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FreiChat Module

FreiChat is a FREE web-based chat program for your website similar to the one provided by Facebook and Google Chat.
FreiChat automatically integrates with your site's login, friends list, avatars, links as well as status updates.

But FreiChat has much more, with its unique UX and features, your visitors will be encouraged to socialize and interact, which will make them stay on your website for a long time and will also help bring in new visitors.
You too can Interact with your visitors to drive up sales or give them quick tips.

Easy installation
Avatar support
send/receive files
save/send conversation
facebook like chatbar
Minimize and close chat boxes
Able to chat even while you browse different pages.
Option for username or nickname
smiley support(BBcode similar to kunena)
url to clickable url support
support for wordwrap

Also Integrates with JomSocial,CB,CBE or Custom.

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Reviews: 1
This chat is not for people looking for a plug and play type of extensions. First, the installation of the extension is awkward to say the least and if you visit the developer's website you will a long list of people seeking help with installation. You cannot install this extension using the normal joomla installation process because this extension is a standalone application, which in turn means you need to hack joomla in order to even change the position of the module.

The developer is responsive but he seems overreached since so many people are asking for help. In my experience, communication was very slow. How slow? Well, in my case I purchased the extension in early July and needed help to embed the application in a page since it is not a typical extension you can position wherever you want but a month later still nothing.

The extension itself is not quite functional right out of the box. It is very unstable and can go blank or totally disappear! Unless, you are a very good programmer yourself, stay away from this chat. Out of the box, it cannot even differentiate between users and guests!

I see a lot of good reviews for the chat but if you go to the developer's website and check the freichat support section, you will see everything I say here is true.
Owner's reply

First of all, I am sorry that you had a bad experience with Freichat.

Yes you are right, the support section has around 900 topics, but these were posted over a period of '4+ years' which means the support requests are very very low considering the fact that it is used in over 10,000+ websites.

I will disagree about your thoughts regarding its functionality. It is very stable and secure(used in government portals as well) and yes it does differentiate between guests, users and also 'friends':-)

Yes I agree the installation is a little awkward, but it was built that way for a very good reason. you don't want the entire Joomla framework to load just to send a 'hi' message which happens with other plug and play extensions. you want your messages to reach in a split second. Think about 1000+ users chatting on your website at the same time, your server will be overloaded. Freichat being standalone can withstand such loads and you can easily offload Freichat to a different database or web-server which is not possible with plug and play extensions. Freichat is built to scale!

Now think you have a website built with Joomla, forum built with PHPBB and also some CRM system, all three integrated together. Freichat is able to work in all three as if it were one website and that's why Freichat(being standalone) is so powerful.

I understand the installation is a bit different, for that we have excellent documentation & support.
I am sorry again, it shouldn't have taken so long to resolve your issue as installation issues are fixed within a day.
It is an exceptional case and we will get it resolved as soon as possible.

Reviews: 1
Generally, I don't give no reviews, but I went out my way to register just so I can give a review and give my thoughts and opinions about this extension. First, I would like to say that I've been using this extension for a little over three years now. This is an excellent chat program, it was back then (prior to it being listed on the Joomla! extension directory) and it is to this day. The support is EXCEPTIONAL, especially for a free program. They respond quickly and are willing to do what they can to help. The extension is easy to install and runs very smoothly! The settings are plentiful. I really like this extension, but even more important, I like the team behind it. I would recommend this to anyone! FIVE STARS all the way! Great extension, great team and all and all a great company!
Reviews: 6
So easy to install and with such a good back end for setting up, could not be any easier, easily recommended, after trying many different chat programs this one does what it says on the tin!!
Reviews: 1
this extension really awusome.
first i instaled this im fall in love with this extension, i recomend it for all who want chat
Reviews: 10
This extension offers more than you would expect from a commercial one. The configuration is simple and straight-forward. Very recommendable!
Reviews: 6
By far the best free chat extension for Joomla. The support is excellent through their forum. My questions were asked almost immediately.
Reviews: 3
This is my third website and I will ask them to install it with no problems ! Thanks for the new version for mobile ! Just on time when I nedded it !

Great component Excellent Support I would give 10 stars :)

Bravo et merci !
Reviews: 9
This module is the best I have ever experienced. You may find a better module, but for that you have to pay. In the world of FREE EXTENSIONS for JOOMLA, you willnever find a better module than this, not according to the functionality but the EXCELLENT SUPPORT. I could not imagine that the support for a FREE EXTENSION can BE THIS GOOD. The makers give the support personally, not only in their support forum, but through emails. And they try to the ultimate to solve the problem. I can only explain my satisfaction by these words that I am SATISFIED TO THE POWER INFINITY regarding the module and the SUPPORT of the makers. Excellent work guys and please accept my heartfelt thanks and my ULTIMATE GRATITUDE.
Reviews: 1
I had thought that I would have to become a superb programmer to be do chatting on my site, but this module just work perfectly for me. I feel like a guru... Thank you v.much. Would definitely donate to this someday.
Reviews: 7
I managed to get this set up straight away with no issues. It works as expected cross-browser and it's integrated into my current project really smoothly. For a free extension, this has really impressed me.

The custom theme editor in the back end only seems to work properly in Chrome, but this doesn't detract from the core functionality, which is why I'm still rating this extension as 'Excellent'.
Reviews: 1
The plugin works very well when installed with joomla 1.5, however, when installing with 1.6 it is connecting to other server and downloading data from that server. That is it will not work offline.
Reviews: 4
Where have you been all my life?

I have been looking all over for a decent chat applet that actually works the way that it should.

This chat is amazing and improves with each new version, and the support is great.

I installed it with no problems what so ever and it integrates perfectly with my Joomla based website.

I do have one grip however, the description in the extension directory should be changed to reflect the latest version 6.3.2 because I want everyone to see how good this chat is.

I bet you thought I was going to say something negative about Freichat but I cant find a single thing wrong with it and that's the truth.
Reviews: 7
Good documentation. Install was flawless with Joomla!1.5.25; Community Builder 1.7.1. Default features work. Love the ability to send copy of transcript. The install setting menu is great. Hope VoIP and Video will come soon.
Reviews: 3
Installing very easy , using very easy :) What else ?

Joomla 1.7
Reviews: 1
I was using FreichatX (with Joomla/CB 1.7) and it was working pretty well until I upgraded to 1.6.1

Things then stopped working properly and as I dug deeper I noticed quite a number of inconsistencies.

I then removed it in favour of FB chat. After removing this, my website persormance increased a significant amount, telling me that this is probably not the most elegant code out there.
Owner's reply

I guess you had a bad experience with FreiChatX.
You can always turn to our forums and I personally make sure that none of the questions are left unanswered.

FreiChatX is surely faster and least resource intensive(we have been tweaking it for performance for almost a year now).

The response time is 11ms in my localserver without APC. I don't think any other chat made of joomla is this fast.

The initial load is slow because of the amount of javascript code(its around 100kb of js but the upcomming version will be almost half of that).

The amount to which FreiChatX can be tweaked is limitless, You can use single chat for multiple sites.for example for bridging joomla and PHPBB.

You can also use it with technologies other than PHP such as asp.NET or java. or you may use it to connect to your custom desktop or android or iphone app.The best part is that you can use this chat on any site ,be it joomla, phpbb, drupal or your very own custom site.
Its a all in one solution.

Reviews: 1
This extension is really great and the support is AWESOME. You hardly have time to get any coffee or the guys at Evnix are already answering your call.
I first installed the 3.5 version for CB as I thought that when you have CB you need to download the CB specific package. This version did not work because of my template specific issues. I was adviced to install FreiChatX and they gave me on the fly support during installation. It integrates smoothly with CB. When you have friends assigned and they are only, just start the chat! :-)
Reviews: 1
I recently rolled out this extention on two of my most popular websites that useually get anywhere from 2000-4500 views in a given day, and the response was AMAZING! When I had a silly error the support was within 30 minutes and they did everything for me while we were chatting on this amazing extension. The installation process is a bit different from traditional plugins, but that doesn't have to do with the amazing extension. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that really needs a chatting service for their users.
Reviews: 1
I used this version and the latest freichatX version.
Both are just excellent!!!

However, i have some small questions but the register part of isnt working.

But don let that hold u from using this perfect extension!
Reviews: 3
This is just PERFECT! The best chat system I've ever could imagine. Installation - 2 files - 2 clicks. Support - just excellent ! I needed help in styling with CSS - I've got an IMMEDIATE support, and 2 or 3 possible solutions. The author even came to my site a few times to test everything. He spent some time to talk to me using this very chat. Every question on his forum got his professional answer.
This chat a MUST HAVE for CB or JomSocial !!!
Module shows who of your friends is on your site, just click the name and start talking. Smiles included. Visual effects are nicer than in Facebook or other systems.
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this absolutely FREE program.
Oh... And guys keep working on it improving it every day !
Thank you so much for FreiChat !!!
Reviews: 1
This mod is fantastic. Simple, yet incredibly effective and does exactly what it says on the tin (to borrow a phrase)

Ok, so one build version stops messages from posting if they contain apostrophes and the latest misses out the first letter of usernames if you use the dreaded combo of Win 7 and IE8 - it doesn't actually matter because this mod is so sweet.

It runs like a dream and the config options in the back end on the latest version are neither too many nor too few but just right. It installs really simply and easily also.

Support via the forums is fairly good and certainly prompt, the author clearly knows his stuff and cares deeply about what he does.

Frankly, I'm surprised this mod is non-commercial.
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