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Multiple Customfields Filter for Virtuemart ModulePlugin

Version 1.6.8 is a Security Update and all users are urged to update as soon as possible.

Filter Virtuemart 2 by customfields includes field plug-in which allows multi-selection and Virtuemart 2 search module for values. The extension allows to search products in Virtuemart 2 according to parameters (fields).

* Customfield plug-in allowing to choose several product values from drop-down list
* No third-party components! Work directly with Virtuemart 2 via plug-in system
* Unlimited domains activation
* Search module searching by customfields, categories, manufacturers with wide assortment of templates
* Added a possibility to search for child products alone and in chain with their parents (child products are found and parents are shown). Plugin stockable is now supported.
* Work with CSV Improved Pro 5.9+
* Search by price considering discounts, tax, overrides and display as slider with highlighted active values
* AJAX module update, as well as AJAX products list update, in case of changes in filter parameters
* Sorting and management of customfield values via user-friendly interface
* Calculation of products quantity corresponding to each parameter, depending on already chosen parameters
* Full support of linked lists by assigning fields and hiding zero parameters
* Manual link to categories, as well as ability to automatically select fields
* No changes to Virtuemart 2 code. Clean installation.
* Detailed documentation with loads of screenshots

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Reviews: 1
Excelent extension with the best customer support. Dmitriy Usov respond all questions and solve them. The price is good! I will make a donation for the dedication that Dmitriy has for his work. You can expect good upgrades to this extension. Congratulations.
Reviews: 2
I have used Multiple Customfields Filter for Virtuemart for an eshop few months ago. I choosed it for its good price. I was very satisfied ! ! They helped me customize it to fit the template of that eshop. Since then I used it on every eshop that I build. It works w/o any problem and it's very customizable. On top of that their support is excellent! They have answered all questions within 24 hours or less no matter how complicated they are. They are really very experienced and extremelly helpfull.
I highly recommend this extension and the guys behind it! ! !
Reviews: 1
Very good extension with perfect customer support. I had a lot of questions and they solved them all quickly. The price is great! I am very satisfied.
Reviews: 3
This plug in helped me a lot. It works very good with Virtuemart and offers new functionalities. My customers are happy and so am I.
Reviews: 3
This is a must have module for custom fields filtering, perhaps the best of its kind. Great power and options. Support by Dmitriy is great, highly recommended!
Reviews: 5
This plugin saved me a whole lot of trouble. Works as advertised and has a lot of different options. The support replied fairly quickly. Definitely top notch!
Reviews: 6
Nice module and support from Dmitriy. I love the way he handle my problem. Quick and prompt in reply.
The module did what it promised to do
Reviews: 1
Bought this filter and using it for my VM shop. It works fantastic! Easy to customize, numerous templates and features, awesome support. A must have if you are using Virtuemart.
Reviews: 2
This module blows all the ajax filters out of the water.

The developers are very good at answering questions and patient.

I can't recommend this enough. Buy it now!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this excellent extension! Using this filter for our accessories site and it works like charm. Filters by categories, price, manufacturers, taxes, discounts you name it. Search speed is amazing even with thousands of products (we have over 11 thousand products and it's so fast compared to others).

At first I didn't understand how to make one field appear after the choice was made in another field, the support responded very fast and helped me with configuration. The module is awesome, highly recommend!
Reviews: 2
On our website we need our products to be able to be filtered on car brand and car model. And this module does that very well with the customfield filter options.

The support maybe the best i have ever seen. They spent a lot of time helping me out with questions on how to set up what i wanted. and all that for only 15 euro's these people are great
Reviews: 4
This extension is great for VM. Fast and esay to install following the instructions on the website.

Also have some problems with my template and the support was also there to help really fast. Good job.
Reviews: 6
The module for custom filters works perfectly. I have some minor troubles depending of template i'm using, but with a litle adjustments its looks really nice!
Reviews: 4
I've only just installed the extension and initially had some minor issues with it. I contacted the developer and he wasn't "too busy" to spend as much time as needed to get the extension working. This level and quality of service is not very common, especially for what was a minor issue. Many others would have just emailed a link to the FAQ or forum.

Thanks Usov, for a PROFESSIONAL extension, service and support.

I look forward to your future extensions.
Reviews: 5
I have just bought this extension for the first time and I would buy it again and again. I have used other search modules for Virtuemart and they have been poorly designed and coded and simply not done a good job but MULTIPLE CUSTOMFIELDS FILTER FOR VIRTUEMART 2 has done everything that I wanted and done it really well.
I had a couple of minor issues (my own fault) and the email support was very fast and very helpful. I still can't get over what I am getting for the price.
If you have a Virtuemart shop then this extension is a must. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much.
Reviews: 6
Very nice extension and amazing customer support. I had tons of questions and they solved them all quick and nicely. I am very satisfied. Five stars.
Reviews: 1
I had a problem with the extension not being able search prices using VAT, which is really important on the danish market. But with great support and a few adjustments, this is now possible. Great service and support!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for such an extension for your store. And very pleased that his choice on it. Pretty cool module. Bit complicated setup for beginners. But if you know how to read the documentation, it is very easy to understand. Many thanks to the developer for help. Trouble-free, good man. Thank you. Recommend to all.
Reviews: 6
Great module, very complex and with a lot of backend configuration's.

I recommend to use this plugin to enhance the Virtuemart search.
Reviews: 1
The filter is very fast, tech support is great!!
Shop created by joomla 2.5 virtuemart 2.0.6. C 100 filter fields with linked lists. In each field of 50 choices.
This filter generates the 2800 database queries (9 seconds), the reason was not to finalize virtuemart. Dmitry - Author Search Filter optimized free Virtuemart - rewriting the code of multiple files. And as a result of 260 requests (less than a second) to the database instead of 2800.
+ Dmitry Vitruemart asked developers to make optimizations in the following editions Virtuemart 2.1
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