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Search / Replace utility Plugin

This a Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1 native system plugin allow to search and replace any content present in a page.

You can use basic search/replace and also regular expresion Search/Replace.

The Search/Replace statement can also processed from an external file on the disk and not only from parameters in the plugin settings. This feature can be usefull when combined with Jms Multi Sites extension to have specific Search/Replace pattern depending on a website.

As this is a system plugin, you can Search and Replace whatever including information in the html header and not only in the content of an article.

This can be used for example to replace some keywords that could be placed in "shared articles" and that will be replaced by their specific values in a given website using this Search/Replace plugin.

You can also apply the Search/Replace on the URL content and modify the parameters received by Joomla.

You can for example use a basic Search/Replace like:

[COMPANY] = This is my company

[DEALER_NAME] = This is the dealer name

But also use Regular expression Search/Replace when starting the "Search" pattern with a tild (~) like hereafter

~#\[COMPANY\]#i = This is my company

The list of Search/Replace can also be provided from external files.
You can provide 2 external files with the Search/Replace patterns.
For example you could use :

* file #1 = {root}/tmp/searchreplace.php

* file #2 = {root}/tmp/searchreplace{site_id}.php

As you can see, some keywords can be used in the file names.

* {root} = the document root directory if the website
* {site_id} = the Multisites slave site ID.

In this sample, we have use a PHP file extension to allow protect the content of this file.
Here it is a sample of file content

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Reviews: 13
I needed to change the link url structure in several pages, so I pasted in the old and new html of just one link to test whether it would work. On hitting "save" the few words I had typed multiplied to fill the text field, stripping out some of the html e.g. href. Worse than that, every single link in my site then redirected to that page, including all my backend admin pages!! Horror of horrors. Palpitations. I couldn't even get into the extension manager to disable it, as even that redirected me to same (front end) page! I went in through FTP and deleted the plugin and thank goodness normality was restored. I am still shaking a little.
Owner's reply

Thank you for having reported the issue.
This is an issue that occurs in Joomla 2.5 or higher.

By default, joomla 2.5 or higher remove the html tags present in a text area.

We changed the configuration in the version 1.10 to avoid that in the future and allow "raw" text area that consist in the ignore of the default joomla 2.5+ html tag filtering.

So now, you are allowed to enter html tags in the text area instead of using the file #1 or file #2 to enter the Search/Replace definition.

For your info, you have the possiblity to report the issue in our forum.

Reviews: 1
doesn't support HTML. Tried to replace every WORD* with soemthing leike WORD

don't work
Reviews: 1
I just found this extension... Something was missing for me so I contact support. Answer was so fast ... In next hours was new version uploaded which does all I wanted.
Very recommended.

Thanks for developing such a nice plugin.
Reviews: 24
This is a GREAT plugin and works 110%!!

Reviews: 3
good alternative to "Rereplacer", but i can't replace strings with HTML
Reviews: 7
Thank you so much for this useful extension! I needed to add a Trademark symbol everywhere a product name appeared on a client site. This made the process fast & easy - exactly what I needed. Keep up the good work!