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Virtuemart Shipping by State ComponentPlugin

Joomla 2.5.x - Use the (shipping) plugin version
Joomla 1.5.x - Use the component version


It's very difficult to set Postal Codes (ZIP) with default shipping system in every State or City.
With this component you can set same price for a state or states (multiple select) and you can skip using postal codes(zip) fields.
It' so simple to use!Just install like any other extension.

Example: We have a state called "Arizona" and shipping price is the same in all areas.

In old system we must fill Start Code and End Code (12345 - 12453 ) & price: 6 euro

With new system we select from list a state (or states) and set only the price.

The ZIP (Postal) fields are still available to "break" a state in sub-areas *.To skip ZIP code simple fill start 0, end 999999!That's it! So simple

With patch we provide sql file with 52 states from Greece and sql commands to remove unsued states (if you want).

There is the ability to add by state and by Postal Code (ZIP) *

Multiply select States in each shipping rate.

purchacing this script we provide free updates.

Watch Video bellow to see how it does works.
Push play and after click on HD icon to have higher quality (this video is for old version)

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Reviews: 2
This is the way the Shipment Method should work in VirtueMart 2.0+ and I'm sure the team will improve it in future. However, Web Expert has put together a nice Shipment by State plugin that allows you to include a state, province or region along with country.

I experienced a little problem at first and Stergios reacted promptly and fixed the issue overnight. All in all, I am delighted by this little plugin and it is well worth the cost.

My thanks to Web Expert on a task well done!

Reviews: 5
Thank you for the wonderful extension. This works perfect on my J1.5.23 / Virtuemart 1.1.8. Try to follow the Instruction then you will get the best result.
Reviews: 7
I was quite impressed with the ease of installation and the quality behind the product, little documentation is provided as it requires very little instruction. It simply just works.

With my site unfortunately i could not get the component to work exactly as i wanted, i had to make numerous modifications to my database so that the component could work the way i needed it to simply because of where i live and how shipping rates are calculated.

As a component under normal conditions this component works like a dream, my site is unfortunately unique in too many ways for this to of benefited me the way i needed.

The service and support i got in tempting to hack VM further to get the component working was exceptional and responses was prompt and professional.

It gets my full 5* vote based on the quality i could see and the service, the fact that i could not get it working was of no fault of the developer or the component, my sites just simply too far off the beaten track for it to of worked perfectly the way i had envisioned.
Reviews: 2
I would like to thank in public the developer of this extension for this great module and his support during the setup process. The module is really easy to install and does exactly what it says: you can ship anything anywhere really easily! I have 4 shipping methods in my shop (Greece - within Attica, Greece - outside Attica, EU and non-EU) and it works like a charm!
The developer of the extension (Stergios) is also extremely helpful and won't let you on your own until your problem is solved. I had some issues with shipping within Greece in version 2.1 and I contacted him for help. He replied immediately and managed to solve all my problems in a timely manner. He also released a new version (2.2) incorporating all the changes where everything works as expected. Thumbs up for Stergios as well!!!
One useful addition on this module would to be able to set free shipping for a country/state etc. based on the total price of the purchase (i.e. free shipping within Greece for deliveries over 100 Euros).
Reviews: 1
This extension does exactly as described. Had a few issues getting it configured properly for Canada but the support was second to none. Thanks a lot for all of your help during the set up process.