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HexSys Multidimensional Size Attribute For Virtuemart PluginExtension Specific Addon

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Many Virtuemart shop owners wonder “How to add different sizes of products eg width, height, dimension etc of any prodcut at Virtuemart product detail page”. You just need to install the plugin like a normal Joomla plugin, enable it then you just need to create a virtuemart custom field and It's now ready for you to easily setup different product sizes as per customers requirement to display it on Product Detail page without any extra effort.

Using HexSys Size Plugin you can sell size specific products tailored to the client's needs, carpets, Posters, flooring, wood merchants, metal suppliers, garden furniture makers, cloth manufacturers etc in fact any product that involves cut goods, sold by dimension, length, width, height. HexSys Size Plugin calculate the correct price for your customer, dynamically, based on the size they require. You can use a fixed standard price or use the price of a variant selection. You can use a fixed product price and add additonally a price per unit, or use the product price as unit price. You can also use predefine values displayed as dropdowns.


- Easily adjust the product to the required size length, width, height
- The price is then adjusted dynamically, based on your customers own size requirements
- Sell customised products around your customer's needs
- Dynamic product prices calculation as per size
- Allows you to create a single product for different sizes
- Allows you to set different prices per square unit for different size range

Note: Please post on our support forum or email us in case of any query. You'll get a reply within 24 hours.

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Reviews: 1
The VM Multidimensional Size plugin is very simple to use. Excellent, friendly and very fast Support.
The support of HexSys was very good, they answer fast and help me to fix a problem,
Thank you! and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
When a patron is examining an item, this extension gives the viewer the ability to access, make a decision and purchase the item that they need right away. It lets the patron focus on the item and make the decision to purchase. That's the most important feature when it comes to a sale.
Reviews: 15
It works effeciently and accuracy and perfect plugin to use.
Reviews: 1
Very good VM plugin developed by Hexsys technologies.Its works well without any issue.
And the Support is absolut on High-Level and very Customer-Friendly!!!

I write a Message with a Issue and 1 Hours later the Issue is fixed!!!
Thats what i called "Great Support".
Thank you very much for this Plugin and your great Support!
Reviews: 1
The plugin lets you change the prices based on the surface of in my example windows. So putting in the height and length gives the surface of the window. Minimum and maximum values can be set. Also the threshold can be put in from which value the price goes up. When adding to cart the values show up in the overview. Does what it says it can do