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JomWALL-CB community version!
A brand new way to communicate and share everything with people at work, social - personal. Where the status of important conversations, projects and ideas are automatically pushed to you.

With Jomwall it’s easy to Collaborate together and know everything that's happening in your company, community. Updates on people, documents and everything that is been shared it come straight to you in your real-time feeds.

* Real time posting (no need to refresh the page to see new posts)
* Attaching and writing on the attachments (all Ajax)
* Attached Video (youtube, vimeo, myspace, metacafee, howcast)
* Attached Links (will feed in the meta tag from the links)
* Attached Files (download attache file from coworkers)
* Joomla Wall
* Attached music (attached and play music file on the wall)
* Attached Everytrails maps
* Posting option for Friend only or Everyone ( if you are friend in cb community you will be friend in the wall
* Attached pictures
* Share link to share post on Facebook
* Display your friend on you profile wall
* Feed info from cb community to your profile wall
* Setting for realname or user name
* Css Style
* improve pm system
* Search Users box
* Lightbox for viewing images
* Lightbox for viewing Videos
* Private Message "PM"
*"Like" and "Who like this" Function
* Ajax Technology
* You can change the number of messages you want be displayed in wall pages.
* CB plug in for latest comment image and videos
* Delete Post in the wall
* View All Comments link
* View Old Post link
* SEO Setting on or off
* New setting on or off in the component for automatics email when somebody post in the users wall
* Smooth transition when submitting attachments
* Able to post different kind of link to the posting box
* AWD Module for latest comments

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Reviews: 2
Installed it and thought here we go problems galore! Raised a ticket with support and they spent hours on my site sorting out the problems and got it sorted. Well done
Reviews: 1
I purchased the software compatible with CB, thinking only of the aesthetic / graphic that is certainly more attractive than that offered by CB. At first I had some problems mainly related to compatibility with my template. But in a few days, the team of Jomwall solved them all in an excellent showing competence, patience and speed.
Using the software, then, I appreciated its functionality iterfaccia always correct and easy to understand even the most novice user.
Now I'm waiting for the software undergoes some further implementation and I think we will buy a stand alone to completely replace CB.
Thanks Jomwall team!
Reviews: 8
Maybe as a stand alone product Jomwall might be cool but despite what is claimed it does NOT truly "integrate" into Community Builder.

All it does is give you a tab for your "Wall" and clicking on certain links breaks the user out of the CB tab system.

There is no way to integrate fields from CB into Jomwall and vice versa. Sorry, Jomwall but I don't want "Marital Status" as one of the visible items on my user's wall. I do want some of the fields I have added to CB but they cannot be "integrated".

If you're looking for a Wall for your CB platform save your money and keep looking. This is not is.
Owner's reply

Thanks for you review, by checking your other reviews you have done here in JED you dont like any of the great extension we developers have to offer???

JomWALL is great WALL System component and that is right it comes with cb plugin comment wall.

As for cb fields, we have added the options to get all cb field you create to be displayed on jomwall-cb and option to be hidden by the users. also option field that comes with jomwall can be hiding too.

JomWALL Team

Reviews: 2
Having had a network site for many years with multiple chat choices I had to decide on the way ahead for my site so I went for jomwall as the best advancing and developing software

Jomwall has Great support, excellent service, with a personal touch,

It does'nt just intergrate with community builder but with kenuna forums activity and a whole range of other community chat systems

Including eaayblog and content activities on site, having linked to other developers in its progress jomwall now can merge in and with many other activitiers on a site

Highly recommended
Reviews: 1
It´s a great component indeed. Very useful, easy to learn, beautiful layout, ecc. It´s really a great job.

Also the support service is very fast and professional.

Greetings from Brazil.
Reviews: 1
Small problems in scripts, but support is excellent. Very prompt and courteous. For solving problems quickly. Although I recommend
Reviews: 1
Hi All i have to say this is a real cool component...easy to install and you can modify it as you etc. The wall works great so for me is the best community comp for joomla.
The support team is great, fast, professional, kind and very patient also with me that sometimes I'm quite heavy with i suggest Jomwall for sure

Reviews: 5
...clicking on the CB Wall's buttons takes you away of the CB profile. That way it seems the users has two pages: one for CB, and another one for the wall.
The most user-friendly behavior should be to have the user's wall always inside the CB profile, and only the public wall to be outside.
Good support, good product, it just lacks of CB 100% compatibility and I can't use it :(
Reviews: 2
Like I say previous, This is very good joomla extension for social-community site.

I can't find better joomla extension than Jomwall for social community site who has goal to become flexible collaborate tool.

I use jomwall with CB and my expirience is exelent.
Of course, jomwall can be better than now but we have good support from jomwall team and we have hope in new upgrade (jomwall).
Reviews: 16
Okay, I was skeptical, and I've been burned on more than one extension that wasn't all it claimed to be. This one was well worth the price.

It works as advertised, it installs easily and quickly, and the documentation videos are sufficient for quick installation and set-up.

I haven't yet figured out how to style the software, but I will. Overall, that's a very small point. This is more than a Facebook-style wall, it's effectively real-time collaboration. Highly recommended. I look like a hero thanks to this extension.

It's a big "wow!"
Reviews: 3
I registered simply to write a review for this product.

While the product itself is great, the support is even better.

I had a problem with my wall not linking correctly (probably something to do with my site rather than the software) and they fixed it for me PRONTO.

Not only that, but they also fixed a template issue that was happening with the software, without me mentioning it.

Highly reccommend this product to everyone!

Thanks AWD!
Reviews: 1
It was really useful for me to share files. Using this component I and my pal use to share all the files related to our web knowledge. And we preferred joomla for developing a site, while searching for the files sharing component, we got around 20. Only JoomWall made me extremely satisfied out of other 20 top listed searches … hats off to JoomWall.
Reviews: 1
With this plug-in you can easily insert the Google Analytics tracking code into your Joomla! site.This application gives me possibilities like I have never seen in other extensions before! The developer is also very helpful and the support is nothing more than excellent!If you are building a community site, this is an essential!
Reviews: 1
Joomla is a complete CMS, but like many other systems, it's only complete if you add some extensions.
The Joomla extension offers a lot of additional functionality for your Joomla site.
Great customer support.

Reviews: 1
This extension is great. I've been looking for something like this for some time now and I finally found it. Thank you.

I would like to see two features that I think are pretty important and let me know if they are already available seeing as I have the pro Joomla! version and not the pro CB version. I think that being that this is a community component that it should have the option to only allow friends to post comments and vise versa you should also only be able to see friends comments. The other being when you visit someone's profile you should see their wall not your own. A module would also be outstanding to place the extension itself inside any module position.

Great Product. I do recommend it.

Owner's reply

Hi david Please take a look to our new does what you ask and much more!!

Reviews: 1
Excellent component.
Great customer support.
I look forward to checking out any future products they make available.
Also great addition to joomla extension
Reviews: 1
Excellent component for my website. Everybody communicates perfectly. Great customer support
Very very pleased. Keep on the good work!
I look forward to checking out any future products they make available.
Also great addition to joomla extension
Reviews: 1
the component works and support is great ...
Thanks AWD Team
Reviews: 3
I recommend 100% this component, is very easy, clean and effective in my community site. Also, the support is awsome! They help me in days that they dont work (Sunday for example)

Quality of Extension: A+++++
Support: A+++++

Im going to be your customer and fan of your extensions :)

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
The script does not work on my site because they said my template was a specialized template. I loaded other templates just to test it and it still did not work. Their customer service is wonderful. They tried to troubleshoot it but their conclusion was it did not work with my template. I used the templates from which works wonderfully with all of the other extensions from other vendors. Unfortunately, the actual script did not meet my needs. They said they are working on an upgrade but did not have a time when it would be available.
Owner's reply

We said that we are working in the solution for your issue... As you know, We change the template in your joomla setup and the wall work because there ware post in the wall.

We know that there is an issue with the gavick templates and is stated in the website... will find the issue soon.

Thanks for your comments

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