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Easy Joomla Paypal Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
This Joomla module is a very customizable module to enable Paypal Donations or Payments on your Joomla website. The module offers the following features:
* Allows you to use whether to display a Paypal Image or your own text
* Customizable Paypal email
* Paypal Name of Organization to send money to
* User selectable Currency for Payment
* Choose whether to enable timed payments, and choose the frequency of the timed payment (Weekly, Monthly, Annually)
* Fixed value or user entered monetary value, with smallest amount of payment possible
* Choice of default currency
* Choice of text for Submit button e.g. Donate, Pay Now etc.
* Return address (URL) when payment is complete
* Cancel address (URL) in case payment is cancelled.
* CSS aware for customizable style of module

Now supports all currencies supported by Paypal API

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Reviews: 2
very easy to install and to use, in case of question the devlopper is very friendly and answer very quicly to our request.
thanks to him
Reviews: 3
This mod is VERY easy to install, and with the click of the button from the end user, it takes you directly to PayPal with the form already completed. Worked on first try. No worries, it just works and does a great job.
Reviews: 1
Downloaded and Installed Easy Joomla PayPal Payment module without a problem, unfortunately after making payment the Paypal page does not redirect to the url indicated in the parameters. I even changed the url in my Paypal settings account still it did not automatically redirect after a payment was made. One has to click to the button to return to homepage.
Owner's reply

This is NOT a problem of the module but the way Paypal works per se.

Reviews: 5
No fancy bells and whistles that complicate things. This module does exactly what it says it does. It's a PayPal button to allow for a simple payment, period. I load the module into an article with the supporting text around it, and VOILA!

Exactly what I need and it works like a charm. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 2
This module is great.
It took less than 10 min to be installed, configured and running smoothly.

Thank you Dart-creations team
Reviews: 1
Very quick and simple to set up. I am a beginner to Joomla and had no problems installing and getting this extension to work. I bought the Pro version - less than $5, you can't beat it.
Reviews: 1
It paid the for the pro-version, for so less money I didn't want to take the risk. From paying (by paypal) till installing and changing the necessary parameters took only 10 minutes. And it worked. Ask the developers a questions and got a quick reply.
Reviews: 2
Great extension, easy to install and implement. Contacted developer about an anomaly and he responded quickly and fixed it. It's worth spending a few bucks to support good extensions like this.
Reviews: 8
Installed, Configured and Up and running in 5 minutes. Flexible, Functional and Free. Am buying the pro version which is so cheap its embarrasing not to, thank you so much for this extension.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a button that I could include in an article. This was not it. It is a module and goes into a module position. I paid for the Pro version. Not disappointed for the
Owner's reply

To include this in an article you can use the LoadModule Joomla plugin, and you'll be able to include this module into any article you require.

Hope this helps.

Reviews: 114
If you want a module that does what it says on the tin, then this is the one for you! Loaded first time to the games site I developed with Joonla 1.6

I wish to thank the developers for a wonderful module and for taking the time to make it FREE.
Reviews: 18
Everything works great, and it is very easy to install and configure. There is one problem with internationalization. I had a problem changing default message: "enter amount" to another language. If this is fixed/implemented it would be the easiest and the best PayPal donation/payment module.
Reviews: 30
Got a call from a client who wanted to pay me via paypal. I found this module, downloaded it and installed it. Set a few permameters and in 5 minutes had a nice paypal button on my site.

Parameters include confirmation page, ability to use Paypal button or text button. Recommended by Rowby!
Reviews: 1
Nice extension. But of limited use only one per page
Reviews: 12
I looked at this module before and saw the warning about hidden links and got warned off. this time I was looking again (after a server crash argh) and again thought this looked best for what I wanted except for that again.

so I went to the website to make a comment about it and lo and behold for under $5us I was able to get the pro version. well worth it. you should put a note on the listing letting folks know there is a very cheap pro version available with no ads.

Reviews: 3
Great extension. Thank you for posting it and putting the work into making it freely available for others
Reviews: 1
After spending a couple hours looking for and researching all of the PayPal donate extensions on the JED, I settled on this one. I am very happy with the decision. It does nearly everything the commercial extensions offer, and has been very easy to setup/use.

The only issue I can find with this extension is the lack of ability to offer both a 'donate' and a 'subscribe' donation at the same time. I run a smaller community driven site and don't want to only provide a re-occurring option for those that can/will only donate once... and vice-versa.

I was able to manage this issue by creating a copy of the module and publishing it just below the other one with the alternative option enabled... though it would be nice to have a drop down box for users to decide how they wish to donate in one smaller space.

Reviews: 3
This paypal module works great. Dart-Creations even made a couple of modifications to it so I could get it to send my customers to a Spanish PayPal landing page. Installs very easily and the admin options are easy to set. Highly recommended.