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TaxCloud for Virtuemart Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
This is an integration of the TaxCloud USA taxes service into Virtuemart.
As they say on their website, "TaxCloud is a the internet's only free sales tax processing service". Our integration is a standard Joomla Plugin with no core hacks. After enabling the plugin one simple configuration in the Virtuemart 2.0 Taxes & Calculation Rules is all that's necessary. Address verification with the USPS is included so if the address cannot be found the user is redirected back to their address management to correct the error.

You are required to register with to receive an account id and key. For the address verification a registration with the USPS is also required to receive your api id number. Both are completely free.

Full information is available here:

This provides full tax management for your USA taxes - a free service from TaxCloud!

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Reviews: 9
I purchased this, really nice plugin and works perfectly.
Good support, always available for help.
Reviews: 1
The extension is really work base on description and screenshots.

Also the developer support is really great, quick response and very helpful, they are willing to invest their own time to make sure the plugins will work correctly.

Note.. just make sure your VM and Joomla is always latest and updated version.
Reviews: 1
This program is very stable, easily installed, packaged with easy to use instructions, and does exactly what it says it does. Initially, during setup, I thought there might have been an error with the instructions as the plugin did not work right away. I emailed gjcwebdesign. Within an hour I got a response. After a small amount of correspondence, gjcwebdesign determined the issue was NOT from the plugin and was directly related to the products not having SKU numbers yet. Sure enough, he was correct and, when I input the SKU numbers, the plugin worked perfect.

This is product, while seeming to have an error, worked perfect out of the box and in conjunction with the TaxCloud/USPS web sites. Just remember to make sure the TaxCloud and USPS API codes are correct, that the CURL library is enabled, and the products are setup with SKUs. Thank you for your hard work on this excellent program, gjcwebdesign!