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JCE MediaBox Plugin

JCE MediaBox is an optional companion plugin for the JCE Editor that adds 'Lightbox' style features to your site, with the ability to display images, videos, inline and iframe content in a customizable inline popup.

JCE MediaBox includes 4 themes that emulate popular scripts such as Lightbox, ShadowBox and Squeezebox and can use custom themes too.

JCE MediaBox is installed using the Joomla! Extensions Installer.

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Reviews: 19
I've used the JCE editor on all my sites since it exists. And sometimes I also used Mediabox. Now I tried many lightbox extensions and come to the conclusion that Mediabox is the best.
Reviews: 7
JCE and several of its plugins have been a staple in my Joomla! arsenal for years... Mediabox is one of them.

Great extension, active support forum... excellent all around.
Reviews: 13
I really like the media box in combination with the JCE Editor.

It gives rookies a good chance to create popup thumbnails or even articles within a lightbix!
Reviews: 10
I use this plugin because it's very easy to install and configure it !
Thank you very much
Reviews: 5
I'm a total newbie and I installed this and use it along with your other JCE Extensions. Your extensions make it easy for even a guy like me, that doesn't know much -- to do some cool stuff w/ Joomla! Thanks you!
Reviews: 8
I used to use this plugin on every website I set up... but then I got out of the game for a while and when I got back in I could not remember what it was called. So glad I found it, it's a must for any website. Would give it 6 stars if I could.
Reviews: 7
This is one of the extensions I use in every Joomla project.
Must have for me!

Reviews: 6
The best way to get beautiful image popups, right there within your editor! No extra javascript or plugins, complicated code or whatever. Just upload the image, make it smaller/a thumbnail, select JCE Mediabox, done!

Very easy!
Reviews: 2
JCE MediaBox transforms the already powerful JCE editor into a full-house content editor and media management tool for Joomla. From the simple 'drag and drop' image upload function to the simple image/video caption tool, JCE MediaBox is a must for any Webmaster using the JCE extension. JCE (along with the MediaBox plug-in)is part of our default list of extensions we install on any new Joomla project and would highly recommend that you consider doing the same. Solid support available along with constant product improvements and updates.
Reviews: 2
I was sad when I upgraded to 1.6 and saw this extension still labeled as 1.5 only. But have no fear, they just haven't updated this page yet! Go to the developer's website and you'll find JCE MediaBox for 1.6 available for download!
Reviews: 1
Im looking two days for this plugin. Everything work great! You are cool!
Best regards,
Reviews: 3
This is what i was searching. Nice documentation and instructions. Setuped within few minutes. Very easy to use. Thanks a lot for this extension. :)
Reviews: 31
that's more what I expected. It's powerful but so easy to handle. I would say it's a must to have. Thank you for doing such a great job and sharing the result with us.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 1
I couldn't get ninja shadowbox or yooeffects to open external/internal pages in a lightbox (although I followed their instructions tightly). So I tried this out, and it worked perfectly. In fact, if you append "tmpl=component" to the href you wish to open in a lightbox (and also use type="text/html" attribute), the page is not the usual plain iframe. Instead, it's just a div with the referenced page's content--therefore the css styling on your parent page cascades into the lightbox div "page"! I couldn't ask for anything more efficient and friendly.
Reviews: 22
The idea behind this Add-on, shows unlimited possibilities.. The up-coming days will prove it.
Many Thanks JCE team.
Reviews: 1
I use JCE about many years now. The media plugin was good so far - The JCE Media Bow is now the next great milestone. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is the best add-on for JCE and any Joomla site. The links are now very easy to create and look great too. AAA+++
Reviews: 24
Great Application I was waiting for to integrate JCE Editor. Great Job guys this was really expected.

Hope some some day you can merge this within th JCE Edito in just one component.

BTW, I have been sending several reviews but none of them have been published!!! What is going on?