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Multiple Images for K2 Plugin

With this plugin you will be able to add multiple images to your K2 Articles in the usual manner.

It supports multiple images adding from admin panel and also from frontend. And also with this plugin you will be able to add watermark to images and restrict uploads count from frontend.

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Reviews: 6
I had an issue with the amount of images i could upload. I contacted the developer and Andrey was able to work it out. It was my server! not his plugin. So, support this time extended beyond the developers build!
Reviews: 1
I've been using this extension and am completely satisfied that meets the needs of my website.
The support is excellent and is very easy to master the operation.
Reviews: 8
A very good addition to k2, easy to configure and excellent support
Reviews: 6
I created a k2-based directory where users are meant to upload images in order to create a small gallery for each created item and decided to give it a try because I have an excelente experience with another extension from same developer. The plugin is easy to use for my frontend users and the available templates (yes, it has different displays for your custom gallery) worked well.

Once again, when I needed support, it was fast and efective. Great work!
Reviews: 3
I have a multilingual site that has RTL (Hebrew). When I started using the extension in RTL pages I had problems with the directions. I contacted the support and within less then 24h he fixed it for me perfectly!!!
Thank you Andrey....
Reviews: 1
This is a great plug-in stright out of the box.
I how ever needed a slightly different format which I was having trouble implementing my self. I email support for advice I had an immediate and helpful response. If your using K2 buy this plug-in.
This developer deserves all the support and praise we can give one of those developers that make joomla building fun and functional
Reviews: 1
Easy to use plug-in that offers a more simplified approach to managing multiple images for items. Eliminating the need to use the standard K2 Image Gallery (with its use of zip files) makes life a lot easier for non-technical users to manage K2 images.
Reviews: 1
The title of this review says it all. It is a very useful plugin and support is excellent.
Reviews: 5
The plugin is doing exactly what we expect him to do and the support is efficient and fast. When you update joomla and k2, if you got a error 403, it could come from the necessity to update also the plugin ! Andrey is really fast to react and he saved me tons of time. Thanks Andrey !
Reviews: 9
this is a great plugin for K2 items. it helps you extend K2 items with 2 galleries (Andreys plugin and simple image default if you use) and makes it look like a real vacation listing website! Outstanding support! Andrey helped me make it work with Ktabber pro template and even adjusted additional things for me :-)
this is the kind of developer you wish to buy some components from him, even if you dont need them... Just because the amazing support!!!
Reviews: 12
I just installed this plugin and only saw a few issues - typo in the plugin parameters and the slideshow view does not show "photo credit" - just captions. Otherwise, this is a GREAT plugin! The biggest weakness of K2 was the image gallery tab, with its "Upload a ZIP" system, my clients weren't too crazy about resizing ahead of time, etc. Plus the labels.txt method of doing captions - ugh! This plugin uses the standard K2 image resizing technique, supports captions, and is fully template-override-able. Excellent!!!
Reviews: 7
Like many of the other reviews I can not say enough about the excellent support and great plugin.

K2 Multiple images solved the challenges for my setup. I had a few questions and Andrey answered them right away.

I was even an early upgrader to a new version of K2 for Joomla 3.0. the muliple images plugin needed a change and Andrey had a working version to me in 1 hour of my support request.

I build Joomla sites professionally and can say this extension and the support is some of the best I have come across. Hope this helps!
Reviews: 2
I cannot praise Andrey enough, he was able to customise the plugin to my requirement and also was able to sort out my mess when I made a hames of the installation. And he did it TWICE. Super guy and super support.
Reviews: 4
Here is the problem I have. I have different categories that I want to display different templates. I put the file item-multiimages-slider.php into "templates/myTemplate/html/com_k2"

Now I want to use a new template file for another location. Where would I put the file item.php?
Owner's reply

Hello, creativethien.

You can use different templates for K2 categories in "Select a template" parameter of category and also can override K2Multiimages template.

Reviews: 5
I think this extension/plugin solves many problems to basic users (..and of course even experienced users) when talking about adding multiple images to the site and K2 article. There has always been a problem when adding more than one picture to article and now that is solved! Also I had some wishes style-wise and the customer service helped me in a heartbeat! 5 stars no doubt about it;)
Reviews: 2
As mention before, this plugin does template overwriting, but if you follow the simple instructions it doesn't really break anything as you can just add the modified block of code into your template file.

But should something break, don't worry. On my site, I encountered a problem where the images doesn't display, but Andrey debugged for me after I contacted him and he added modifications to my template to resolve the jQuery conflict. He even surprise me with a customized plugin to install when I only asked if it was possible to get the plugin to do this and that.

Having bought and used both Sig Pro and this plugin. This is far superior imo, compared to Sig Pro who just tell me it can't be done or reply with broken code. (Referring to how they tell ppl there's no navigation in Galleria Style's lightbox pop up because you can click on the thumbnail and you're suppose to live with that. Seriously?)

Now I can happily dump Sig Pro aside and use this plugin as my image gallery all thanks to Andrey. Not to mention, it's responsive as well =)
Reviews: 1
This plugin bypass, using its own copy of the default theme, the template override mechanism and even the K2 default theme, rendering useless your themes customizations.
Owner's reply


There are impossible to implement new features without using own template. You can customise and override it, its only change template file name for own.

Reviews: 1
I don't write reviews very often, but this developer deserves a praise. I was looking for a plugin to replace SigPro for ages now. K2 Multiple images plugin does exactly what I need. You can upload images one by one, instead of zip file. It's good if you have loads of users on your site, because you don't need to explain them how zip images and what to do next. Regular users just want to add images by a click of a button. And this plugin basically does that.

I was impressed how quickly developer replied to my email with customization. Emailed him at midnight, received answer early in the morning.

Simply brilliant work!