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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Media Store is an extension for Joomla! 3.0 developed by ExtStore Team. It allows you to sell downloadable/digital products such as documents, e-books, software, images...
Media Store comes with SEO support, nice responsive design, easy to use for both users and administrators. Especially, it is very flexible. It is designed for supporting plugins to make it more powerful.

✔ Joomla MVC Standard: Media Store’s code is written based on Joomla 3.0 standard.
✔ SEO Support: Media Store is optimized for SEO and SEF. It is fully compatible with Joomla as well as SH404SEF or any SEO component.
✔ Expandable Ability: Media Store supports plugins to expand the capability of its features.
✔ Multi level/nested categories: Media Store allows you to manage your products across infinite categories and subcategories.
✔ Products management: Media Store allows you to enhance the product with title, short and full description, metadata, price, download restrictions, demo link, etc. You can also add unlimited files and images/screenshots to your products. Furthermore, product can also be assigned to multiple categories.
✔ Super easy files/images management: Files/images are listed in popup box to be added into the products. More especially, you can upload multiple files/images at one time with drag and drop files/images support.
✔ Support both free and paid products.
✔ Special product type: Media Store supports the product in category type.
✔ Payment methods support: Media Store supports payment methods by plugins, you can install more payment plugins for your purpose. Paypal, 2Checkout and Skrill (Moneybookers) are included by default.
✔ Shopping cart and quick checkout: Users can add multiple products to the shopping cart as well as manage the cart, use coupon and do the checkout on only one page easily.
✔ Coupon system: You can create coupons from back-end to offer discounts for your customer.
✔ Flexible user fields: You can configure to show/hide, make fields to be required or not for user to fill in checkout page.
✔ Guest checkout: Media Store will automatically create user account based on the billing information of new user.
✔ Email notification system: You can configure notification email for both administrators and users.
✔ Orders management: You can manage orders in back-end, assign orders to users, add/remove products and print an order.
✔ Flexible options: There are many options to configure Media Store in back-end.

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Reviews: 1
I created my first website using Virtuemart for selling my digital items, now don't get me wrong it worked for 4 years, but it has its limitations and could be confusing for my customers. When I decided to upgrade my site I hired a company and they said to switch to a shopping cart that was more suited for digital products and recommended Media Store. The website has been live for 2 months now and my customers find it much easier to use and my sales actually went up and that is what really matters. As for Extstore they are great, I had an issue with category ordering and I thought it was a Media store problem. I asked Extstore what was going on and without hesitation they took the time to fix it. Come to find out it was an error created by the site builders and had nothing to do with Media store and yet Extstore fixed it anyway, now that is great service. So I give this product and the programmers a thumbs up.
Reviews: 2
This is so simple and easy to configure and use. And it does everything I need it to do with several gateways built in and many, many options.
I wanted to create products with fees only - similar to a downloadable product but without the download. This cart actually has a SERVICE product option to create those fees. Also, since this is a private (closed) website (using only PayPal) and billing information isn't required once a client is registered to the site, I only wanted the client to have to buy the service and head to PayPal without filling out a bunch of crap. Yep, this does that after only asking for an email address to send the receipt.
My only complaint is that the products go in as different sizes on the product page so they look uneven like a Pinterest wall. Rather have the option to ahve the products conform to an even "wall" appearance like another component I'm using on a larger e-commerce site.
Very intuitive, simple, great GUI and feature-packed for a great price. Highly recommended for those who need something clean and easy to configure.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, configure & understand, the most important feature of the Media Store is the incredible support's team that will help you on everything you want. Trust me, it's a good investment for you website !
Reviews: 2
Just wanted to share that I bought this a few days ago and had some errors due to my site's configuration ... the developer responded quickly to my support ticket and was able to resolve the problem rapidly as well. The component itself is also very nice, so I recommend this to others as well!
Reviews: 3
I would give this extension, and the developers, a higher rating than 5 stars if I could :o)

This is one of the simplest cart systems I have ever used. It is also very aesthetically pleasing right out of the box.

This system could also be used for 'hard goods' as well - it does not have to be limited to just digital downloads.

I had a couple of issues, but within 6 hours of submitting a ticket the developers had provided the solutions. They even tweaks a couple things that was not their issues - Awesome Support!!

I would highly recommend this extension!!
Reviews: 14
Good and lean Extension! Work perfectly. Good the support too! Ciao!
Reviews: 1
The Media Store extension works great out of the box!

We develop Windows and OSX software and use anti-piracy protection on the products we offer for sale.

We informed the Media Store support team that we needed to generate registration keys via a server side php script,
and that we would supply the metrics for but not the actual script, and that this script generates keys based on the confirmed purchasers name and other parameters that are different for each product.

The support we received was excellent! We supplied a weak example of how our keygen script should work.
Turns out they know alot about emplementing key generators, They have now developed a plugin that integrates into the Media Store control panel perfectly, and does just what we requested, and addresses our security concerns as well.

These guys are the real deal folks.

Highly Recommended!
Reviews: 1
This Software has helped me buidling the shop I want, and the Support is very very excellent.

They helped me fast and with the best results making PayPal payment working in Germany.

You looking for a Shopsystem? Use mediastore.
Reviews: 1
shop is nice to see and simply to make it work, support is answeome and made all the customisation on my request in few time and without charge!! in my experience is the best support team that i've found on all the extencion i've buy here on jed.
Reviews: 2
What can i say easy to use great looking the support team is very friendly and more then willing to assist you, even make custom changes for you i needed to add private files that only the client who paid for them could see and for no charge the support team added this functionality.

I will say this loud and proud if you need a file commerce system of any type then this is the component you need.

Great work Dev's.