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ACE X Markdown Editor Plugin

Asikart Markdown Editor helps you writing text in well-known markdown syntax, and render to HTML in front-end article.

This editor integrate "ACE syntax highlight editor" and "MarkItUp tags insert editor", easily edit plain text. In the front-end, using "PHP Markdown Extra" to render markdown syntax, which provide extended features from origin markdown.

And the syntax highlighter plugin is "highlight.js", perfectly integrate with Markdown Extra.


I have been looking for a Joomla! Markdown Editor with syntax highlighter, text indent and word wrap for a long time, but there are no one is that what I want. So after few days hard working, I integrate ACE with MarkItUp, I can easily edit plain-text document in Joomla!

It is a FREE extension, enjoy it.


- Support auto transform URL to link

- ACE & MarkItUp editor
- Once upload and install 2 plugins.
- 29 ACE themes.
- 16 hightlight.js themes.
- 4 MarkItUp themes.
- some buttons to inset markdown code.
- 2 button sets: HTML & Markdown
- Automatic convert insert link & image code from Joomla! core editor-xtd buttons as markdown code.
- You can just using Asikart Markdown as a HTML editor.
- Because Markdown can't set style on images & links, we add the "ARTICLE PRETTIFY" functions to auto set image alignment, max width, add img & table classes and force link open new window.

- Markdown:
- PHP Markdown Extra:
- highlight.js:
- MarkItUp:
- ACE:

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Reviews: 6
This editor is very good. I can easily edit a plain text. I will surely recommend this to anyone. A must have and the best this about this is that it is FREE!
Reviews: 5
Asikart Markdown Editor helps me to edit plain-text document in Joomla i.e. title, status, language, etc. The advantageous of using Asikart Markdown Editor is that it is a FREE extension and it has more features.
Reviews: 2
This editor is exactly what I was looking for. It has everything I need. I like Markdown because it allows save HTML input in form of text. that is why Markdown is used on sites like GitHub, Stackoverflow, and other internet monsters.

I strongly recommend this editor.

Although there are some desired features like disable H1 and H2 or image upload, this editor do not reserve less than 5 stars.