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Canonical Links for K2 Plugin

Do you care about SEO? Are you tired of being penalized by Google for having a duplicate content?

With our plugin you will get real canonical links for your K2 articles/tags/categories. We've tried all other solutions, tried Joomla 3 native solution, and found out that they all had issues, as reported on various forums around the web.

We care about SEO, so we decided to develop our own plugin, to have real K2 canonical links.

Don't worry anymore if you can reach a K2 article with links like:

All of them will have the same canonical link!

Same goes for tags like

or categories


Furthermore, it will detect if an article/tag/category has a direct link in the menu and use it as the canonical version, attention is payed so that the most appropriate link is chosen!

Works with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x!

Recent changes:

3.7 (2014/10/11)
+ added parameter to choose default menu item for tag canonical links

3.6 (2014/07/14)
+ added parameter to enable permanent redirection to canonical version of a link

3.5 (2014/06/04)
* tag pages where tag name had a space character didn't have the optimal canonical link

3.4 (2014/03/03)
+ Added an option to override automatically generated canonical link for an item or a category

3.3.1 (2014/02/05)
* small tweak for 'prev' and 'next' links

3.3 (2014/02/01)
+ support for paginated canonical links with rel='prev' and rel='next' for category and tag views

3.2 (2014/01/02)
+ support for Additional Categories for K2 plugin

3.1.4 (2013/10/18)
* support for tags with non-latin characters
* tweaked canonical link for subcategorized articles

3.1.3 (2013/10/13)
+ support for tag views

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Reviews: 1
I just bought this yesterday. Installed it and found that it worked perfectly as advertised. Extremely quick to install, extremely lightweight and fast. Inspected the html code and confirmed that it was making all the necessary changes. The navigation links worked perfectly, as per google's recommendations. The canonical links worked beautifully. I then asked the developer whether it was possible to make a slight "improvement' - ie: overriding the category to which all tag urls are canonized. Within minutes, he came up with a new version that not only allows you to manually select the category, but he also put in an option to do a 301 redirect. This is perfect. Good riddance to the crazy k2 duplicate tag problem! Anyone using K2 should have this installed by default! Fantastic extension, and extremely intelligent and helpful developer! 5 stars!
Reviews: 1
After struggling with K2 and the strange URL's it generates I stumbled upon this extension. What a surprise. Not only does it fix the problems with the URL's it certainly has an immediate effect on SEO. Thanks to Marko for extremely great support. If you haven't tried this plug-in yet then do it.
Reviews: 1
I needed a solution for duplicate content with K2. I decided to use the Canonical Links for K2. It works very good. Marko from ManageCMS done a very good job. He was very supportive of my project. Many thanks.
Reviews: 6
I had been looking around for a solution for my duplicate K2 content links going out of control!

This extensions is awesome and hints to Google EXACTLY where the correct k2 item link is regardless of how many alternate links there are.
In conclusion making your K2 Site more SEO Friendly!

Marko gives great support and is very willing to help and resolve issues and questions pertaining to the extension.
Well done! If you have a K2 site, this is a MUST-GET extension.

I'm looking forward to seeing more extensions from "ManageCMS":D
Reviews: 1
it work perfect, just install it. it solve the huge K2 canonicalisation issues with just one click.. thanks!.
Reviews: 6
Ahhhh - solves one of the biggest problems with K2. This extension is magic. Does exactly what it says and not only creates canonical links but magically figures out exactly the URL you would choose. Kudos and thanks for the great work.
Reviews: 2
We had been struggling for some time with our rankings on one of our sites and couldn't quite put our finger on the problem. I don't think it was a coincidence that our rankings improved within a week of installing this plugin, not just on this site but on another we installed it on.

Couldn't ask anymore, no down side from what we have seen and a very reasonably priced piece of software.

We also found the developers to be extra helpful in giving us free advice about our overall seo strategy and free tips for the site. I don't usually do reviews but these guys deserved it.
Reviews: 1
We are a big SEO agency in Europe and we bought this extension to solve the huge K2 canonicalisation issues. The problem was that it did not solve the problem we intended. I asked support from Marko the programmer and he was kind enough to offer Live Teamviewer assistance and check the code of our website.
He was quick to discover that the K2 version we used was old and the "bug" was due to K2 and not his extension.
Furthermore he implemented the rel previous/next feature I told him in just a couple of days.
It's quite hard for a programmer to impress but Marko did it twice in 2 days.
Well done. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 15
I must say I was very frustrated dealing with duplicate issues with K2 until I found this extension.

Very straight forward, very easy to install.

In the beginning there was some issues due to another canonical plugin for the regular content of Joomla I installed before, it did not allow the extension to work properly.

I contacted the developers, they answered immediately and solved my issue in no time. Great Tech Support! If you use K2 this is a must have.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very helpfully. I´m so satisfied with it. 0 problems of installation.

The visits on my webpage growth since I installed cannonical links.

100% recommendable! Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Simply fantastic plugin. This plugin, one of my best investments into my site. The plugin is very simple in use. Creates ideal Canonical Links. Works with K2. Thanks to it my site became surer than itself to feel in retrieval output. Many thanks to the developer. Progress to you. Also I will wait for new versions of an excellent plugin of Canonical Links for K2.
Reviews: 2
I was having an issue with duplicate content and needed a quick solution.

This plugin works excellent for that purpose and helps your content to maintain one URL no matter where it's used on the site. Very simple to install and setup too!
Reviews: 4
Recently we moved from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 on a site with a big collection of recipes so this plugin is extreamly big help for us.

Bye, bye duplicate content!

Great job. Thanks! :)
Reviews: 18
Works as promised, and Marko helped clarify some issues related to duplicate content caused by k2 and weird crawls by Google.