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Remarkety connector for Virtuemart Component

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Email re-marketing automation tool for Virtuemart.

Remarkety is totally FREE up to 10K customers!!!

What is Remarkety?
Remarkety is the #1 Re-Marketing Email Campaign Management Tool for VirtueMart. Remarkety lets you increase sales by sending automated emails based on customers’ behavior and purchase history.

What types of emails can I send with Remarkety?
You can create and send unlimited types of email campaigns. Here is a just a small sample of marketing activities that you can run:

* Product recommendations
* Win Back Inactive Customers
* Automatic Rewards Program
* Recover Abandoned Carts
* Request Feedback
* Product Review Request
* Recover pending orders
* Order Followup after X days
* And so many more

Retailers who are using Remarkety have seen 15% to 30% improvement in repeated sales!

Remarkety is now FREE up to 10K shoppers!

How it works?
Remarkety for VirtueMart automatically analyzes your historic data, and recommend which automated email marketing campaigns you should run. Our knowledge is based on collective experience from thousands of online stores just like yours.

Remarkety provides you with proven and ready-to-use templates and marketing campaigns. All you have to do is activate it. You can edit and customize the emails for your own needs.

Remarkety supports all languages.

Track Performance and ROI - $$$
With Remarkety you see exact conversion rate - how many customers that received your emails returned and placed an order, and how much money each marketing activity is making you!

Remarkety was developed by Interamind, the developers of the successful extensions: Emails manager for virtuemart, Virtuemart dashboard and Reports for virtuemart.

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Reviews: 1
This extension is really great opportunity for the marketers to engage with the customers of the Virtuemart. Intuitive interface and suitable pricing. I can recommend.
Reviews: 1
This is a must have extension for every Joomla shop using Virtuemart. Its like a marketing campaign whilse you are asleep. Easy installation and configuration. Above all its free for up to 10,000 shoppers. Wonderful!
Reviews: 1
This is indispensable extension i use to make sales higher, and there is no alternatives to it. I search somethig like it for long time - i can call it "must have" extension for every Online store. I am happy that i found it and it's free for me.
Reviews: 2
This extension is a must have for any virtuemart shop. It is very easy to configure and does what is says, right out of the box. I have recently found this extension and have made it a standard for all the virtuemart shops I build.

Great Extension!
Reviews: 11
Have installed remarkety (65 kb's bridge) on a client's website with Virtuemart 2.6.6, and the announced features are there.
I can say they have a nice Support as they answered 4/5 of the questions I asked them (on Twitter) before installing the extension.
the new 10k customers limit to get the free version is incredible! And their Privacy policy looks rather clear to me.

Further localization (or ability to edit strings) will allow for more automation on a non-English website. atm some of the strings are in solid English. Therefore the missing star in my review.

We use this extention as IMHO remarketing is a must have to improve the link with customers. But it takes time! So, auto-marketing comes handy as you just have to write nice messages once, and then check the results.
Looking forward to evaluate the results, e.g. feedbacks and sales.
Reviews: 11
please keep going and improve software.
Nice step to support multi shop software e.g. woocommerce on wordpress...
May you can do a brainstoming online summer camp to get new ideas...
Owner's reply

Thank you Tobias for writing a great review!

Reviews: 3
I am writing a review for remarkety after using it extensively for months. I am very pleased to tell you that it worked for our website. Hands down the best marketing application you can get for your store.

Moreover it is free which makes it icing on the cake. Don't wait and get it now.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your awesome feedback. We appreciate it a lot!

Reviews: 1
The component and service is very good. It keeps your customer contact in automatic and helped a lot to put your store in auto pilot. Excellent support.thee component helps to increase your business.
Reviews: 1
Big thank you to Interamind! Remarkety is a gift to Virtuemart users. Free up to 10k users is huge. We looked at other platforms which would easily cost 100 a month for low volume usage. This is a huge boon to small Ecommerce shops.

If you aren't doing abandonment and other automated Emails in your Virtuemart Shop you are missing out an 10 to 30% increase in sales. Install and get started. These guys make it easy.
Reviews: 2
This component works very well. The steps to configure your campaigns are very easily and if something don't work the support helps you, in any case, within 3 working days.
Reviews: 1
Perfect plugin and utility to boost your revenue on your Virtuemart webshop. After setting this up with multiple events we have seen our revenues on current customers grow, activity on sleeping customers increase and conversion of new customers increase as well with good targetted e-mails!

Just great. This is a must have if you have over 3000 customers!
Reviews: 1
This is an indispensable component for virtuemart. It is such a powerful and diverse tool for you to reach out to your customers and build a better relationship with them. The different ways of which you're able to custom make your campaigns are just amazing. Not only can you have campaigns based on dates between purchase, order amount, products and what not... you also get the option to try to catch customers who didn't check out their cart. There's plenty more to this system. I feel that I just scratched on the surface, I have yet to reach it's full potential. Worth mentioning is that the crew at Interamind offer the best support. I am user of a range of their software, and thus far I always received quick and excellent support whenever I pumped into any difficulty.

If you're serious about your Virtuemart webstore, then Interamind's Remarkety is the way to go.
Reviews: 2
The component and service is excellent. Worth it a lot. It keeps your customer contact in automatic and helped a lot to put your store in auto pilot. Excellent support.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this wonderful feedback. We are working hard to keep our customers happy :-)

Reviews: 3
This extension is so amazing. Easy to use, easy to install, EASY...

Really pro dashboards and so fair price for everything you get.

Thanks guys for this extension.
Reviews: 3
I have used this service for the past year and have found the interface very easy to use and have enjoyed the contact it gives me with customers. I have found many more of my customers return through using Remarkety as I am able to automatically send them personalised gift certificated a month or 2 after their order which is very useful.