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Custom Text Button Plugin

This is a simple plugin which adds an additional button to the editor page. Set any text in plugin parameters and it will be inserted to your articles when the button is pressed.

Can be used to add frequently used phrases or tags to your articles, i.e. custom module position.

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
I rate 4 because of it can only insert text in one line.
I modified it to accept multiline text:
Just open joomla->plugins->editors-xtd->customtext->customtext.xml

then change type="text" to type="textarea" cols="30" rows="4".
Reviews: 36
Why isn't this in Joomla Core! This plugin is awesome. Made a bit of complex code entry my client repeatedly needs make simple and error free.
Reviews: 1
this is very very simple and easy to use
thanks developer
Reviews: 6
I was not familiar with these types of simple plugin before visiting this site.Now i am going to use it from relief me doing again and again.
Reviews: 2
These types of simple plugins are really helpful for JOOMLA for making your work faster and relief from stress doing the same thing again and again.
Reviews: 101
I'm glad to see this extension working just fine on Joomla 3.1.1. Support was swift when I was questioning whether the extension was Joomla 3 compatible. It's also very light weight and inserts what you would expect.
Reviews: 5
I needed to copy a large custom code in order to embed special content in my k2 articles. This button is a life and time saver! thank you!!!
Reviews: 10
Very hard to find... But very very usefull, I needed it.