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CB AutoWelcome Extension Specific Addon

This CB Team Released Community Builder plugin sends each newly registered and approved member personalized welcome messages via CB supported PMS component and/or Email. It can also automatically create a connection request to or from a pre-specified key user. This little plugin is great for Community Building exercises allowing website admins to automatically great new members and send them personalized information needed to get them up to speed with the website. You can see this in action by registering on

Version 1.2 stable now available for Advanced and Professional Subscribers!

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Reviews: 10
Now Uddeim released version 2.0 and Community Builder v.1.2.2, but this plugin no updated.
Owner's reply


The AutoWelcome plugin works just fine with all uddeIM version.


Because the developers have been cooperating for a long-long time and have agreed upon an API.

So there is no reason to produce updates.

Sorry, this review - imo - is not a review.

Reviews: 1
I sometimes forget to tell the peeps who work so hard on this stuff, how good their products are. This plugin is efficient, when I had some settings issue, the developer went into my backend and fixed it and told me what I had set wrong. I really like this plugin because it saves me so much time. All new members are personally greeted by me the minute they log into the site for the first time and I can also direct them to important areas of the site by this automated greeting. So this is a good plugin and I have received great support as well from Nant.
Owner's reply

Nice to know free work is appreciated.

Reviews: 1
This is a great addon to CB. It saves me a lot of time explaining everything to new users and shows new users the pm function right away.
Reviews: 7
i've been using this wonderful plugin for long time, till i started with would be great for a community like mine to integrate with AEC this plugin's functionality..maybe someone knows how to do... thanks a lot!!
Owner's reply

Sorry, have no experience with AEC ... waiting for Beat's subscription plugin to be released (ETA: end of 2007)

Reviews: 2
This plugin came into very usefully key into my site. When members register on the site, it's nice to have this plugin welcome my users and make them feel like they belong.

This plugin makes my admins and myself job easier. We can now focus more onto the site and the news and not having to worry about welcoming all the new users.

Was very easy to install and works like a charm.

Owner's reply

Thank you for the nice review - yes the intent is to welcome and kick-start new site members in site functionality.

Reviews: 4
I am very happy to have this plugin running on my site; not only does it save me having to manually welcome every new user, but whenever we get a solid paid membership program going, it will definitely make all new members feel welcome! Easy install and works like a dream with UddeIM!
Owner's reply

Glad to see you are putting this to good use - hope you remember the plugin developers and Joomla team when you start making money (hint)

Reviews: 10
for my crowing community site it is my job to say hello to each new user entering the community, give him same starting informations and establish the first connection so that he can imagine this nice functionality.

I done this for hundreds of users. every day the same boring procedure (that i like because of growing business).

From now on, I have no longer to spend my time for this job!!!

You will love "CB AutoWelcome Plugin" for doing these boring but very important job for you. I swear :-)

It is also easy to install and to configure.

Nant, this was a great job.

Many thanks!!!

Sunny regards from Germany

Owner's reply

Glad you found this effort useful ... now if we can just find a way to force people to read what we send them during autowelcome instead of just rushing to spam forums and email boxes with questions that have been answered before ...

Reviews: 2
I've used this extension myself and I have to say it does exactly what it's meant to do "connect to new users".

It could automatically send a connection request to new users which is really handy when you have a "support" user (who answer questions new users might have) make a connection to new users and could also make your site/community feel welcoming.

It does so many things, I suggest you should try it yourself and be the "new user" by signing up with joomlapolis to see how this extension work!
Owner's reply

Yup, you can certainly give new users answers to frequently asked questions ... now getting people to actually read this before they jump to posting is the real challenge ...!!!

Reviews: 1
it's a great plugin and works very fine!!!