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CB Captcha Extension Specific Addon

This Community Builder plugin produces a captcha image and a security field along with verification logic. This security feature can be included (via plugin parameter settings) in one or more of the following CB processes: registration process, forgotten password process and email user process. A number of parameter settings are available to customize the captcha image. A must have plugin to protect against spambots!

Requirements: CB 1.4 or better; PHP 4/5 with GD and FreeType libraries

Note: This package along with 14 other CB Team released addons is offered as part of the Advanced and Professional membership subscription packages.

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Reviews: 1
I followed steps to install it and doesn't work. Nobody answered from the developers. It is a real problem trying to download this program then it just not fly.

Is there any other captcha solution for 1.0?
Reviews: 1
simple and easy to use
Reviews: 15
I give this an excellent for the added security it gives to your CB website. The back end settings are well noted but I do have a suggestion. There is no refresh button that I can see that could be placed next to the captcha image - this would be in case someone could not understand the captcha image. Is this a consideration from the developer? Otherwise I deem this extension a must have for any CB website owner.
Reviews: 13
Thanks for the work! This plug-in is a must.
Reviews: 6
Our site has been using this plugin for several months and it is nearly eliminated spambot registrations. "Nearly" because a very rare few spammers do sit there and manually register, but CAPTCHA is the cat's meow for keeping the vast majority away. Please note that the version in the free downloads, according to our experience, requires Legacy Mode; there is an update for CB Documentation Subscribers (recommended) that runs in full Native Mode. As an alternative, the CB ReCaptcha plugin also in the JED is less customizable and requires registration for public/private keys (free at this time), but is Native Mode compatible.
Reviews: 11
Excellent plugin however users should note that you now have to subscribe to Joomlapolis to download the plugin.
Reviews: 5
Before I installed this plugin for CB, I spent 15 minutes every morning blocking spambot IP addresses from accessing my Web site.

No More SpamBots!!! yay! Now I can focus on defending against hackers and real human spammers and not waste time on the cumbersome SpamBots.

Reviews: 2
This has been working great with my j1.0.15 but got problem when i install it with my j1.5.10. This only work in j1.5.10 legacy mode.
Owner's reply

As stated:

Update: Version 2.2 RC4 available for CB documentation subscribers (added security and Joomla 1.5 native compatibility)

Reviews: 1
A great plugin for CB, but I can't manage to make it work in Joomla 1.5 Native mode (seems to work only in Legacy). I hope joomlapolis won't withdraw the development of this plugin!
Reviews: 5
It works beautifully with my Joomla 1.0.15 and CB 1.1!
Reviews: 6
This stopped all of the spam bots that i was getting.
Reviews: 1
I'm using CB 1.1 and Joomla 1.0.13. The plugin installed without any problems on the first try. I also like the feature that lets you pick the look of the font in the captcha.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension. Simple to install - no complications at all. I used to get several automated registrations per day - none now. It should be considered an essential security item for anyone running CB!!
Reviews: 97
I am very glad to see such a good plugin for CB. This is a real must for all those want to build a strong community with Joomla.
Reviews: 4
I really enjoy the simple installs that require little to no effort, SWEET! Give it a whirl, you might just like it...
Reviews: 3
Initially the plug-in didn't worked on my Joomla 1.0.11.
I upgraded to Joomla 1.0.12 and by the help of Nant, it WORKED !!!

10000 of thanks to Nant for his personal touch.

The plug-in is so beautifully build, that using some small mods (available at JoomlaPolis forum) this captcha system can be used in anywhere within Joomla.
Owner's reply

Version 2 of this plugin has been released for CB documentation subscribers. Version 2 has audio playback functionality and is also immune to garbage characters in language files or joomla template.

Reviews: 12
and works flawlessly out of the box. thanks!
Reviews: 4
Installation is very easy and works right away. Great anti-spam solution for registration.
Reviews: 2
a necessity and really easy to install. makes your community looks more pro. Just remember to unzip the first file before uploading and installing it.
Reviews: 1
This is a first for me: not being able to get a CB plugin to work. I have been anxiously awaiting this plugin and reading the other posts, it seemed to be what I was waiting for.

Unfortunately, I have downloaded and installed, and I have no image (just a space for an image). Although other reviews state it worked for them "out of the box," I've so far opened two boxes and it doesn't feel much like Christmas. That being said, I'm sure it is something I'm doing incorrect -- the CB Team are incredible!!
Owner's reply

Version 2 of this plugin is immune to garbage in language or template files. Downloadable for CB documentation subscribers from Joomlapolis.

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