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Filter and Search for K2 ModulePlugin

This module can filter your K2 content by several extra fields, tags, category and item text at the same time.

Module features:

--- Display search fields as text field, drop-down select, multi-select, slider, slider with range value select, radio, tag (ability for multiple tags select), category, item title (text and A-Z), item text, item creation/publish dates;
--- Restrict search to specific category (static by category ID(s) and auto by the category you are viewing);
--- Order search fields;
--- Display search fields in several columns;
--- Order search results by extrafields;
--- Display search results in standard category view;
--- AJAX search results.

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Reviews: 1
This is hands down my favorite K2 extension. If you need something that will search through your K2 Extra Fields entries, this is the one. You can search multiple fields at once, set linked variables, and so much more! You can also custom template it (much like in K2), which allows for some really versatile calls!

Also, out of all the plugin developers I've ever dealt with, Andrey is quite possibly the best at getting you an answer that works AND make sense, in a incredibly short period of time (which I say, because I'm fairly certain we're on opposite ends of the globe, and it can sometimes be within the hour).
Reviews: 3
Great plugin with a lot of options. I use multiple extra fields for k2, and with a little help from the developer I can use multiple filters for multiple extra fields... Excellent support by the developer! Fast, friendly and qualified!
Reviews: 1
Great extension , but cant get customer support , wrote 2 emails about some small problem but no response almost 2 weeks. Hope will find someone soon.
Owner's reply

Hello, goxyleon.

Thanks for your review.

Sorry, but seems we does not receive your message or it lost. Also, sometimes email back address is wrong and we can not send the message.

Reviews: 1
This is the best filter and search module you can find for K2, it has lots of options, works perfectly right out of the box.
We are using it in a site that requires complex filtering, but will probably use it whenever we need any kind of filetring.
Support is excellent as well, really fast and efficient with our special requests. Andrey responded every message in a matter of minutes.
Reviews: 7
I know there are more K2 filter extensions, but this one can connect 2 fields (note: only one connection between parent>>child is possible).
It is based on K2 extra fields. Be aware of the fact that in K2 the values of an extra field cannot be ordered! This requires K2 core code modification and it is not recommended and may
cause a problem with already saved extrafield values. The values in the dropdownbox of this extension are ordered the way they are added to the K2 extrafield.
Andrey helped me to make it possible to anyway show the values in the dropdownbox in alphabetical order. Really great and fast support! I recommend this extension to anyone who needs to filter K2's content.
Reviews: 2
I must say a great extension. I believe this extension will completely suffice the requirement of search or filter for K2 items.

Not to be missed, the support is excellent. Who gives an extension to download and test, free of cost? Very rare! Mr. Andrey Miasoedov gave the extension and I tested. He supported me for every query I had from starting , till end. After doing the testing, I purchased and this is working great! :-)
Reviews: 1
I have registered on this website to let everyone know that we have been developing websites for 14 years and firts tme we have encounter such a great response in terms of service and support. Thanks Andrey for the good work.The extension K2 filter and search module works exactly how it should.We wanted to have it translated into Russian and due to some difficulties with falang Andrey has responded immediately and made the necessary modifications for the k2 search field items to be able to get translated. I am very impressed that programmers like Andrey still exist.!!
Reviews: 2
Very good extension and very fast support.
I have written a support request in the weekend and they answer me promptly.
Reviews: 1
Excellently working module, the very interestingly solved control. Perfectly I proved to be in real estate, acquaintances. Technical support simply deserves praises!
Reviews: 1
Registered especially to give a big thumbs up to Andrey. His K2 filter and search module works perfectly and his support is great. I wanted the range slider modified to my needs, one email and two hours later the modified file returned and worked like a charm. Looking for a K2 filter? Don't look any further!
Reviews: 3
Bought this module a long time ago and used it in multiple websites. Alway's getting the updates and every time i had troubles with some custom needs Andrey helped me the same day and fixed everything.
Really recommend this product .
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent product. Andrey was really patient and gracious to help me out to customize the filter. I had more than 20 correspondences with Andrey and he was gracious enough to resolve all of my problems. I highly recommend to anyone.
Reviews: 5
Just one word: super! Works like a charm and looks very good. Had some issues configuring the extension, Andrey replies in no time and helped immediately. Never had this level of service! Wanted to filter on the standard K2 rating as well. Not on the rating you need to give since it is linked to an extrafield value, but filter on the rating visitors of my website give to products. He personally customised the extension and make it work super! 200% worth the price!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension - delivers everything it promises, and absolutely first class customer support - I can't praise this extension and its developer highly enough.
Reviews: 11
If you're looking for a K2 filter/ search module look no further because this is one great extension.
The support was great. Andrey was very helpful and I wish more extension developers offered support like he does.
Reviews: 1
This filter is a really good extension. Plus, Andrey answered really quickly to my request and solved the problem right away. Great support.
Reviews: 2
We've been using this product extensively in production for over a year. Works like a charm and the support is second to none. Tested several other products and nothing came close to this !
Reviews: 5
This extension makes K2 even better. It is easy to use, fast and effective. It can help you convert a simple K2 to a useful catalog.
In my site, I had a conflict problem with RokBox system plugin, but Andrey (great support), helped me discover it.
Reviews: 3
This extensions works perfectly and the support is absolutely stunning! Just mail to Andrey and he'll answer quickly.
Absolutely amazing!
Reviews: 1
This expansion meets all my needs. Support is very good. I recommend this extension to all.
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