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Custom Filters Pro ComponentModulePlugin

Is offering both a Powrefull Search and a Filtering module that filters with Categories, Manufacturers, Custom fields and Price range. It is very fast and highly configurable.

★ Search
A Search Engine that returns results even with complex queries, that could contain Category and Manufactuers names and even Custom Fields, in the same phrase.

★ Filtering.
Available Filters:
   ○ Categories
   ○ Manufacturers
   ○ Price Range(using slider and text inputs)
   ○ Custom Fields

★ Available display types for each filter:
   ○ Checkboxes
   ○ Drop-down lists
   ○ Buttons
   ○ Links
   ○ Radio buttons
   ○ Range Slider and Range inputs for the price and the integer custom fields.
   ○ Calendars to search within date range (date custom fields)

★ Generation of filters from the Virtuemart's native custom field types (Not native plugins)
★ Generation of filters also from the 'Custom Fileds For All' plugin.
★ Detection and display of the filters relative to the displayed products.
★ AJAX for loading the module and the results updating also your browser's address bar.

★ Expanded/Collapsed state, to keep only the important filters expanded and the module simple
★ Clear SEF URLS that can be indexed by the search engines or shared in the Social Networks

★ Optimizer tool for improving the database tables, improving the performance of the whole shop

★ Foldable category tree that works in unlimited depth
★ Works with shopper groups
★ RightToLeft functionality supported

★ No hacks to core files or templates. Just plug and play
★ Attention to the small details as we always do

The extension comes in multiple languages.

** The current listing regards the PRO/commercial version of the extension

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Reviews: 4
It worked perfect with my existing custom fields. Great variety of options and great support.
Reviews: 6
Custom filters work great, is a must have extension for any virtuemart website using custom fields.
Also, the developer is very helpful providing accurate support.
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Like i said, Works out of the box! in my opinion this is the perfect extension for every modern e-shop out there. virtuemart's custom fields make our life easier and custom filters pro is the tool that makes it whole. i personally used it combined with csvi pro and the outcome is a solid managed 100% accurate and fast platform. kudos
Reviews: 1
Few days before I reported specific problem with slow queries on my shop with large amounts of products and custom fileds.

I have been supprised by quick response in few hours after topics creation. Problem was solved and I recived new package for implementing to my shop.

Thx again Sakis and all ppl from breakdesigns.

Owner's reply

Thanks Tomas
Just for clarification the package you received is our new version, which is indeed faster that the previous.

Reviews: 3
We had a small problem with this extension installed into a Joomla 3 site using the beta version of Virtuemart 2.9 and they solve it very fast by sending us a patch the same day.
Also, extension working as expected!
Reviews: 3
All extension from breakdesigns are a "must have" for any VM e-commerce.
I also needed some help to configure out everything and the support team was very fast and very kind helping me out.
Good work!!!
Reviews: 5
I rarely write reviews; for this I have to say that after wasting time and money with similar extensions, I fortunately came accross this one. It does what it says out of the box, covering all my client's needs and even more.
I had a fairly simple issue (which I didn't solve myself because of pure rush) and I had a response from Sakis in minutes!
The best part is that it covers all product categories and "lands" results at the same page, the way you configure!
If you have a VM site with many categories and products full of custom fields, this is a must have!
Reviews: 1
The extension is the absolute tool if you need to use filters in Viruemart!
It covered all my demands by selecting the appropriate options in the backend, without the need of any code customization at all.
When needed, Sakis responded instantly, providing perfect and very quick support.
Reviews: 2
A very good and usefull extension, which enhances up Virtuemart!
Great and quick support!
Reviews: 1
If you need excellent filtering for your Virtuemart Site then you've just found it.

I used the extension on a site that makes heavy usage of Shopper Groups and the filters had to work across these.

After contacting the developer he very quickly helped me get the extension working how I wanted it.

Sakis goes beyond the call of duty.
Reviews: 2
Custom Filters Pro is the module to anyone using virtuemart and joomla. Easy to use, with lots of configuration options for all kind of use. Also the quick custom support is really great!
Highly recomended and a real time-saver!
Reviews: 3
...well ok there are - superb, amazing value, easy to configure etc etc. Had it up and running with the price slider within literally five minutes. Had an Amazon like category filter within a couple of hours - and that's without really reading the documentation (what's new!) and having to figure out how to use custom fields properly in VM2 (that's my lack of knowledge, not a fault of the module).
Can't praise this enough - just get it.
Reviews: 1
Must have extension, which tunes and enhances up your Virtuemart based eshop!
Also great support!
Reviews: 6
Highly functional and configurable module.

Backed up by swift and helpful support.

An excellent investment
Reviews: 1
Perfect Component, module and plugin - with very quick, unhesitating support!
Reviews: 2
Perfect Plugin and very quick support! is the best solution for virtuemart filtering!
Reviews: 2
Great support - help with adaptation addition to the template that use Ajax. Component very simple configuration, while allowing for a large number of settings. Great addition to an online store with advanced filtering options.
Reviews: 2
Good support, easy to use, clean and simple installation and configuration. Really a reference.
Reviews: 2
In the beginning I guess I did something wrong because it didn't work properly. After contacting Sakis, the developer, he instantly replied and tried everything to help me out. He used our FTP to look for the problem and solved it! Works GREAT now and the support is very good. If you buy any of his extensions I can reassure you that you won't regret it!

Thanks Sakis
Reviews: 11
Its doing what its says, and better and eaasier than what I was thinking it can be!
Thank you very much for you great plugin, but more for your excellent support!
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