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The most easy-to-configure product slider on the market with the fastest way of slider creation. Universal Product Slider is a full featured extension and includes extensive features to show your products within a user-friendly interface. You can easily find the most suitable setting in a few seconds.

✓ Virtuemart 1.1 / 2.x
✓ JoomShopping
✓ HikaShop
✓ MijoShop
✓ RedShop

➤ Wide-range webshop component support!
It is called Universal, because it supports many popular webshop engines. What about the differencies? The Slider solves everything in the background, and give you the same output all the time. You just need to select the categories, set the skin of the selected theme, and enjoy.

➤ Intelligent image resizing!
The slider has a special image-handling method. You can set the width and height of the product images and moreover you can select that these images will be cropped or extended with transparent color. This means that all of the images will be high-quality despite of the different sizes. And with this algorythm the images also look well on retina devices, too.

➤ Definable layouts for all devices
The extension is fully responsive, it will be fit to all screen size. You can set how many products display on different devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and desktop. You can also set different values for portrait and landscape mode. This feature make the slider to look fancy on all resolutions, from mobile to retina.

➤ Fully supported touch gestures
Swipe on your mobile or tablet or grab to move the slider. On non-touch devices mouse control enabled, and also can turn a page with the arrows, or paginator dots.

➤ Show the most significant details from the products
You can show the product image, name, sku and description if you want in a very well-designed format. No matters what webshop component you have, the output will be the same.

➤ Automatically generated slides
If you have set the featured products mode, or the latest product, you don't need to reconfigure the slider, or re-generate the slides in case of every uploading. Set it once, and will work automatically.

➤ GPU accelareted animations
Hardware accelaration is important while using transitions, to can make them really smooth, and run flowlessly, also on mobile devices. There is an option for the autoplay, what can stops while mouse hovering, and the duration between the turns can be set, too.

➤ Choose from the predefined skins!
You can select from 4 different themes within a lot of predefined color-skins. Many spectacular Google fonts are also selectable.

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Reviews: 5
This module is really great, it can display my products HikaShop with a very nice design, more Jenő Offlajn team is very professional, I had a small problem and it was resolved very quickly. I invite you to visit all these products are really very good qualities. Thank you again Jenő.
Reviews: 4
I have purchased 3 different modules from this company. Thier Service is amazing.

They solved issues I had, pretty much instantly and the amount of controls and customisation you can do with their modules is awesome.

Highly recommended. You won't be disapointed!
Reviews: 3
This extensions is so good & so we can you easily and no issue thanks for this and good update for joomla extensions
Reviews: 4
This extension was working out of the box, without any issue. The slider creation is really takes seconds, and also easy to find the styling to fit my template. Highly recommend it!