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EShop is a powerful Joomla Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension. It is built based on the standard Joomla! MVC structure with many great features, user friendly and easy to customize. Following are the key features:
★ Mobile responsive.
★ jQuery, Ajax and Bootstrap.
★ Multiple themes support:
★ Catalog Mode support.
★ 20+ Payment Gateways: Offline, Paypal,, Eway, Paypal Pro, DPS Px Pay, 2Checkout, SecurePay, Payflow Pro, SagePay, Nab Transact, WordPay, Payfast, FirstData E4, iDeal Mollie, SISOW:
★ 10+ Shipping Methods: Flat Shipping, Price Shipping, Item Shipping, Free Shipping, Weight Shipping, Australia Post Shipping UPS Shipping and USPS Shipping.
★ One page checkout - simple and fast.
★ Multiple currencies and daily update exchanged rate.
★ Multiple languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, Germany, French, Italian, Turkey, Russian, Finnish, Greek and Portugal/Brazil now), support association multiple languages.
★ Unlimited Categories.
★ Unlimited Manufacturers.
★ Unlimited Products.
★ Product Reviews and Rating.
★ Related Products.
★ Compare Products.
★ Wishlist Products.
★ Unlimited images per products.
★ Multiple sizes for images with automatically resize/crop feature.
★ Products Options (types Select, Radio and Checkbox) with additional price.
★ Products Attributes.
★ Additional tabs to display additional information for product.
★ Coupons Support.
★ Gift Voucher Support.
★ Multiple Length and Weight classes
★ Multiple Tax Rates
★ Orders, Viewed Products, Purchased Products Reports.
★ Download Invoice support.
★ Export to CSV files.
★ Social share products.
★ Intelligent SEF URLs.
★ Category/Product navigation.
★ More add-ons for EShop can be found here:
★ Version 1.2.7:
+ Add Offline Credit Card payment plugin as built-in payment plugin.
+ Add payment fee for all payment methods.
+ Add Australia Post Pro shipping plugin as built-in shipping plugin. So this version support international shipping (by Sea or Air) out of Australia.
+ Add Portugal/Brazil language package.

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Reviews: 2
I purchased EShop for its simplicity and price. While you get a great extension for that price, the best part is the customer service. Giang and his team were amazingly fast to respond and help with my styling issues. I believe EShop has just become my go-to shopping cart.
Reviews: 1
We are just a small start up company but we are trying to do everything the RIGHT way. We chose E-Shop because it was very simple and easy to use and integrated with many of the payment gateways we wished to use. About a week before we were meant to launch our company and website, my husband who is also my website developer went away on business. It was then that I realised that my E-shop was not working correctly in Internet explorer. I took a chance and sent a mail the support site and I was not only blown away by the quick response time but by the calm and efficient way that my query was dealt with. Dinh Truong Giang quickly connected with me on Skype to make the conversation easier, connected to my website and within 30 minutes my store was working better than ever on both chrome and Internet explorer! Thanks to this efficient service my website can now go live as planned and I am very grateful for the great product and the excellent service. I plan on sending in another review once we have actually been using the Eshop for a little bit of time in a live environment. Thanks again!
Reviews: 11
Thank you for such a great extension. I used to use Zen Cart for all of my eCommerce projects but it lack the CMS aspect needed for some sites. This Joomla extension is so much easier to use than others I have tried and more importantly it actually works!

I did have a small javascript issue with the shopping cart module but the developer fixed this for me with 12 hours of requesting their help.

Great extension and great support. Fantastic!

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
E-shop looked like a good product for my customer and it had a very nice price. There was some small learning-issues but were quickly resolved. And it works very good in responsive templates.

But the best part is not the E-shop component itself. It is the excellent one-on-one live service and support from the main developer of EShop: Giang.
He provide 5 star fast service and is helpful finding good solutions to my customers problems.

No matter if it is CSS, payment- or shipping-plugins - he'll fix them. Giang tweaks the E-shop component to fit your needs - and at a low cost too.

I'll appreciate the good service and recommend the E-shop component to anyone considering a fully functioning webshop.
Reviews: 1
I am highly satisfied with the service and support of Eshop. It is very easy to use and very user friendly. I highly recommending this extension to those who just started their online website.
Reviews: 1
A super shop. Has all the functions that are important and much more. I can make this shop recommend anyone who wants to have a professional shop.

The service is great, I had a ticket created with respect to a design question and within minutes the staff had done for me. Toll.
Reviews: 1
I have tested several shops and shop extensions - this one is state of the art for my needs! Every actual needs in our German market situation (as far as I know) is offered - and in case there is something missing, I am supported in very short time. Even some custom needs are being made! I had it done even on the fly! Many thanks for this outstanding support (and I know what I'm talking about).
So here's the Shop solution, every dollar worth it!
Reviews: 1
Great component for setting up shop. Support a splendid one - more than a week helped me to understand the components very quickly.
Reviews: 2
Well, I've used a much more complex eCommerce solution a few times (not VM) and evaluated some others but I must say that this extension is seriously good, and comes out on top for design and ease of use in my books. It's really well laid out, covers all of the requirements I have and is very good value.
I can't praise it highly enough.
Throw in the excellent and timely support from the developer and it comes up looking a real winner.
Reviews: 3
I do not often write reviews but to say I am impressed with this extension is not enough! I had tried to work with 4 shopping carts previously and none of them managed to do what I needed.
I stumbled across Eshop and it looked like a possible solution. I took the decision to buy this extension and I have to say it has been my best buy on Joomla.
The back end interface is exceptional and easy to use. Due to my template I needed some help and the team could not have been more helpful!!
If you are looking for a shopping cart, now is the time to stop looking!! You will not find a better extension and you will not find better support!! Thank you so much!!!
Reviews: 1
Our non-profit organization was in urgent need to establish eCommerce presence without overblown solutions that will require resources and upgrades. Our search for the right component was finalized when we tested out eShop's functionality. We discovered straight-forward process flow and component configuration. We needed a solution that is supported by its developers. And eShop stands out in our opinion with its willingness to help its customers. When we need modification - support is always there. Prompt.

Highly recommend for those starting their eCommerce presence. One of the best investments we have made.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for an alternative for Virtuemart because it's to complex for most of the webshops that I'm setting up. EShop is a vergy good alternative if you need a simple webshop.

You can make your own template so the layout is fully customizable without making core changes. The payment and shipping plugins are also sufficient for my needs.

I had some problems with the Paypal plugin, because it wasn't working correct with the decimals in my currenct setup (Dutch). They helped me very quick solving this problem and everything's working fine now.
Reviews: 8
Component is awesome! For small and medium-sized stores it fits just right. Very reasonable price, very fast support! Weight languages. Appearing recently, store functionality and capabilities already walked so many centenarians market. We wish the manufacturer does not stop success, and go as fast forward! Super!
Reviews: 14
I've spent the last three weeks testing all the popular e-commerce extensions in JED, trying to figure out which one is more suitable.

Eshop has grown fast and impressively, considering it's one of the newest e-commerce joomla extensions, therefore i decided to give it a try.

However, after testing this extension i realised that it still needs some important additions and improvements.
I believe this cart has a strong potential to reach the top, but at the moment is still immature. Here are the Pros and Cons i found:

1. Eshop provided a smooth installation experience and integrated well in my bootstrap framework template.
2. Front-end has a clean, good looking interface, and both built-in viewing functions (Zoom image and list-grid view) are very useful.
3. Understandable and easy to manage back-end especially for new administrators who want to avoid complicated settings and overrides.
4. SEO friendly, althought i still didn't check it with the online seo tools but it has all the functions including metadata and integrated social web solution.
5. Has a very understandable and flexible taxation system, able to apply even multiple taxes to a product and even divide it to several customer types (groups)
6. All the basic functions are included in the main extension package (coupons, vouchers, wishlist, comparison, reviews, currencies etc) for which in many other similar extensions you have to pay. Moreover, with other extensions you might have to install several additional plugins, and i guess some people (like me) hate to fill up their back-end with hundrends of plugins..
7. The affordable price of the extension package.

1. Creation custom fields is not possible
2. Product copy function doesn't exist in order to help creation of similar products easily. So when you have a range of products with similar options and attributes, you have to create them over and over again, all manualy. Same about the attributes and options, no copy function.
3. Options and different product's attributes are not syncronized with the stock. Having one product with different varieties cannot be posted as a single record since there is currently no possibility to display it's availability for each variety through the shopping process, but only during checkout. This is the main reason i will probably not use Eshop although i purchased it, since i have alot of products varieties but each one with different stock availability.
4. Documentation is ok but could be more detailed since it only provides basic explanations. I didn't use the support tickets, so i cant really speak about developer's support, but i posted a few forum topics and i have to say it's not very helpful. Developer is polite and willing to help, but sometimes his reply is more or less simply "that's they way it is". However i think that's fair enough since the extension already offers many features for its price.
5. Some back-end features are tiring to input, such as the "similar products" for which you have to select them one by one from a drop down list, or the "options / attributes" which you have to manualy type in text fields each time you create a new product. No feature for product's attributes to be automatically applied to a selected category or group of products.
6. There is currently no solution for applying batch discounts or price increases according to the products categories or customer groups. There is a customer's groups creation feature which simplifies things, but still you have to manualy input everything one by one to all products.
7. Suppliers and Product categories in Eshop only exist for hosting the products and for menus structure, although they generally need to be associated with more options, taxes, discounts etc. If for example one of the shop's suppliers inceases his prices on a later time, there should be the possibility to automatically apply this % to all the related products associated with this supplier.
8. It provides a basic ability to display different prices according to the quantity of products purchased (e.g $5 for ordering one piece and $4 for ordering at least 5 pieces), but this function doesn't work when the displayed product has different priced options to choose from, because it is not dynamically updated according to the option selection.

In general, this extension didn't meet my expectations.
Owner's reply

Dear Trantelo,

First of all, thank you so much for giving the CAREFUL reviews for our EShop extension. We are almost agree with what you said. However, we need to make something to be more cleared, first for you, then for all of other customers of EShop.

The things that you listed are just a small part of EShop's power. If you spend more time to use it on some of your site, you will see.

Almost the things that you said here are correct. Actually, some of them are added in the latest version of EShop, other things are in TO-DO list and we have been working to add them to next version of EShop. Following are details:

1. EShop don't use Custom Fields term, we use Options and Attributes. So you can add un-limitd Options/Attributes for products.

2. COPY function is ready since version 1.2.5. All elements in EShop (categories, products, manufacturers, options, attributes, coupon, voucher, tax, tax class, geozone, zone, etc) can be copied now.

3. Each option value has their own quantity and price. I think you didn't test this feature carefully. We have managed stock (quantiy) for each option per product. They will be updated once order is placed. Please test again if you would like.

4. The documentation for EShop is rather clear and easy to understand. We also give the best supports via Forum, Ticket System, Email and direct chat. If you would like to contact me directly, please try and I will reply you immediately.

5. We are working to improve this now. So when editing a product, you will be able to choose what other products to have same Options, Attributes and other data. It will be ready very soon.

6. Same as item 5.

7 & 8. You didn't test the discount feature carefully. Please test again.

Also, EShop has EShop CSV Advanced extension to allow you import data from CSV file into EShop easily.


Reviews: 1
I bought this extension, and I found really easy. It has a very good design and you are ready to start working with it as you installed it. It's the most easy and complete ecoomerce I've ever seen. I had some problem and I worked with the developer. He fixed all my problems and added some stuff I need. Again. Best extension ever!
Reviews: 1
As an average Joomla user with the need for a shopping cart, I needed far more than a great shopping cart extension. I knew from past sites and former extensions I would run into some conflict somewhere and dreaded getting the response I have gotten so often.."its your__(fill in the blank) So I bought this extension and set it up....Looked great....easy to understand and handled all my needs...Then came them dreaded problem. A conflict with the template I was running. Yikes!
A quick Skype message and I instantly had a reply and even though it was a template problem and not theirs.....they had me up and running in no time
If you want a great shopping cart and support is important to you. This is the cart for you. The support alone makes it a best buy....Bob
Reviews: 1
Eshop Shopping Cart is good
I just bought an eShop Shopping Cart extension 4 days ago and today I'm back to buy another product of an eShop, eShop Theme Market.
I do not have the habit of reaction on the products purchased, but I have to speak out a fair word for eShop today. EShop Shopping Cart is a very good product and when I need help they respond very quickly, even if the problem is not related to the responsibilities of their products, but they are also willing to help me if they can.
I am currently a programmer for websites, but are starting to open a shop on the internet as an income left hand. I am also looking very carefully extensions before buying the product.

I really should introduce you old eShop Shopping Cart
Reviews: 1
I am not a regular joomla-User, but the new project let me learn some more details about the CMS. And the extension eShop made it very easy to setup a detailed shop-option to my new site.
Best Shop-Solution for joomla!
Best support and personal contact!
Reviews: 7
very good extension. top notch support. can pretty much do anything you need. it's smooth and pleasant to work with as well. i highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
What can I say other than this is such a great affordable product with excelent developer support. I have not received such a fast response and great support from a developer for so long that I forgot how good it is to feel like such a valued customer.
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