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Auto Parent Categories for VirtueMart PluginExtension Specific Addon

This is a Virtuemart 2 plugin that – if so configured – automatically adds your products also to the parent categories of the categories it is assigned to, or removes them from all but the lowest categories in the category hierachy.
For child products, it can also assign them to the parent product's categories, or remove all categories.

Virtuemart 2 displays products only in the exact categories they are assigned to. In many cases, however, you want your customers to see also all products in the child categories of the current category. This plugin, which can be configured to run automatically in the Backend, can be configured to add each product also to all parent categories, so it will appear also in the parent category listing. The reverse is also possible: Automatically remove each product from all parent categories and display it only in the very last category (leaf category). For child products, the plugin additionally allows the shop owner to automatically remove all categories or explicitly copy all categories from the parent product. This allows you to globally modify all child products to either not appear at all in the VirtueMart categories view in the frontend (because e.g. you display the child products on the parent product's page) or to show all child products automatically in the same categories as the parent products.

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Reviews: 3
If you are running Virtuemart with more than about 5 items you NEED this. This has, in one click, saved me hours and hours of frustration assigning thousands of items to hundreds of categories in my web store.

Thank you. And you should charge for this extension (even if only a few quid) because it would be worth every penny.

You are a life saver :-)
Reviews: 1
Just a dream plugin for this problem ;-)
A big Fiver for any VM e-store !
Reviews: 6
Exactly what I needed. Rather than change the VM query, it's better use this plugin and let the automatic mode!
Reviews: 10
This plugin excellent! fast installation and do exactly it describes! I recommend!
Reviews: 4
Freakin' awesome plugin. Does exactly what I needed.

This feature should VM2 have by default, if anyone asks me!

Thank you for this plugin, I really appreciate it.

Reviews: 8
Indeed the missing function of Virtuemart. Thank you for making it free.

it works on my:
php - 5.2.16;
Joomla! - 2.5.8;
VM - 2.0.16;