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Editor's Note
JoomShopping for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 is the most easy to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than 200.000 new Users in 3 years! On the Website you find also demo installation and links to shops which was created with JoomShopping.

It can be used for selling different products. There are also functions for selling musik files or videos. Products can shown with text, pictures and also audio or video files can be added to description. Other features: Customized PDF Bills. Modules for easy integration of payment providers and also import and export of datas are available.

The shop is special for those users who have also the target to get a good listing in Searchengines because JoomShopping was created from Webdesigner with many years of Searchengine Optimization.

The sourcecode is written in high quality for easy adding features and for stability and high security.

Supportforum you find on the website and there is also video installation manual for free of charge.

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Reviews: 2
I tryied this extension because I wanted to set up a joomla 3 e-shop and I had no alternative. I have to say that I am really impressed. This is my favorite e-commerse solution now. Most easy to set up, bug free and full of very usefull functions. A complete e-commerce sollution.
The only problem is that everything except the free package, is very expensive and you have to buy it separately for each website(licence codes). If it was cheaper to use, or if you had to buy it only once, I would definately never use anything else again. I would give 4 stars because of this, but they deserve the 5 stars because of their good work. Lets hope that you 'll do something about your prices guys! cheers!
Reviews: 7
I needed a shop system for Joomla 3 and chose Joomshopping component. It is very easy to install, configure and handle. It is possible to make your own themes for the whole shop and create different templates for every category and product. It is also possible to download a responive template. You can get a lot of free and paied extensions. If you need a simple shop without complex shipping and payment methods the free offert extensions are good enough.
The handling of the language of the core component is a little bit special. There is no ini file in the Joomla language folder. But you find the language in a special language folder inside the components folder and you can do your language overrides by copying this folder and modifying the language strings. There is no possibility to do this in the Backend. This is not the Joomla standard. On the other hand the ini files of the modules are in the Joomla language folder and can be overwritten.
Four stars, number five is coming as soon as the component has the Joomla standard language handling. But this will for sure take a lot of work to do.
Reviews: 3
Very good extension!
It countains all needed features and this for free!
It is really easy to work with this shop.
Reviews: 1
Great extension, easy to install, minor bugs, enough help in the forum, functional with all the basic needs of an e-shop.
Reviews: 1
It's easy to install, set up and works very fine. Very good extension for every one to try. Recommended
Reviews: 1

The extension features are great and is there an option of checking the orders status which we have purchased by logging in.
Reviews: 4
If you need a smaller shop, a first edition so to say for the beginning of your business you should definitely give this one a go. It is not complex and with a little work it runs great.
Reviews: 3
I've been trying out a few eCommerce components for my business and gave this a go.

It is okay and should do the job for most starter websites. I found it reasonably easy to set up a basic shop but not without a lot of time and messing around; the documentation was not always good, present or clear, sometimes was very very brief and sometimes in German. Answers to questions appeared very fast on the forum though so 10 / 10 for support.

There are a lot of paid-for add-ons with this component and you have to pay for key features - the cost could soon rack up. For example, if you want to calculate shipping by the cost of the order rather than weight, it'll cost you.

If you just want a basic shop, this may be for you. I wouldn't like to start setting up a complex shop with this component with lots of features though as the documenation would drive me crazy and I can see the cost going up quickly.
Reviews: 4
I tried this extension and it is nice and has a lot of features. Essentially it is a good beginner extension and compares well with Virtuemart. However, I was looking for a more robust set of features related to Shipping, product management that were missing.

Also, a lot of the plugins and modules which are included in other products even commercial ones are not included in the core product but one has to pay extra to buy them. By the time you buy some of the additional plugins and modules the price is far higher than some commercial extensions which have more functionality included.

Also, the forums are in German and the ones that are in English are not comprehensive. Also not good for the U.S market as it does not have the 3 most popular shipping methods used here - Fedex, USPS and UPS either free or paid.

All in all a good product for a beginner, but did not work for us.
Reviews: 1
Great component. Very easy to use. Thank so much developers team for this extension. Good luck in the future.
Reviews: 2
I have always had issues with shopping cart solutions. Either they are too complex to figure out, too buggy, or the back-end is too cumbersome to manage. So when searching for a new shopping cart, I decided to focus less on the bells and whistles, and more on ease of use, while still getting all the basic, important functionality that every eCommerce solution should have.

JoomShopping definitely meets all the criteria I mentioned above. Also very easy to install, and just works. So, if you have the same criteria as me, this solution will do just fine.
Reviews: 14
Having used several of the shopping carts available for Joomla (VirtueMart, RedShop and others), I am also using Joomshopping on several client sites.

It's an excellent component, working straight out of the box and is really easy to configure and run. Unlike some previous testimonials, and considering it's a free extension, I find that the the developers deliver adequate and knowledgeable support through the forums.

All-in-all it might well be the best cart solution for Joomla if cost (free), user-friendliness and sophistication are weighed together.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this and installed it. It is a really good extension. However, there is always room for improvement.
Currently, you have to use the joomshopping registration and not joomla's. It would be nice if the customers were able to use just one registration process for both. If you use the joomshopping registration, you can not use the captcha plugin. This leaves you valnerable to a lot of fake registrations.
Reviews: 2
I have used another cart component like ,,,,,,,,before getting this cart, and I found this cart. free,,very easy to install ,, easy to configurate,,,and easy to use even on site with too much product ( over 1000 product),,,
and with lots of extension and addon which really extend the use of this componet just as you desire ,,,support is also good for the problem related to component via forum ,,,,,
you need to send you problem via forum ,and you will receive answer from admin or some one else,,, your problem will be solved with just a litte patient,,,finally i want to thanks to developer for this nice and free component .
Reviews: 1
The control panel should be programmd against session timeout, as article form does. I was entering a product with a long description. After I finished entering it, I pressed the save button, and... page was redirected to login page and ALL my work was lost !!!! this is very important to be solved.
Owner's reply

Global Configuration
Set Session Lifetime

Reviews: 8
I've been using another shop extension in the past, more complex, but this time I needed something simpler, lighter, and that supports downloadable products out of the box. I've tried 4 different shop systems for Joomla and only the 4th fits those criterias - that's JoomShopping.
I've also received valuable help on their forum, especially today as I wanted to make a small modification to the payment process, and I got the solution within a few hours.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback.

Reviews: 5
Installed, tried and IT WORKS! Perfect for beginners - I'm so happy and was really surprised, after 1 hour my shop is running :-) I'm impressed!
Owner's reply

Thanks . as you see .. there are beginners with some skills like you and others like you see in a few other commentars ..

The issue is that we can not take care about all their server settings and some other issuse which are not in our hands ...

So we are haopy that there are a lot of uses out there which like to use our shop to sell their products

Reviews: 4
Thanks for your great extensions. What I like the most are the following features.

1. Add to wishlist
2. Add to compare
3. Niche Search & Filter
4. All Standard Modules for Shopping Cart System
5. Separation of buy, add to cart, details, and add to cart.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback

and a good sales for your products !

Reviews: 3
I have been using JoomShopping for around 12 months, to start with I didnt know how to use it but soon got used to it. Extremely simple to use and such a great front and back end interface. Easy to add products and PayPal integration is seamless and easy to set up.

Support has always been there, forum is quiet but 'webdesigner' (the creator of the component) has always replied and helped out as much as possible. I have used VirtueMart and Simplecaddy and neither of these come anywhere near close to JoomShopping. So many customizable options and all of the PHP can be altered etc. Joins in with templates fantastically.

Lets remember - this module, designed to earn FREE! Credit to the developers.
Reviews: 6
I could not configure this product for use in the USA. Per inquiries in the forum this product applies a sales tax to all orders and cannot be configured to apply tax for orders to delivery only in the state the store is located.

This basically means this cart cannot be use in the USA until it is updated with the ability to assign a state-level sales tax rate and apply to only sales to residents of that state.

This is sad because I liked all of the features and ease of use.

It is also hard for non-German speaking users to find help in their forum because most of the content is in German.
Owner's reply

As we understand this is possible. You just not configured correct

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