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Flexible, Social E-commerce for Joomla!
Quick2Cart is a super flexible shopping cart with Multi Vendor, Multi Store and awesome Social Integrations. Plus you have the option to use the native Product manager or integrate with CCKs like Zoo, K2 or even Joomla Content.

Well with Quick2cart you can make your shopping experience comfortable and fun by creating stores and being the store owner, sell your products on your profile. Option for multiple vendors on same site and multiple stores to be created by the same user giving you complete freedom to do the max you can to sell your products. Buyers will get a chance to choose from vendors and stores, they don't even have to register to shop on Quick2cart. No, manual payments need to be made as 10+ payment gateways are available, with shipping and taxation options. In all this what a perfect shopping extension should be.
Quick2cart has an extensive feature base. We’ve taken care that most of your requirements are fulfilled. Some of the Quick2cart features are as follows:
1. CCK’s for product management
2. Native Quick2cart product manager
3. Multivendor Support
4. Multi Store Support
5. Start a Marketplace
6. Automate Payouts in your Marketplace with Paypal Adaptive Payments Support
7. Multiple Product Attributes
8. Enrich your display with multiple modules
9. Stock Management
10. Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity
11. Multiple Currency Support
12. Registration During Checkout and Guest Checkout
13. Optional Shipping
14. Statistics Dashboard
15. Order Management and CSV Export
16. Coupon Management
17. Zones
18. Shipping Plugins and profiles For Flexible Shipping Calculations
19. Taxation Plugins and profiles For Flexible Tax Calculation
20. Stay Updated with notifications
21. Google Analytics Integration
22. Super Extensible and Developer Friendly, Developer API Available
23. SEO, Metadat management
24. Country manager and Multi-Lingual Support
25. Affiliate System Integrations With IDevAffiliate, WizAffiliates
26. Social E Commerce
27. Take Ecommerce Viral with Activity Stream Integrations
28. Sell right on your Profile Stores and Product Displays on User Profiles
29. Toolbar/Menu Integration
30. EasySocial App
31. Smooth Ajaxed Checkout and Single Store Checkout
32. Fully Responsive Pin layouts
33. Support multiple payment gateway like:
-Alpha User Points
-Amazon [Joomla 2.5]
-CCAvenue (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)
-JomSocial Points
-EasySocial Points
-Ogone [Joomla 2.5]
-pagseguro [Joomla 2.5]
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order
-Paypal - Adaptive Payment
-Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)

To view all the features in detail and see more awesome extensions visit

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Reviews: 2
I picked quick2cart because 1) didn't want to use Virtuemart, 2) wanted to use a 3rd-party joomla-stripe-payment plugin for it, and 3) it appears to be popular.

Haven't used all the features of quick2cart yet, but it's been nice so far. I look forward to using the multi-vendor feature some day, as that feature is quite powerful.

It uses bootstrap for it's styling, which is nice.

I noticed a couple of PHP Notice errors, and I contacted support, and they hot-fixed it and immediately sent me a new release.
Reviews: 4
I have been using Broadcast by TechJoomla for a while and when i decided to ditch Virtuemart for a simpler, more supported cart I decided to go with Quick2Cart. I have not been disappointed.

It is pretty easy to understand and set up. Their directions are top notch. Although nothing is ever perfect for me and we had some issues with the template and a couple other snags, the support was right there for me.

I am looking forward to the multi-cart integration with k2 or the tagging system which is suppose to be in the next release.

Overall, I love this cart and my members are finding it pretty self explanatory.
Reviews: 1
This is truly a 5 star product. The system is incredibly easy to use right out of the box and the support is TOP NOTCH! They respond within 24 hours (in my experience and in my timezone) and always answer give concise assistance. The product itself integrates with a multitude of components and allows you to open a multivendor marketplace using real currency AND virtual currency including Adaptive Paypal payments. If you are looking for a eCommerce solution that will allow you to do virtually anything and everything....get Quick2Cart. The pricing is extremely reasonable considering the features.
Reviews: 7
I am using quick2cart as a multistore-multivendor solution.

It only took one hour to get around the main configuration, this product absolutetly rocks!
Great integration with other extensions.
Excellent presales support, excellent customer support!

For end-users/site administrators

Nice set of features, it compares favourably with much more expensive and heavy solutions. Well thought owner dashboards, quick for managing orders and payments. Check the demo and forum you'll be impressed.

For developers and forward-looking site owners:
The implementation is extremely well thought, the code is clean and easy to understand, change and extend. Nice documentation, nice community and support forum.

I have tried most shops on the JED, I guess this is the absolute winner in terms of maintenance cost, ease of use, social integration. They even documented their APIs, and provide code samples to make our lives easier!
Reviews: 4
These guys are doing some great work on Joomla. Their extensions work out of the box, without requiring any tweaking. The support is also great and their prices are reasonable. Real Value for Money.
Reviews: 5
I was frustrated with my other extension and tried quick2cart for new possibility.

After several minutes looking for the configurations i gave up. There is no predefine menus and settings for multi seller is disabled by default.

Be careful this extesnion is missing many feature for shopping cart. read the feature carefully and ask support for information.
Owner's reply

Hi @Tiago .. Quick2Cart was built to be simple & flexible.. Also detailed docs are available on our site to show you how you can switch on & switch off various things..

Since Q2C is pretty flexible & we have users using it in Single vendor mode as well, we have to have Multivendor off by default.

I suggest you check out the latest versions, we have since added tons of new features without compromising on the simplicity

Reviews: 1
I own a couple of extensions from techjoomla and I absolutely loved them. When I learned about
Quick2Cart 2.0 was comming out I discovered that it was supporting multi-store. I was super excited!
with no doubt I knew this extension would fulfill my needs. In fact when version 2. went into production state I ordered/purchased a subscription. Even though
I loved the features; there were a couple of minor issues..which required fixes.

I created a ticket for the issues and their support is absolutely excellent. They promised a fix within the next 3 days of the ticket creation...solution was delivered as promised.
Another plus about techjomla, they listen. With common sense when you tell them there is something that you think should be there as part of the features...they take your opinion and
provides a better solution.

No lie. For some of you who may already own version 2.0x you may already noticed there is no search function included. I suggested that a search funciton is an essential feature of any shopping cart
they agreed. Techjoomla replied back and in the email describes a plugin being developed to implement the search.

I just hope that the search implementation will display results with product images.
Please Techjoomla if you are reading this can you also please integrate social-shares for uploaded products, for easy marketing.

It is always a great pleasure doing busines with Techjoomla. I had a six months subscriptions and I just upgraded my subscriptions to 12 months
and I am planing to buy another subscription for one of the extensions that I really need.

yes Techjoomla is a company you can do business with.

Jhon Tk
Reviews: 17
First, I will advise all Joomla community users not to look further, if you are looking for the best core ecommerce solution for Joomla, do not look further.

Quick2Cart is the best ecommerce solution for both single and multi-vendor shopping cart needs, very nice and easy administration, support is awesome with instant reply through their ticket system, regular updates with new features, and much more important, it is the cheapest shopping cart available within Joomla community.

I am not only a user of Quick2Cart but many other extensions from Techjoomla, the Techjoomla team offers very nice extensions, they are very motivated and listen to developers needs.

To resume, Quick2Cart is just perfect and should full fill all required needs, we are even contributing to the development of Quick2Cart by adding some more features as per our own needs and will definitely continue to support the Techjoomla team as they deserve it and for me, they represent the real Joomla community spirit, which is, listen, develop, support and give entire satisfaction.