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Shipping by Rules for VirtueMart Plugin

Virtuemart 2 plugin to determine shipping costs according to general rules. The conditions are given as equalities and inequalities (<, <=, !=, ==, >=, >) of the order properties (weight, number of articles, postal code, order amount, etc.).

Very complex shipping cost structures can be easily implemented using the following order properties:

-) Total amount of the order (with or without taxes)
-) Total weight of the order
-) Number of articles or different products in the order
-) Volume or minimal and maximal extensions of the products
-) Postal code of the delivery address

Each rule is described as a simple line of text with an easy structure (semicolons separate the parts of the rule). Some simple examples are

Name=Free Shipping; 100<=Amount; 0
Name=Domestic Small; Articles<5; Amount<100; Shipping=1.50
Name=Domestic Standard; Amount<100; Shipping=3.50

This set of rules describes three shipping costs: Orders of 100€ and more are free, otherwise orders with less than five articles have shipping costs of 1.5€, all others 3.50€.

This version of the plugin allows only a fixed expression for the Shipping cost, but no arithmetic expressions (like 5€ per kg or 1€ per product).

The shipping cost can be given either with or without taxes included.

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Reviews: 1
It saved me hours of work. You can configure all your shipping rates as you want in few versions.
Great work with super documentation.
Great work.
Reviews: 7
Installed it 2 weeks ago on VM2 and it works amazingly well! Easy to use, great documentation available and works out of the box. If you need a customized shipping system for your website, this is the one.
Reviews: 1
Simple installation, took all of 5 minutes and works exactly as expected. Worth !!!!
Reviews: 15
Just look at the documentation and give it a try, this is the most advanced shipping rules system for Virtuemart 2.

Since its first release many features have been added supporting the really complicated different shippings all around the world.

The plugin keeps getting updated and fixed when needed and is still the best option out there, a must for a VM2 store.
Reviews: 6
Excellent plugin, simple to use and really efficient. Support is fast, extremely helpful and very nice. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
The great advantage of your plugin is that you can do all the cooking in Excel, merge worksheets and concatenate columns in order to add the plugin syntax, then just copy-paste the result in a single textbox.
Complex forms are nice if you have just a few entries, but are a nightmare if you have to enter large numbers of rates and update them after every raise applied by the carrier.
Reviews: 15
This little plugin created by a mathematician is the most complete shipping plugin available for VM2.

It saved us from hours of work. You can configure all your shipping rates in just one screen and per zones in a really well though distribution.

The developer is friendly and always willing to help and his plugin does exactly what it says in the free version which is more than complete and the advanced plugin is really well worth the low price it has.