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BIT Change Shopper Group for Virtuemart PluginExtension Specific Addon

This plugin lets you change automatically your customers' shopper group. This can be useful if e.g. you need different calculation & tax rules for anonymous visitors and customers who perform a guest checkout.

Plugin features:
- automatically assign a specified shopper group or
- let the customers select a shoppergroup during checkout or
- assign a specified shopper group upon filling in a certain shopper field
- assign a specified shopper group upon a valid EU VAT ID (plugin "BIT Check VATID for Virtuemart" additionally required)
- handling of guests and registered customers
- select different groups for guests and registered customers

Supported languages: english, german, portuguese (Brazil), czech

System requirements: Joomla 1.7/2.5, Virtuemart 2.x

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Reviews: 2
The plug-in works great. For the CHEAP price - I was really surprise how responsive the developer was.

I had a configuration issue and he responded within the afternoon even though we are on opposite sides of the planet :)

The developer and his support is 'EXCELLENT'. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
Reviews: 3
Wonderful plugin! Really useful, more if used with its "brother", the plugin that check the EUVATID.
It works like a charm and support is one of the best ever tried! Really suggested! Thanks a lot for your job!
Reviews: 4
Great product. I was able to install, config it (using the quite-fairly thorough instructions .pdf), and register a new user with the parameters required. poof! worked like a charm, first time. no problems.

The only thing I wished it would do, was also change the user group as well as shopper group during registration.
Great addon.
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says!, i was looking for something like this long time ago!! thank you!.

Best Regards from Mexico.