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Phoca Gallery Image Module

Phoca Gallery Image Module is a Joomla! Module which shows image(s) from Phoca Gallery component in module positon. Random image or latest images can be displayed.

Phoca Gallery Image Module replaces Phoca Gallery Random Image Module

Demo - mosaic effect (in top right area):

Demo - mosaic effect (on the right side):

Demo - standard displaying of one image (on the right side):

Joomla! 1.6 Demo:

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Reviews: 3
I've got a client happy with his new website's photo gallery which built on Phoca Gallery. It is FREE and the documentation is useful!
Reviews: 1
The used module works well, with transition effects.

It has various settings, like comments and rating
Reviews: 2
As a intermediate user of joomla, the gallery component is very easy to use.

Managing not only images but videos as well. Simple structure.

Highly recommended if you want handle your media content through a single component.
Reviews: 9
Before I used Joomla!'s own random image module and used a link to the Phoca Gallery.
This makes it much easier and I can select the categories I want.
Reviews: 2
This extention has saved me hours of work on pics and diashow presentations. No problem on Joomla 1.5 with other extentions installed (JCE, Xmap). Great support and quick answer to my questions when I emailed the developer. Worth a donation!
Cons: if you have Joomfish installed, you'll have to work-around to have categories and file translated for Phoca; however, on the dev's site you'll find an extra zip file for download that will fix the translation gap. Not a straight forward process thought, but easy for experienced Joomla site admins. Providing users with that zip file, the developer showed commitment to his work and the Joomla community. Thanks for sharing!
Reviews: 1
I started with Phoca Gallery and because it's working great I also tested and installed other Phoca components and if you didn't I advice you to take a look at his website. Front and back are well designed and always easy to use.

Compliments to Phoca for all those great extensions.
Reviews: 16
This is a great addon to the Phoca Gallery Component.

it displays a single or a number of random images from the galleries that you choose in a module. Lots of options are also provided for the popup box to display large thumbnails.

A great functional and cosmetic addon to my Joomla site.

Phoca has become my "one stop shop" for joomla software. Jan has provided the Joomla community with an "encyclopaedic oeuvre" and all around extension.
Deserves recognition
Reviews: 8
I use this phoca gallery and his module for my site and i really enjoy it
Reviews: 4
I needed something to show pictures in a module position... and this did exactly that.....EXCEPT!!!! BETTER than i even imagined it.... Thank you.