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EShop is a powerful & responsive Joomla Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension. It is built based on the standard Joomla! MVC structure with many great features, user friendly and easy to customize.

You simply install, add products, enable built-in modules, payment plugins, shipping plugins and you are ready to start accepting orders.

✔ Main catalog features:
★ Catalog Mode
★ Unlimited/multi-level Categories
★ Unlimited Manufacturers
★ Unlimited Products
★ Product Reviews and Rating
★ Related Products
★ Compare Products
★ Wishlist Products
★ Ask question about product
★ Call for price
★ Unlimited images per product
★ Full configurable image sizes of different pages
★ Configurable process images function: Resize, Cropsize or Maxsize
★ Popout/Zoom product images
★ Unlimited Products Options with separate SKU, additional price and image per option value
★ Unlimited Products Attributes
★ Additional tabs to display additional information for product
★ Unlimited Custom Labels for product
★ Import/Export to CSV files

✔ Shopping Cart features:
★ Mini Cart module with live update
★ One page checkout - simple and fast
★ Custom fields for Billing Address and Shipping Address
★ Coupons Support
★ Gift Voucher Support
★ Multiple Geo Zones, Zones
★ Multiple Tax Rates
★ Multiple Length and Weight classes
★ Orders, Viewed Products, Purchased Products Reports
★ Support Downloadable Products
★ Support PDF Invoice with editable layout
★ Multiple currencies and daily update exchanged rate
★ Multiple languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, Germany, French, Italian, Turkey, Russian, Finnish, Greek and Portugal/Brazil now), support association multiple languages
★ 20+ Payment Gateways:
★ 10+ Shipping Methods

✔ Design features:
★ Mobile responsive
★ HTML5 & CSS3
★ Full of custom layout and CSS
★ jQuery, Ajax and Bootstrap
★ Compatible with any Joomla templates
★ Multiple themes support

✔ Email features:
★ Notification emails for admin, customer, guest and manufacturer
★ All of content/layout of emails are editable

✔ SEO & Security features:
★ Full of Meta keywords/ Meta description for categories/products/manufacturers
★ Custom page title & page heading for categories/products/manufacturers
★ Intelligent SEF URLs
★ Social share products
★ Category/Product navigation
★ Microdata Rich Snippets
★ Support captcha/SSL

✔ Integration features:
★ Membership Pro integration
★ Joomla Users integration
★ Content plugin to display products everywhere
★ Content plugin to search products
★ The ability to display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
★ More add-ons for EShop can be found here:

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Reviews: 13
We have used various ecommerce sites such as opencart,zencart,prestashop and Joomla carts such as Mijoshop and virtuemart though none are as easy as Eshop to configure and use as well as the speed. Currently we only have 8,000 products which were easily imported using an EasyPopulate type extension from the same suppliers.
We tested Eshop extensively on a test site and then with the help of Giang moved it across to the live site. The Mylinda review below does in no way reflect the experience we have had and we can fully endorse this extension as reliable, fast and Extremely good value for the small amount of money that it costs and the support transcends any support we have had from any other paid extension.
Setting up the site and adding products and images did not require support as the instructions provided are excellent.
We only needed support to implement a SKU search into the main Joomla search rather than use the provided Ajax search module and additional support with copying sql across from the test server to the live site.
Thank you Giang the move was painless and your help greatly appreciated.
Reviews: 1
I am very impressed with eShop.
It's is easy to manage, and has all the things that I want from a shopping cart.
Very fast and excellent support.

Well worth the money!
Reviews: 1
Mine is a little long and leaved experience so be prepared.

I used EShop for an online merchant store. The client wanted a full-featured store so I directly went for commercial software. I started with EShop and it wasn't so bad at the beginning, in fact it was cool. Later, I had to met with the support guy (Giang) due to the continous issues. I spent more time trying to fix broken things (tricky checkout and registration, trashed templates and layouts, buggy payment plugins, redirections) than building the store. Unfortunately this purchase has left me wanting. It's difficult explaining to the client that I have little control over the store.

Giang tried hard to help, through forums, tickets and even live skype :) and I can surely say he was better than the software itself :) But at the end, I were spending more and more time for a software that it was advertised as 'it works' when I paid.

May be the second in the sort of poor list. It's nothing but a copy paste of the descriptions into the software. No how to's, no video tutorials, no guides etc.

Not so frequently but comes with great features. However, beware, they mostly break your store as they're not tested very well so don't forget the back-up.

At the end, if you're not going serious then EShop is a good piece of software, otherwise stay away.
Owner's reply

Hello "Mylinda",

First of all, I would like to tell with all of EShop's customers that he/she is an UNREAL/FAKE customer. I have never gotten any purchase, any support requests from him/her yet.

Also, the things that he/she said in the review are completely incorrect:

1. EShop has been stable release for one year. It has been used by thousands of website over the world, it has a clean one page checkout, responsive designs and rich of payment plugins. You can check our demo site to confirm that.

2. As I said above, he/she has never contacted me (through forum, tickets, skype). Seem he/she just tried to mention about that, mention my name for cheating visitors here.

3. EShop has online documentation here: It is very useful for many many our customers. If you open the EShop documentation, you can see what he/she said is illogical.

4. Update progress of EShop based on standard of Joomla. It only updates new source code and new features, it does not touch or change any data of current store.

Finally, I would like to say that sometime, EShop gets the fake reviews from unreal customers like this, seem they are trying to kill EShop. Please read what other real customer wrote about us.

Thank you all for reading and understanding my explanation.
Sincerely, Giang from OS Solution Team.

Reviews: 5
I am very impressed with eShop - it is feature rich straight out of the box and is very easy to use.

The support is also fantastic!

I highly recommend this component.
Reviews: 4
After struggling with another well-known and cranky store for years, I finally found EShop! It was like finally finding a pair of shoes that fit!
The developer has made a seamless and intuitive extension and I recommend it to anybody, no matter how large their store.
When I needed a slight customization, Giang made a little change in a file, sent it to me and that was that. He is also happy to remote in and make corrections himself if you are not as code savvy as I am.
The price is right, the product is excellent and the support is stellar. Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 2
I LOVE this shopping cart as well as the developers other solutions Membership Pro and Event Booking. Everything this developer creates is easy to use but really allows soooooo many options. The developer is easy to contact, very very very patient and he creates solutions that even slow minded guys like me can use.
Reviews: 1
I'll definitely recommend Eshop. Purchased for an eCommerce project.I like working with trusted developers, and I'm glad I found one. I rated this extension Excellent, because I'm 100% satisfied by the support received so far.
Reviews: 6
simply the BEST! Tried several other "Populars" and by far this one is the best on installing and configuring and talk about customer support...BEST!
Reviews: 6
I was very leary of purchasing ANOTHER e-commerce solution, as it seems there is a lot of set up and bugs to fix in the other major ones I've tried. ESHop is the ABSOLUTE best, most intuitive solution for Joomla! After working with different solutions for clients since early in Joomla 1.5, this is refreshing to use it, and the support is very fast and understandable. Giang with EShop has been very responsive to any questions I've had, and willing to help with setup, though it was easy enough to deploy that I really didn't need help. I use this extension for an online shop that requires fast, mobile usage. This is a truly responsive solution with no hangups or bugs. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 4
This is extension is my "Go to" eCommerce component for Joomla. It has a fantastic range of features and it quick and easy to install. With some of the other eCommerce components it can be difficult to understand how they work - not a problem with EShop.
When I have needed a bit of help, Giang and his team are fantastic and fast. Nothing seems to be a bother.
The success of modules, plugins and components seems not only to be based on how well the extension performs but how well it is supported and EShop is outstanding.
Reviews: 1
ESHOP is very easy to manage, and has does all the things that you could want from a shopping cart.
Also it has very fast and excellent support.
I really recommend ESHOP as the best and most complete Joomla shopping cart.
Reviews: 1
I purchaed this component a couple of weeks ago for a very demanding client and considering I messed the template up a couple of times and also had some extra requests, the Joomdonation team simply gave the best support I have ever experienced with purchasing and using Joomla addons..

Highly recomended! (the product is great too btw:-)
Reviews: 3
Got to be one of the best Shopping carts out there!

Since March 2014 I've purchased six (6) copies for my clients and all have been totally satisfied with the Component.

Also, Giang has taken client suggestions onboard for enhancements and implemented most into the program free of charge.

I've also had Giang do a paid customisation for a client and the code was delivered promptly and at a great price (and as per his original quote).

I couldn't rate this component more highly !
Reviews: 1
I'm so happy with eshop and the service provided with it!
I needed Australia post shipping to be customised and the developers at joomdonation exceeded my expectations.
For anyone that needs a shopping cart with Australia post shipping, this is the one.
Thanks so much Giang for all your help, much appreciated.
Hope to work with you in the future. ****** stars
Reviews: 2
The module itself is great. Does everything I need and was bug free.
I needed some extra customisation done to incorporate it into my existing template. The customer service team are amazing - polite, responsive, friendly, quick to turn work around and also cost effective.
Highly rate this module as an out of the box solution, but even more so if you want to also work with the developer to customise it to your needs.
Reviews: 3
If you run a Joomla site and seek an e-commerce extension, do NOT look anywhere else....

This is a well coded, coherent extension which looks smart, acts responsively and works really well.

I needed a closer tie up between membership pro and the Eshop. After a quick email to the guys, it's done within 24 hours. I can't ask for more than that!

If you have used Open Cart, you will feel right at home. It's not open cart but it's along those lines and close to it.

It doesn't have VQMOD facility and the ability to add extensions in the same way, but to me, this just keeps it more secure and 'most applications' it works a treat.

For the price and the service I get from Joom Donation, it's a big thumbs up from me and I definitely recommend them.

FORGET ACESHOP, it's useless.... Move yourself over to EShop and enjoy a solid e-commerce shopping environment.

ps> NO, i don't work for Joom Donation. I am just passionate about promoting companies who sell great software at a reasonable price and offer good support.

Well done Joom Donation!
Reviews: 1
Eshop is an excellent component. Very simple admin and front-end interface and you are ready to start working with it as you installed it. It's the most easy and complete ecommerce I've ever seen.

The support provided by Giang was excellent. He very quickly helped me get all problems sorted out. His development team is exceptional and helped me alot even on odd time.
Reviews: 4
Wasted about 2 weeks testing various other shop components, both free and paid. I am so glad I finally tried EShop, its amazing!

My main problem with the other ones, was image uploading and the lack of automatic resizing etc. I need my site to be simple for the staff to use, without having to mess around cropping images before uploading products each day. EShop comes with a range of automatic image cropping and resizing features, which work very well!

Other than that, the component seems to have every other option possible, more than all the other systems put together! Very well built.

Support is top notch, sent off a ticket regarding an issue and it was fixed within 2 hours! Amazing!

Definitely worth trying this software for your website!
Reviews: 1
I truly cannot speak highly enough of this extension and the customer support that comes along with it.

As a Joomla novice, Giang and his team went above and beyond to help me understand and utilize this wonderful extension on my site.

I really can't thank him enough and put my whole support behind anyone who is thinking about purchasing this extension, it is worth every penny and more.
Reviews: 1
i studied this extention for a month before decide to use it for my web sites. and after 7 web sites done with it i can say i did the right choise. first of all for professional features and tools, for great and easy usability about backend and frontend and for great support. support is not just a very fast way to solve every issue; when requests are useful for the growth of the extention, team ask details and develop features. my vote is 5 stars because i can't choose 6 :)
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