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Membership Pro is a membership/subscription extension for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x . It allows you to create and sell subscription plans, let members subscribe for these plans and give them access to restricted resources (Documents, Menus, Modules, Pages...) on your Joomla site. Main Features:
1. Subscription Plans management: You can create and manage(list, edit, delete, update, publish, unpublish) subscription plans from back-end of your site. For each subscription plan, you can specify price (how much users have to pay to sign up), subscription length (how long the membership is active if users sign up for this plan), thumbnail, description.... of that plan.
2. Membership sign-up from front-end: When users visit your site, they will see list of publish subscription plans, choose a plan they want, sign up and process payment (via online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Eway, Offline Payment...). After that, they will have an active membership of that subscription plan and can access to restricted resources which you setup for each subscription plan.
3. Subscribers management: From back-end of your site, you can see list of subscribers, filter subscribers by status (Pending, Active, Expired, Cancelled...), create a new subscription for an existing user, edit/delete a subscriber.....
4. Flexible membership renew options: When user has an active membership, he can renew his membership to extend their membership active time. The extension is designed so that the renewal option is very flexible, subscriber can renew his membership in the number of days he wants. For example, if you setup a subscription plan with subscription length is 60 days and price is 60$, you can define different renew options as below :
- Renew 10 days , price 12$ .
- Renew 20 days, price 20$... and so on
5. Flexible upgrade options : You can setup the system so that when user has an active membership of a subscription plan, he can upgrade his membership to a different subscription plan if his membership meets the criteria you setup in Upgrade Rule (of course, he will need to pay a fee to upgrade his membership). For example, you can setup the system so that subscribers of 6 Months Membership can pay 30$ to upgrade his membership to 12 Months Membership...
6. Invoice support: Membership Pro will generate PDF invoice for each subscription. The invoice can be sent to subscriber's email. Subscribers can also download the generated invoice from Subscription History
7. Auto Reminder feature : You can setup the system so that it will send notification email to subscribers X-Days and Y-Days before their membership expired so that they will know and process renew his membership.
8. A "true" multilingual extension: If your site is multilingual, you can translate everything in Memership Pro to all the languages you want.
9. Flexible and Powerful custom fields feature
10. Coupon Code feature
11. Restrict access to resources based on subscription plans (Do

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Reviews: 1
I am no expert, yet I have found Membership Pro easy to install and set up.
My website is designed for people to log in, register and if they want to, subscribe to a one-year plan. Emails can be sent for as many different scenarios as I need, and appropriate error messages are generated when required.
It's stable and reliable and the tech support is excellent.
One minor point is that the accuracy of English text used on the controls and in emails etc should be improved. However, as emails are configurable, even this is easy to rectify.
Reviews: 3
I recently installed Membership Pro on my website having previously used Akeeba subscriptions.

I had a couple of questions regarding the import of existing subscriptions from Akeeba and posted a support request to Tuan. Not only did I receive a prompt reply, but also received the information I needed to complete the migration.

The component is excellent and easy to use. The support documentation is clear and well structured and easy to access.

There are various plugins to cater for mainstream products such as Jomsocial, Community builder and integration is straighforward and robust.

In summary, an excellent product as a very affordable price - backed up by top notch support.

Would recommend this product to all skill levels.


Reviews: 1
Membership Pro is the best plug in I've ever purchased. It's well written, works solidly, has great documentation, and excellent customer support. Tuan helped me get everything running in a very pleasant and professional way, and taught me a lot.
Reviews: 11
My aim was to set up an art competition and I needed a good membership extension for my artist registration system. I tried a few on my test site, and decided on Membership Pro because it was much more straightforward to use. This was back in May 2014. I now have approximately 150 registered members and I am very happy with the extension. It even allows me to run promotions where I offer a discount coupon for registrations that occur during set time periods. There were a few minor glitches found along the way (like the country of a member not displaying in the admin) but those were solved with an upgrade to the extension. Tuan and his team are super helpful and fast if you have a question or a problem. The other thing about this extension is that it is very secure... we have people who try to register without paying all the time, but they are stopped consistently. All in all, this extension made my plan possible because I could do it by myself (I'm not a programmer, only a web designer) and now we have a great art competition underway, thanks to the ease and functionality of Membership Pro.
Reviews: 13
I could not recommend this extension highly enough. It is easy to use, very flexible and works smoothly. I use it to sell PDFs on my website. On payment, the user is placed into a particular joomla usergroup which then allows them access to whatever area of the site I want them to have. I use in conjunction with phocadownload and they work seamlessly. I recently had an issue where the plugin stopped working correctly due to a change at Paypal's end, and Tuan worked with me on Skype (on a Saturday afternoon) to get the issue fixed. You are in good hands with these guys. 5 stars.
Reviews: 1
I bought the Membership Pro for its url restriction plugin which works a treat. Very easy to set up. I had a couple of adjustment I wanted to make and the support team a.k.a Tuan was excellent, He edited and customized the code to exactly what I wanted no questions asked.He stuck with me for a few days until I was happy with it. First class support, I highly recommend and at this price you really can’t go wrong. This is definitely the first and only membership extension you should try.
Reviews: 2
Very nice componente, easy to set up.
The support is fantastic! Tuan and hist team are involved in solve issues or doubts you may have. I strongly recommend it!
Reviews: 8
The component works as promised. Easy to set up and use. The support is fast an flexible. I am impressed!
Reviews: 1
With over a dozen Joomla websites, I am always searching, testing and evaluating extensions. One of my clients needed a subscription system to register customers for an online credit education course. After an unsuccessful trial with another big-name product, we switched Membership Pro. It installed easily and has worked well for us. We had a couple of occasions when we needed to contact support. One was a problem with Captcha that was fixed promptly. We also wanted a minor customization with coupon tracking. Done in a couple of days! Very pleased with the product and especially with support. Tuan provides the best support I have seen in many years.
Reviews: 7
I would give it a higher rating if I could. Tuan was absolutely instrumental in resolving the issue I had with my JoSocial site and MembershipPro. The real kicker? It wasn't a Membership Pro issue - and he still took the time to research it tell me what the previous site manager did that caused the problem for my site. I am so pleased with this component and incredible support that I can guarantee that I will return for more!
Reviews: 6
Excellent addon for Joomla!
If you need a membership addon for your website, this is it!
Awesome customer service!!!

Worth every penny on features and customer support!
Reviews: 1
I can't thank the developers of this module enough. Tuan has been absolutely amazing with his support. The extension works as promised (and more)and without fail every time I asked for help (3 times... all due to my own stupidity!) it came within 24hours... given I am in AU and Tuan I think is in Vietnam. Thanks guys - money well spent and hope we can get more from you soon!!

Reviews: 1
I was looking for an easy to implement and use component where I could process online subscriptions. Being an average budding web developer/tech, I found Membership Pro from Joomdonation which seemed to fit my needs with positive reviews.

Not only was this an easy to implement component; Tuan and his support team is unparalleled. He quickly would respond to any issues I ran into and corrected thing for me without any hassles!

Joomla claims to have insane support (which they do), and so does Tuan and his support team.

I would strongly recommend this product or any other product he has developed just from the standpoint of excellence in service. If there was a 6 star rating system in place, they would receive a 7 from me.

Thanks Tuan
Reviews: 6
I am amazed at how good Tuans support is. We struggled with a few elements, he fired back an email within 4 or 5 mins asking for the login details to our site, he then logged in and set it up fully for us. We then asked if he could help us with an unrelated project, which he did the next morning and had it finished within 2hrs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his company.
Reviews: 1
We were in the market for a Donations Component/plugin that had the same features as a Paid Membership. We were unable to find any that was meant for Donations and gave ACL. So we decided to test this one out and we found that this was very easy for us to change everything to make it visually look like a Donations Component.

On top of that we had some custom requests to the develop which they gladly communication through skype for live support and we were able to create some customized perks within minutes.

Easy To Install
No learning Curve like a lot of others
Easy Setup
Easy Payment integration
Fast Live Support

So far nothing with their component.
Reviews: 4
I have community builder on my site and I needed a subscription extension that I could use at an affordable price. Well this was my one and only choice and I am glad I made it. The integration is seamless and it does everything that I need it to do.

I am really hoping for the Mailchimp integration, which will make automatic responses to my members more easy.
Reviews: 2
I have a site which not only has non-users and registered users, but within registered users they have different access to different item groups. Very thankful for the great tools, functionalities and features which allow to build up exactly what I want. And very thankful for the great support of Tuan!! To all of you looking for a membership subscription plan extension: That is the one I sincerely recommend!!!
Reviews: 5
I have a pretty complicated educational site and this component works brilliantly. Completely happy with this extension. I have used other subscription components but this one is inexpensive and has so many options. The only thing that would've made it easier would be a step by step set up guide (and maybe there is one now, I bought my component almost a year ago.) But I'm not a developer and I figured it out. So pretty much anyone should be able to do it if you can use Joomla access levels. :D
Reviews: 1
I have installed this component after trying another comercial membership Coponent. The Membership Pro component is easy to use, it works 100%. The Support is also one of the best, very qucik response.
Reviews: 13
Before Membership Pro (MP), I used several other commercial membership & subscription components. At first I avoided MP because they didn't provide working demo, but then I saw that they are giving back money in case of not being satisfied and decided to try it. Bingo! If I only did it before trying other components. I would save myself some money and a lot of time which I spent by trying other components to work as I desired.

- Painless installation
- Easy to setup
- Various membership plan options
- Hassle free workflow. Registration and Subsription to any plan could be done on one page
- It integrates well with Community Builder
- Integrated translator
- Active forum
- GREAT and fast user support
- Code is clean and intelligently written, so skilled coders can modify it with easily, if needed.
- it supports Joomla overriding system

- no working demo, hopefully they will add it soon ;)

If only other components would have such good support in term of speed and willingness to help beyond usual support scope. New version is coming soon, with even more features, so my purchase was justified beyond my initial hope for this component. Keep on a good work, and add working demo asap! I'm sure that this would bring more sales to you.
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