand out. The PayPlans team are amazing they are always quick to respond and go above and beyond to assist with any concerns. Thank You PayPlans!
Owner's reply

Thank You very much.

We are deeply obliged to receive your fantastic review.

As the developer of PayPlans which is one of the active subscription system in our Joomla Community it becomes our sole duty to help our friends and users promptly.

With your support we will always keep developing the PayPlans

Thank You very much

Team Ready Bytes

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