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Backend & Full Access Control, Frontend Access Control, Login Restriction

ACL Manager is the award winning Joomla extension that will save you a lot of time managing and understanding the Joomla ACL system. Set the permissions easily via the clickable permission grid that provides a great single page overview of all ACL settings across your website.

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Discover & fix issues with your Joomla assets (permissions) table you may not even be aware of and even configure the backend access to 3rd party components without basic Joomla ACL support.

Clickable permission grid

The powerful clickable permission grid allows you to easily manage Joomla permissions of your website. The overview with clear icons helps you to understand the Joomla ACL system easily.

Understand Joomla ACL

Dozens of permission screens, nested User Groups, inherited permissions... It can be very confusing. Use ACL Manager and you will quickly understand the concept and power of Joomla ACL!

Fix issues with your assets table

The Joomla assets tables is often messed up by Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 migrations or 3rd party extensions. Easily detect and fix these asset issues in a few clicks via the diagnostic tool of ACL Manager.

Basic ACL support for any component

With ACL Manager you can set basic ACL permissions for any component. Even when the component does not support Joomla ACL by default. This allows you to set custom backend access to components for your users.

Enhanced Joomla ACL

A selection of powerful additional ACL features on top of the Joomla ACL system like: Permissions per Module, Show Editable Modules only, Show Editable Articles only and Permissions for the Category Manager.

Manage User Group permissions

Easily manage User Group permissions via the single page overview with all possible core & 3rd party permissions. The sidebar shows additional information about the group, like all assigned Users.

User permission overview

User in multiple User Groups with combined permissions of the assigned User Groups? No problem for the ACL Manager! See exactly which actions the selected User can & can't perform on the site.

Huge Time Saver

Managing the permissions settings for your entire website via a single screen, extended with practical information about the selected User or User Group will save you many hours. ACLManager is a real time saver!

Reset Permissions

Easy reset Joomla! permissions for User Groups. Revert the default Joomla! permissions or clear all current permissions.

Available in 28 languages

ACLManager is available in Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Ukrainian.


OK, especially if you need to fix stuff that's been mucked up in the convoluted standard ACL system.

Ease of use

Good in parts, just as confusing in others. On our Joomla install "Save and Close" only saves, never closes.


Used once. Response was swift, but no resolution to the problem we have. But we can work around it


As good as we have come to expect from modern software.

Value for money

Good, because it fixed something I couldn't without restoring the website

I used this to: I used it to fix an issue I couldn't resolve. However, in the main I found the ACL Manager just as cumbersome for every day use as the standard Joomla ACL system. Neither makes great sense to me when it comes to setting user permissions.But big points for trying to improve things

Easy as Pie!

Posted on 03 March 2015

Works perfect. Very simple to give clients limited control...

Ease of use

Very easy.


These guys go way beyond what is necessary. They are awesome.


I didn't really find any docs, but you really don't need it...

Value for money

HUGE TIME SAVER. I spent literally over 3 hours giving a client backend access.

I used this to: Many client's sites.

One of the good guys

Posted on 06 January 2015

Well thought out extension that lets you easily manage access. Will make my life a lot easier in the future.

Ease of use



Sander was quick to respond and very helpful. Clearly one of the good guys.


The FAQ anticipated a problem I ran into at first and helped me resolve it on my own.

Value for money

Off the charts as far as I am concerned.

I used this to: Developing a site where the ACL is not quite clear yet. This allows me to reconfigure at a whim.

Eseential extension

Posted on 03 January 2015

Everything one needs, Why isn’t this part of standard Joomla?

Ease of use

Very easy

Value for money

Worht every euro!

Excellent value

Posted on 24 December 2014

This extension is essential if you are migrating to Joomla! 3 and don't want to spend hours tidying up your assets manually.

Ease of use

So simple to purchase, install and use. Can't fault it.



Value for money

Worth every penny.

I used this to: Resolving issues with assets during migration and ongoing asset management.

Best spent 15 euros ever!

Posted on 15 September 2014

I have to say that 15 euros used for your extension is best 15 euros that I spent in a long long time!!!

I had a lot of problems after upgrade from joomla 1.5 to 3.3. with database errors, moving articles from one to another category ect ect.

I had almost 2000 articles with errors and ACL fixed all my problems in just 20 minutes.


ACL Manager is one of the best purchases I've done.

Good and quick help when needed. Now I can give clients entrance as Administrator for editing only their part of the website.

In Frontend and Backend. ACL is now understandable!

I have to echo many reviews. ACL Manager is the perfect solution to controlling Joomla access. I had a couple of minor issues (my setup errors) and the response to my support request was practically instantaneous and solved the issue. They even solved another non related issue! That response is so appreciated these days, I'd highly recommend this product.

Excellent ACL manager, highly recommended. Great time saver and simplifies the ACL management so it's no longer a headache.

Thanks for a very professional product and the friendly and effective support! 10 out of 10!

Well, the title speaks for itself, doesn't it? I messed up the user rights big time. The ACL manager fixed a few of my blunders and when I failed to make everything work again, the developer fixed everything for me in no time. Chapeau!!

ACL Manager

Sander Potjer
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Dec 22 2014
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Nov 19 2014
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