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RAXO All-mode K2 Module

Powerful content display module for K2

RAXO All-mode K2 is a news module that shows your K2 information in an attractive way. It is the most flexible and functional tool for content presentation. Friendly and intuitive administration saves your time and makes your work easy and effective.

This module will be useful for news portals, magazines and sites with lots of content. But sure, you can use it practically on any site to display your goods/products, or show your portfolio, or anything else that requires format "image + info".

Because of wide functionality this tool can replace such extensions like "latest news", "popular content", "random articles", "display news", etc. No more need for many strictly specialized content modules — RAXO All-mode K2 takes care of it all.

Short list of features:

+ Display K2 items from one/several/all categories or only selected items by ID.
+ TOP Items: emphasize the most important items by creating particular view for them.
+ Automatic thumbnail generation from existing images in your articles.
+ Time interval: show most popular/rated/commented news for the last e.g. 30 days.
+ Show items by K2 tags.
+ Support for three types of date: created date, modification date or start publishing date.
+ Show non-public content: display short teasers of hidden items for all site visitors.
+ A lot of ordering options: by date/popularity/rating/comments/etc. (17 variants).
+ Show/hide any content elements: date/author/hits/rating/number of comments/etc.
+ Smart title and text limitation that preserves whole words & HTML tags.
+ Exclude some items (by ID) from the module output.
+ Template usage: 3 superb build-in templates ready to use.
Full List of Features:

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Reviews: 1
Great extension, very flexible and great support! Thanks
Reviews: 1
Great extension, works fast and fine. Maybe in future more layouts would be a good idea, however it works well on many websites I made. Good job guys!
Reviews: 7
The author claims that the module is responsive, but it is not responsive at all. The default mode layout has the image resized at specific width and height, thus making it not responsive. If you are viewing the module on a mobile device, the pictures look exactly the same as on a desktop.

Other than that it is a good module for displaying your news throughout your site.
Reviews: 1
This RAXO Module is amazing. I searched for a module for reorganising my news and articles and I found this. Even greater than this extension is the the support from these guys. I've had problems (problems caused by MY joomla installation - so this was my error). I really enjoyed the great and quick support. You take no risks, when you buy this extension.
Reviews: 5
I am an old and fan customer of Raxo Modules! I am not developper, it is not my job but my hobby is construct webs for free to my friends or for supporting causes for a better world :-). So, when setting up a site, I try to do it most beautiful I can:It's my hobby. I use only a fetiche components, templates, modules and plugins, the best for me. Displaying news, Raxo is the number one for me. Simply, effective and with professional results. Easy code for adapt CSS and without Jquery Conflicts.

In addition, I can choose the template more convenient for the site in construction.

Important tips:
- I can choose the categoris I want, one or more.
- I can choose the items, or exclude its.
- If an item haven't image in k2, I can choose between no image, standard image, or the first found in the item.
- I can use, without conflicts, the same module all times I decide in the same page, so, I can stylish the news as I like.
- I can display top items and normal items in diferent way in the same module.

- And a lot of parameters for configure exacty as I want each Raxo module.

The best for me ...

The Raxo module for K2, lets me decide wich image shows
Reviews: 4
Hello RAXO,

The only extension I paid and really I did not find any reason to read documents (Very Easy to use) or contact the support (Very stable)

I would like to say:
Thank you so much as you remove huge headache from my side after I pay for this cool extension.

Reviews: 1
I must say that RAXO has developed a good and robust tool to display K2 news with very cool features you won't find anywhere else. I was pleasantly surprised to get 3 design variants for module output. It took me only 15 minutes to acquire, install and get the module to work.

Plus the support is just awesome. I contacted support with my specific task. Within a day I received a qualified answer and ready to use solution for my case.

Thanks a lot to the developers of this great module. Highly recommended.