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RedactorJS Editor Plugin

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RedActor is a free Joomla WYSIWYG editor that gives you the power to compose and manage contents in Joomla 2.5 and 3.0.

Powered by jQuery, RedActor also supports responsive websites for users to manage content on smartphones and tablets.

You can use RedActor in Joomla articles, K2 articles, and blogging extensions like EasyBlog. With it's beautiful yet simple interface,
anyone can easily get used to the flow of creating content with its WYSIWYG method. Copy and paste directly from MS Word into RedActor is also possible without those crazy codes. RedactorJS is also known for it's blazing fast load time.

RedActor plugin is created by the same team StackIdeas that brought you EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento.

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Reviews: 4
This is very good RedactorJS Editor. RedActor also supports responsive websites for users to manage content on smart phones and tablets. You can use this editor on joomla, it is very simple to use just copy the article and paste it on MS Word file.
Reviews: 5
This is a great editor, only missing are fonts, size of font selection.

But still 5 star, hope we will see this missing part in the future.
Reviews: 101
I've used the RedActor editor elsewhere so I know how it operates. StackIdeas has done a fine job integrating this nice editor into Joomla. Now I will say that it isn't the best editor out there, but it's pretty good and certainly goes the basics needs of a editor. This is no fault of stackideas. The editor lacks little additions like advanced set ups on tables (cell padding, class, padding, ect). Also the editor bar does not float the top when you scroll down which makes it harder to make text bold when your half way down the article (considering that you have to scroll all the way back up). However this extension still wins 5 stars for putting off a great start. Keep up the good work.

Cheers Josh Lewis