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With RSMembership! you have complete control over your subscribers. Our Joomla! subscription extension allows you to manage the memberships, the customer transactions, and share various files and folders, joomla articles, categories and sections based on the memberships that you subscribe to.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Powered by Bootstrap!
» Multiple membership options - different price for renewals & trials, enable recurring payments, define fixed expiration dates, set membership lengths (hours, days, months, years)
» Categories - group your memberships into categories.
» Automatic activation - user chooses a membership, pays, the payment gateway notifies RSMembership! of payment and he gets immediate access to your content.
» Global custom fields
» Custom fields per membership
» Setup extra add-on items to be purchased along with your memberships
» Share folders and files to your subscribers
» Restrict access to articles and categories
» Restrict PORTIONS of your website with a simple syntax!
» Restrict modules and menu items based on membership
» Reports - Subscribers, transactions and sales
» Define upgrade paths for your memberships
» Replace the Joomla! registration form with the RSMembership! subscription form
» Multiple emails (Subscribe, Approved, Denied, Renewal, Upgrade, New Extra Added, Expiration Notify) for each membership
» Coupons - Setup discount as a percentage (%) or as a fixed value, choose an usage limit, start and end dates as well as to which categories it applies.
» "One Page" checkout process - streamline your buyers' experience!
» Change the user's Joomla! Group when the membership starts or when it expires
» Anti-spam features - Built-in CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA.

Payment Integrations
» Wire Transfer (multiple can be setup)
» PayPal Website Payments Standard
» 2Checkout
» iDEAL (ABN AMRO Easy / ING Basic / Mollie / TargetPay / Sisow)

» iDevAffiliate - Track affiliate sales.
» K2 - Restrict articles, categories and user blogs.
» FlexiContent - Restrict articles & categories.
» ZOO - Restrict articles, categories and applications.

» Categories
» Memberships
» Single Membership
» Subscriber's Account
» Subscriber's Memberships
» Terms and Conditions

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Reviews: 11
I had loads of pre-sale questions as my needs were very specific. All queries were answered and so I purchased the software. I had it installed and running within an hour. Very easy to setup. 2 things were not working and I emailed support. Within 10 minutes they came back to me and it was my Joomla configuration that was causing the issue and not the component.

Would highly recommend this product
Reviews: 1
Product rating: 4 stars
Support: 2 stars

The good: RSMembership is a well designed extension that is packed with features. My client’s website serves a base of 1600 subscribers, and thus far it has mostly met our needs. The RSJoomla team is good at dealing with problems associated with user errors and configuration, and are prompt in their responses.

The bad: RSJoomla is very resistant to enhancements to current features. In our case, we preferred a way to configure Membership Extras to be a required field. Sometime later we pointed out that coupons do not work on Renewals. Both of these would have been fairly easy fixes for a developer familiar with the code base. However, in both cases I was ultimately told to go to the “feedback” section and post the request there. This section is so remarkably lame and amateurish I can’t put it into words. Customers vote on a feature, and just maybe if it gets enough votes over time your requested change will appear in a future release. I might as well plan on seeing the next arrival of Haley’s comet than seeing my request implemented. One minor complaint is that purchasing the product is a hassle and it was not approved/delivered right away; they should consider a different payment vendor.

The ugly: I was told by a support guy that my request wasn't important because no one else had asked for it, and that I was free to do the work myself! Wow! My advice to the owner is to give that guy the hook or give him some training on proper customer support.

Conclusion: Overall I would recommend this extension, but also caution the buyer regarding support.
Owner's reply


I'm sure that you feel this way because we didn't implement your request right away.

However, I don't see any mention of the fact that we:
- Weren't "resistant" to updating our Plugin, when we updated it based on your ticket.
- Offered step by step instructions on how to implement the "Membership Extras" to be required (that you do mention in your review, although how you said it makes it sound more like you didn't need our help at all and did it all on your own).
Please, do tell the truth in your review, don't skew it.

The user doesn't agree with a feedback section (that's his choice, we can't convince him otherwise). Summarizing the conversations we've had, it was "lame" that we had a central place for our customer's requests. In his exact words, he "doesn't care about your other customers", just his own. That would have been true if he bought a product that was meant just for him, but this isn't the case.

Bottom line:
We agree that our extensions can be developed further and we are doing just that. It's just that if we'd treat anyone differently it wouldn't be fair to the other paying customers. And we NEVER, EVER, will demean a customer for wanting something (eg. say that their request is not important). It's usually the other way around :)

Reviews: 3
This extension provide complex features, but is easy to install, configure and use. This is the first impression. And worth 5* ... this was my first impression.
But after several weeks of usage in real environment, the first missing features began to appear :
- the taxes feature are not usable. Because you can for example provide a 5% taxes for payment processor (like paypal), but this tax is added to the total of the purchase, and NOT as tax in paypal receipt. The user that buy a 100$ product will see finaly the product costs 105$ and not 100$ + 5$ taxes. The support answer : display a text message that explain the price to user...
- the report feature : there is a powerful report tool that display sales in many view with graphics, how many piece sell by week, by month, ... But there is NO totaling feature... you cannot know after one week/ month/ year how many sell amount you have and for how many money. Knowing how many you earn in a particular period should be a basic feature. Support answer : add this to feedback/wishes list
- There is no order number to identify the purchase for the user. After asking support they added 2 new key order id, and paypal hash number. But not all user pay trough paypal (wire), and the order number is the database auto increment number. 1, 2, 3,..., 100, 101, ... this cannot be usable because we dont want to show to our customer the number of sales ... A complex random numbering (alphanumbering) should be better.
- also (and this is not part of the rating, because we know it berfore buying, there is no module with the product. This is a shame, because it should be great to see the subscription associated to one particular product on the product page.
Finally, a good point to the support because it's a part of the purchase.
Owner's reply

While you are entitled to your own opinion, having high expectations does not mean that our extension deserves 3 stars.
Let's recap:

- Taxes. You insisted the tax to be displayed BEFORE the subscriber selects his payment method. Bare in mind that this tax is added based on the payment method selected.

- Reports. Although I agree that more reports are needed, you were actually the first user to ask for this, that's why we've asked you to add it in the Feedback section. If more users ask for a feature we consider implementing it, but we can't implement everything everyone thinks should be "normal" or "basic".

- Order numbers. Even though we do not provide customizations, we've added the two placeholders for your convenience, free of charge. It's a shame that you did not follow up and decided to just close the ticket. You'd be amazed to find out that, if you want to hide how many orders have been made (I don't see the point in doing this, but that's my point of view), you can always adjust the AUTO_INCREMENT value in your database to a random number. There's no point in a complex order numbering system - things are supposed to be easy. How about a customer phones you regarding order X2JKKSD84123DS? Do you think it would be easier if he'd pronounce "order number 233"?
The "order hash" placeholder does not refer to PayPal only. It refers to what the Payment Gateway returns as the unique order/transaction ID. If you were using PayPal, then yes, it's the unique transaction ID PayPal returns.

- Modules. No requests for modules until now. Again, this could have been added to the Feedback section.

The only reason for this review was because we refused adding the above requests (on demand). We like to help our customers and even go beyond what the Support Policy implies (even helping them when the errors they're facing have nothing to do with our extensions) - but there's a limit to what we can and are willing to do. You're purchasing support for this extension, not custom development.

Reviews: 9
Install and you are done. Definitely worth the price!

And if you are not done, then the support is answering in less than 1 day to your support requests and even helps by checking your configuration or logging into your site to find a solution. Even small fixes are released in less than 1 day. The perfect mix for a commercial extension.
Reviews: 3
RSMembership is a good component. It take some time to understand and configure all the possibilities but then you have a good working membership component. Support was always within a day.
Reviews: 2
Thanks to the RSMembership team for outstanding product support.
Although my requests were minor, the team responded efficiently and quickly to help resolve. This is the 4th RSJoomla product I have purchased with much to my satisfaction.
Reviews: 2
rsmembership is an awesome, easily configurable extension with plenty of options! You can easily lock whole folders, components, menu items... Two click patch to integrate with standard joomla registration forms witch is 2 click revertible! How thoughtful is that?! We were been looking for a simple yet powerful extension for our renting site and everything we found were uncompleted extesions lacking features. You have plenty of options with rsforms; categories, coupons, custom fields, reports, configurable mails... Simply works like charm! Most important thing is that SUPPORT is simply the best out there! We needed some help and we got it very fast, not with general mails like: "check our guide", "that's not our extension, it's joomla", but he logged in our backend and showed us how and made everything work just like we wanted! We can't be pleased more with this component! Please, keep up the great work!
Reviews: 6
This extension is great if you want a simple quick way to setup a membership system. I managed to implement this in just a few minutes as all settings are straight forward and user friendly. I had a few questions due to the way I needed my membership process to work and support got back to me promptly. I have purchased a few different extensions from this company and they are always very helpful and provide excellent support. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Plugins are incomplete. Support is lacking. Shame really. Might be a good extension otherwise.
Owner's reply

The fact that your IIS server throws CGI errors on all post and get submissions doesn't mean that our extension is incomplete. It means that your server is not configured properly.

Reviews: 1
The component works exactly as expected. Easy to install and use. Technical support via the ticket is a great.
Jeste li mislili: Imao sam upit za sitnu obradu
I had a request for a small change to what I've got the answer in a very short time.
It may lack the option of creating the invoice from the component and send the mail, but still give the highest grade components, as well as support.
Reviews: 2
I know that a good rating is also a good match between required properties and those delivered, so you could say that often a bit of luck is needed.

Personally, I think that's not the case with this component. Without being a very clever boy, you will be able to create different content shown to different groups, top-down as well as down-top (so f.e. paying members will no longer be bored with invitations to become a paying member or invitations to upgrade your membership anymore). And it's not even particularly that what makes this a good component.

When you need a third party developer to add some custom php to it, he will find his way on the fly and rsjoomla even made some fields where it can be added, so I will be paying this 3rd party developer nearly only for the work he's done instead of the research/study before.

Well done!
Reviews: 2
I've just started to use RSMembership and I have discovered a very well done and usefull application. There was a feature missing and I wrote a support ticket. Next day the stuff published a new version of the component with that feature!!! great & quick service guy!!! I'll definitely test asap all the RS component...

Reviews: 10
I have recently adopted RS Memberships after using Ambra Sub for the past 18 months.
After testing a variety of other subscription components, I was impressed with the functions provided, its real MVC structure, the support provided plus its integration with K2.
The support at RS is top notch and have always responded timely and efficiently.

Anyone interested in using RS is free to contact me for a a low down.
Reviews: 3
Just few words to thank you RSJoomla team for your daily work to develop these very powerful extensions and for your excellent daily support.

You technical help is very important for us developers, and your reactivity is really appreciated.

I will continue to use your extensions for my customers and you can be sure I will recommend your work.

Many thanks again
Laurent (a happy french user)
Reviews: 1
I already use several RSS joomla extension and I can tell you that once again I am not disappointed!

The extension RSMembership is quite easy to use and allows for a lot of something I had not thought through before.

I thank the team and especially Andrei Cristea who always responds to my response, because I am French are not always clear.
Reviews: 1
I am pretty new to the whole Joomla! scene and had been struggling with an easy way to have members sign up on my site. This is a yearly membership site and I use PayPal for payment. I installed this and with their help got everything the way I needed. This package is easy to use and the support is top notch! I have NEVER received such wonderful support from other companies like this.. WAY TO GO!!!!

Thanks to all at the RS team for everything!
Reviews: 1
I have been using RSMembership!, RSFirewall!, and RSForm! Pro for the last six months.

The RSMembership! is used for subscription of the beta customers of the software offered on my web site. The extension allows you to create a custom subscription form handling beta license agreement. Confirmation emails, period of the membership, members-only access to the software download area is fully controlled by the extension. It is rich in features and yet very intuitive and user-friendly.

I use the extension in combination with "Art of User". The latter allows you to create custom user types; and RSMembership! allows you to change the user type both when members subscribe and when their membership expires. For example, there is a build-in type "Registered". With "Art of User" I created a type called "Beta Customer". When a user subscribes, RSMembership! sets their type to "Beta Customer". When the user's membership expires, RSMembership! automatically changes their type to "Registered".

The best part of all RSJoomla extensions is the customer support. Perhaps I am repeating here what other reviewers have already said. Yet this quality of support is incredible! I have never seen such attention to and understanding of the customer's needs. They respond immediately. When I file a ticket, I know, that the next morning (I am in the USA) there will be a response in the mailbox. Quite often the response is that they just implemented the needed functionality, and all I have to do is download a new version of the extension.

My personal thanks to Andrei Cristea, who has always been extremly helpful, prompt and courteous. He literally walked me through a number of the extension customizations needed for my site.
Reviews: 1
Fantastic support from Andrei at RS Joomla helped me use RS Membership to set up a payment system for membership purchases/renewals for an association, as well as selling "memberships" to workshops. Client was very happy, and the support tickets were responded to quickly and helpfully, allowing me to make all required modifications.
Reviews: 54

I recommended RSMembership to a client of mine. I'm sure glad I did. We had so much trouble with previous extensions, I decided to give this one a shot.

Everything went very smooth from the start. It was very easy to install and setup. I had some questions in which I submitted some support tickets and was very promptly replied to with clear details on how to solve any issues.

I would specially like to Thank Andrei Cristea from RSMembership! The support given was absolutely great! I was very impressed and they did everything in their powers to make this properly work for us. I seriously couldn't ask for anything more.

I highly recommend this component to anyone thinking about using a subscription membership on there Joomla website.

We are 100% Satisfied customers and we will definitely consider RS Joomla for any other extensions we may need in the future.

Thank you RS Joomla team!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I needed. A straight-forward component that allowed me to sell subscriptions to my site's content. Super simple to install. Very easy to configure. Does just what I need, and heaps more stuff that I didn't even think I needed (but may explore now... coupons, add-ons, auto-renewals).
Worth every penny. And, as others have mentioned, the support is very good. As is the documentation.
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