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Kunena Login ModuleExtension Specific Addon

The Kunena Team is proud to release version 3.0.1 of the Kunena Login module.

This module replaces the default Joomla login module and gives you more flexibility and custom redirection. It's integrated with other popular extensions like JomSocial and Community Builder.

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Reviews: 1
I can't see why others can't install this module.

This works out of the Box and as excpected, great choice if you want a login module with more features for your site with kunena, but don't want to blow up your site with Community Builder or similar.

Another pro:
In contrast to the Community Builder login module, this one follows the Joomla Coding Standards and is therefore fully overrideable, so you can adapt it to your template as you wish.
Reviews: 24
Tried it on several different templates and it just doesn't work. Went to their forums for support and never got an answer to why it doesn't work.
Reviews: 2
I tried several times. I even made permissions 777 just to be sure. Install dis not work.