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Instant Paypal Plugin

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With this simple plugin your Joomla! CMS will gain ecommerce functionalities, integrating contents with Paypal payments system. The plugin follow a simple syntax to embed products directly in Joomla! contents.

Between the 2 tags placeholder you can insert many product details to configure what and how you want to sell the single product, also file download, etc

Simply install plugin with your Joomla! installer and once activated you will be able to start sell products!
Only few minutes to transform your Joomla! CMS ecommerce capable!

You can configure plugins settings to suit your needs, and override the settings for every single products.
Moreover in the same article you can insert more than one product with the associated button set as you want.

Instant Paypal is fully integrated with Paypal checkout and can offer best cart integration.

This extension is available for ALL JOOMLA VERSIONS: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x family.
Simply contact us to request a language translation.

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Reviews: 26
Wow - just a couple of minutes and I had a page with payment links for several products.
Total simplicity and it works like a dream.
Unless you need something more complex - then try this one.
Reviews: 1
I think that Joomla Instant Paypal is an excellent tool for my e-commerce website. Because it bypasses dealing with banks to get an e-commerce account. Instant paypal seems to work with my current paypal account also.
Reviews: 4

I just buy this extension and have a problem on my website but because of they support so superb the problem gone for good less then 12 hour. Very fast support. Now i can use this extention with hearts full of delight. Very thanks to developer for this extensios. You safe my day.

Best Regards,
Reviews: 3
This is the best one. Simple and easy to use. I would say cant be beaten well done
Reviews: 1
The professional version it's great and worth every peny.

But the best is the great technical support, John Dagelmore made sure that this extension worked for my specific needs.

Thank you john for your help and I will recommend instant Paypal.
Reviews: 1
The extension is incredibly simple to understand and does the job great.

The extension is good but I needed something more specific that Instant Joomla could not make. I ask if there was a possibility to make it changing the code. After a few mails they made it for me and I love my customised extension. The support was fantastic.
Reviews: 9
After searching and testing several Paypal plugins, I came across this InstantPaypal. It took minutes to carft into my pages. So simple, yet powerful and elegant.
Reviews: 3
Instant Paypal is useful and user friendly. It is easy to install and the support (if you do happen to need it because of a mistake you make, like I did), is quick, efficient and friendly.
Thanks Marco and good luck