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VM Postcode for VirtueMart Plugin

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VirtueMart 3.0/2.0 Shipping Module/Plugin that allows a very simple configuration of all a countries Postcode - ZIP code areas in one method.
You do not need multiple shipping methods for every Postcode - ZIP code area PLUS it works perfectly with Alpha/Numeric codes as in the UK and Canada.

Now fully upgraded for Virtuemart 3 and Joomla 3.x - backward compatible for VM2.6.x and Joomla 2.5

Installs as a native VirtueMart 3.0/2.0 Joomla 3.x/2.5 Shipping Plugin.

You can download the full instruction PDF here:

Has been tested on: USA ZIP Codes, UK Postcodes, Canadian Postcodes, French Postcodes, German Postcodes (PLZ), Australian Postcodes

Works with all country Postcode - ZIP Code system. Simple config - a comma separated list in the text area.
The format is:
Each zone is on a new line.

A Canadian example would be:
Canadian Provinces,A*B*C*E*G*H*J*P*R*S*T*V,15,0.15,150.00,300.00
Southern Ontario,K*L*M*N,10,0.10,100.00,150.00

Can be up to 4 digits as the postcode matching loops through 4 levels..

UK example for Central London Congestion Charge Area:(shortened but you get the idea)


Each Postcode Area in each Zone should be separated by an asterisk. The Postcode is checked in 4 steps to 4 digits so entries such as Y,Y1,Y1A and Y1A1 are valid.

BasePrice: Fixed fee - can be used in conjunction with the 'Up To Weight' condition setting an upper limit
PriceMultipier: a sum that is multiplied by the Sale price or Weight
Trigger: If the 'Trigger' is set to 'Trigger by Weight' and the weight is above this value then the PriceMultipier will be triggered.
If set and the 'Trigger' is set to 'Trigger by Price' and the Sale Price is above this figure then the PriceMultipier will be triggered.
PriceFree: If the Sale price is above this figure Shipping will be free

Default config section: Postcodes not found use the default values.

Install the Joomla 3.x/2.5 Plugin by using the standard Joomla installer.
Then enable the VM Postcode shipping plugin in the Joomla 3.x/2.5 Extensions->Plug-in manager.

Go to Virtuemart-->Shop->Shipment Methods and click 'New'.
Configure the various parameters.

* Jan 2013 v1.1 extended weight and cost functions
* Feb 2013 v1.2 extended cost functions
* April 2013 v1.3 prefail zip functions
* Sept 2013 v1.4 choose prefail zip/postcode functions
* Sept 2013 v1.5 added alpha/numeric switch functions
* Nov 2013 v1.6 added popup functions to not found
* Dec 2013 v1.7 US State Taxes fix removed - fixed in core VM2.0.26
* Aug 2014 v3.7.2 Fully upgraded for VM3/J3.x
Postcode matching extended

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Reviews: 2
Have bought this plugin for a J3/VM2.9 site, to handle different shipping rates required for delivery to 'Highlands and Islands' in Scotland. It installs easily, is easy to configure and customise - for example, setting 'Free Shipping' or 'Zero Fee' to display "£0.00" in the Shopping Cart page took about 5 minutes and most of that time was spent digging through the Joomla folders to find the right file to edit!

I highly recommend this shipping plugin - 11 out of 10
Reviews: 2
Hello, amazing extension. it really saves you work if you filter by zip codes, but also the tech support is even better. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I contacted GJC Webdesign for a plugin customization and I was very impressed by the service provided by John.

. Quick feedback
. explains very well about changes
. Good advice
. helpful

Good work!! Thanks
Reviews: 1
Contacted John late friday with a new feature request, and got a response very quickly. Over the weekend I received several messages from John regarding my request and by Sunday he had sent me a updated version of the postcode plugin with the feature I had requested. This was way more that what I was expecting especially over the weekend!

First class service and support!!

Thanks for a great product and experience

This is a great plugin and getting better
Reviews: 1
This extension is a must if you are using VirtueMart 2. Here is a quick list of who should get this extension:

1) Anyone who has a fulfillment house for products being delivered that has a complicated shipping cost breakdown or procedure.

2) Anyone selling physical goods on their website.

3) Anyone who is shipping nationwide (I am in the states and this saved me many hours).

4) Anyone using VM2 who has more than one shipping option (FedEX, UPS, DHL, etc.)

5) Anyone using VirtueMart 2.

6) Anyone who loves having great support from developers who know their product inside and out and WILL respond to you in a timely manner!

The base shipping methods in VM2's core are fine if you only have one or two shipping requirements, but when you have over 1500+ based on actual postal zones and individual costs provided by the shipping providers, it is pretty much useless.

Luckily there is VM Postcode. Saved me so much work and calmed down a rather terrified client who did not like the idea of adjusting so many parameters when shipping costs fluctuate (which they do quite a bit)

A+ across the board on this one.
Reviews: 1
We contacted John to see if we could add a new feature to his plugin.

We were very impressed with his work in implementing our required features, clearly a very competent I.T expert and coder.

His communication was excellent throughout and he worked quickly and more than met our expectations and requirements.

We would definitely recommend not only the plugin, but the company he works for. In all likelihood we will be contacting him again to help us with non postcode related coding issues.

Thanks again

Reviews: 2
We needed to implement a complex shipping solution for a client, and the standard Virtuemart shipping conditions were not suitable.

This extension allows you to really expand and customize your shipping into zones and offer variable shipping fees.

We had some issues with getting it set up perfectly.

The support is amazing, John was quick to respond, explained how we could achieve what we wanted, and with his extensive knowledge of virtue mart got it sorted it no time.

Highly Recommended.
Reviews: 3
The perfect solution for complicated zoned shipping. Works straight out of the box. Documentation is thorough. Support is excellent.
Reviews: 3
Used this on a new e-commerce site for a client and will definitely use it again. Works very well and if you get stuck then the support is excellent. Use this for a hassle free solution for your postcodes
Reviews: 6
I was searching for extension that can help me to allow radius based shipping. Finally i used this extension to sort out my need. and it worked very well. John guided me over email and skype to get it sorted. very pleased with this extension and John's support.