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VirtueMart Pending Orders ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Ever lost some customers or get duplicate orders because the payment failed?

If the customer cancels his payment from PayPal, an order is still created with pending status. Customers are not necessarily aware thay can still finalize the order and instead they will start a new cart (if your lucky)

You can now invite them to finalize the existing order, save the user some time and get closer to your sale.

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Great, easy to use and customize. Ah, and thanks for using language files :)
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i couldn't find a way to return the failed payment order to the virtuemart card and regular virtuemart checkout process, even at your demo... i think i just saw a donation module, if the customer pays their failed orders with donation their order wont be confirmed, and this is not good, maybe shopper doesn't realize that order is paid by a donation.
Owner's reply

I guess there is a miss understanding on the module target.
When a customer checks out, he may eventually confirm the order but will not complete PayPal payment.
From now on, customer has an order with 'Pending' status.

The module will simply list all user's pending orders.

By accessing this pending orders (order detail from core Virtuemart), customer can eventually finalize his order again depending on the Payment processor you use but this part is not impacted by the module.

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Exactly what I didn't know I needed. Registered just to thank you. Sooo.....
Thank you!