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CE Feedback for Contact Enhanced Plugin

The CE Feedback is a plugin that adds a Feedback image to the side of your site and when clicked it loads a feedback form using Contact Enhanced to allows any website user to leave a comment on your site. It loads in a modal window using Joomla default's MooTools modal window (SqueezeBox), so if your customer have a question about a particular page he can submit a feedback form without ever leaving the page.

Other features:

* Every feedback form can also record information about the client's browser, operating system, screen resolution and IP address;
* No plugins like Flash or Java needed, no problem with popup blockers;
* Unobtrusive behaviour, visitors with disabled JavaScript or old browsers can still be able to submit the form (in this case it will not load in a modal window);
* Simple and intuitive behavior: loading-indicator, close button and changing icons describe possible interactions;
* All Contact Enhanced Features like Custom Fields, GMaps & directions integration, HTML templates & emails, CAPTCHA, Campaign Monitor Newsletter integration and much more;

This plugin requires Contact Enhanced Component:

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Reviews: 13
Had a small problem with my template and bootstrap compatability. The developer was most helpful. This is a must use plugin.
Reviews: 6
I've included this extension on nearly every client's web site I've built and it never ceases to amaze them. Installation is dead-simple and once configured, is stable and reliable.

Douglas' code is well-commented, making customization or modification a breeze.

To put it simply, using ANY of Ideal Extensions products makes me look like a Joomla Wizard. Thanks Douglas!
Reviews: 2
Had some issues with upgrading which as it turns out were more to do with our server then the extension and the speed of the support as well as the information given was amazing. Have not encountered any support like it. Replied quickly if I sent him an email in the morning or late at night. Was simply just amazed and blown away by the level of support!
Reviews: 1
I started using the this extension a few weeks ago, I ran into a little installation problem on the version for Joomla 3.1, but it was a configuration error on my side, but the support of Douglas was super fast and very helpful. So not only a fantastic, extensive, lots of customization possible and versatile extension but also a wonderful support from the author, I recommend this extension for everybody who wants to go the extra mile for contacts management. Also there are a bunch of Plugins and modules available. Not to forget the very helpful website for troubleshooting and examples. I would give this extension a 5 star +, great job Douglas !!!
Reviews: 2
Great extension, it allows endless options.
I was having trouble getting the form to work with my server settings. After multiple questions on their support forum AND a speedy response each time, they were able to walk me through getting my Joomla server settings filled out properly.
Great extensions, thank you very much.
Reviews: 12
This extension has a lot of features. Its instructions for initial setup must be followed to the letter. But if you do that, it will be easy and you will have the most awesome contact form you could ask for in no time. Support is excellent and fast. Highly recommended and well worth the money.
Reviews: 2
Hi Team
This extension and the absolutely perfect support from Douglas is really unique.
Thank you
Reviews: 2
It's not easy to find programmer who can produce something that is intuitive, easy to use, aesthetically nice and above all, top notch support and commitment to its customers. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
This is definitely the best extensions I've ever seen in contact forms. I highly recommend it. I had good enough little problems, but it turned out that it was something in my system and not this extension. The cost for it is okay, and it gives your website a professional look, for most other forms are quite boring. When I had a few problems were the developer quick in response to his forum, which he must be thanked for.
Reviews: 13
CE Feedback is easy to use, works straight out of the box.

Whenever I had a problem with it, Douglas always found a solution (which was never CE Feedback's fault! Always some other extension).

Thumbs up and big thanks!
Reviews: 3
This is the best Contact Feedback button and form out there! And the support from Doug is great! If your expereince hasn't been as good, give them a shout - they are extremely helpful.
Reviews: 6
I was really surprised how easy, and quick this extension was to install. It's working exactly as i had hoped.

Thank you for developing this!

Reviews: 3
I love the CE Feedback component! I have received many comments about how nice it is to be able to send a suggestion or comment without leaving the current page you are viewing. As always, CE customer support is the best!!
Reviews: 1
Great work!!!
The Best Joomla component I ever had... A clean, easy to use, totally flexible for any needs, and it is affordable contact solution. I have the newest version.
Do not waste your time or/ money on other contact forms (like I did). Contact Enhanced, is the most efficient and easy to customize solution. I had couple questions and needed some help and Mr. Machado did answer all my stupid questions in not time, he helped me out perfectly. GREAT SERVICES
Thank you for making the BEST CONTACT FORM EVER!
Reviews: 6
This developer continues to outdo himself. CE Feedback for Contact Enhanced is a very useful plug-in to an already functional component.

Using a modal window for the feedback form was simply a stroke of genius. This plug-in works great and the email messages generated looks good and contain all necessary information for follow-up communications.

I had an issue and the developer worked on it way past normal working hours. It is this dedication to supporting his customers after he has sold them the product, that separates Douglas from the multitude of other developers. I would not hesitate to buy any other component, module or plug-in from Douglas. He simply has the best support that I have seen.
Reviews: 5
CE Feedback is an amazing addition to the Content Enhanced family of products. This is a great app and I am excited to be offering it to my clients now. I simply cannot imagine my websites without his tools or his attention to customer service. Got a problem? You can count on him to return your emails promptly and his follow up is amazing.. Need a special feature? Hire him and he'll help you with the unsurpassed quality I simply can' find elsewhere. This is why I continue to purchase Content Enhanced and now CE Feedback because they're great software programs and he's providing awesome customer service on if any problems arise...